Trivia Recap Nov. 21, 2013 – Corner Brewery


After our one week trivia vacation, we decided to go to our favorite trivia spot Wednesday which of course is Ypsilanti’s Corner Brewery, where we snagged 119 points and $30 in prize money (one first and one second place). We always enjoy the good mix of teams that play regularly at Corner, including Your Resume Sucks, Gentlemen Kangaroos, Corn Fritters, Don’t Forget to Strip Your Bartender, The Full Monty and too many more to remember/name.

In addition to playing at our beloved Corner, we also plan to play some “road” games this season, after the crazy Thanksgiving holiday and its ugly sister “Black Friday” are over. On our tentative list of places to play include JT’s Pub and Grub in Belleville, so we can meet More Beer Less Pants, one of our favorite trivia opponents, in cranial battle as well as the team Sparty On, whom we’ve only played against a couple of times. We also want to visit Fraser’s Pub, so we can do similar trivia battle with one of the heavy-hitting regular teams there called Ennui. A visit to a metro Detroit venue for a “showdown” of sorts might also be in the cards, depending of course on our teams’ willingness to travel. More on that as details develop…

Onto the game and commentary:

Game One:
1. The Good: Who wrote the song “Johnny Be Good”? Did anyone else use a certain Michael J. Fox movie to help them remember the answer?

2. The Bad: What movie starring Adam Sandler in dual roles as a pair of twins (brother and sister) received the 2011 Razzie Award for Worst Picture?

3. The Ugly: A combination of grapefruit, orange, and tangerine, the ugli fruit was found growing wild on which Caribbean island?
Alex guessed the right answer here, but only wagered 1 point.

See what they did there with the first three categories?

4. Video games: Chef Peter Pepper was the main protagonist in what arcade game released in 1982?
All hail Mike and Heather for their knowledge of old-timey video games, used to be one of Heather’s favorites.

5. Plants: What plant is the largest member of the grass family?

6. World Leaders: What people were led by Montezuma II from 1502 until 1520 when he was killed during the original Spanish conquest of Mexico? Mike steps in with his ancient history knowledge here…

7. Landmarks: What kind of structure sat on top of the famous Parisian cabaret Moulin Rouge?
Thank you Joel!

8. Actresses: What actress with ties to NFL quarterback Tom Brady appeared as Natasha on Sex and the City?
Our first miss of the night….boo. We put Gisele Bundchen even though she’s not really an actress.

9. Websites: What NHL team has a fan website named Five for Howling? Alex and Brad, great work here!

10. Advertising: In a series of commercials in the 1980s, what brand name was Ray Charles singing “You’ve Got the Right One Baby?” Re-racked between the two possibilities for points.

Mystery Round: Rivers – Identify the state of their source
1. Ohio River
2. Rio Grande
3. Mississippi River
4. Snake River

Missed 2 and 4.

Leading teams before the final:
5. ??? 52
4. Corn Fritters 57
3. Money Badgers 58
2. Miskatonic University 60
1. Your Resume Sucks 61

Final Category: Rolling Stone Lists

Categories like this frighten us. Since we were sitting on some decent points we wagered zero. It paid off…
Final Question: Rolling Stone Magazine recently released the results of a readers’ poll ranking the greatest Canadian rock stars of all time. What artist is ranked #1?

Standings after the final:
3. Full Monty (points???)
2. Corn Fritters 57
1. Miskatonic University 60

Game Two
1. TV Personalities: What Food Network personality got their start in 2001 with a show called 30 Minute Meals? Bam! Just kidding…

2. Elections: What day of the week is called “Super” in presidential election years when a large number of states hold their primaries on the same day, usually in February or March?

3. Celebrity Kids: Which child of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, born on May 27, 2006, shares their name with an American Civil War battle? One of our ’70s children Heather also pointed out it’s a name of a Neil Diamond song, too.

QUICKFIRE: Name the seven highest grossing movies starring Denzel Washington. Ugh…we only came up with 3.

4. US Armed Forces: Which branch of the US armed forces was formed in 1915 when the US Revenue Cutter Service merged with the US Lifesaving Service?

5. Song Lyrics: Which Lady Gaga 2009 hit contains the following lyrics: “I want your ugly/I want your disease/I want your everything/As long as it’s free?”
Alex used to listen to this song daily. Someone had to do it…

6. Audio: Clip from Zoolander

7. Headquarters: What is the name that Google has given to its headquarters in Mountain View, California: Googleplex, Googletown, Greyskull, or Oz? Our tech boy John scored here.

8. US States: Which US state is first alphabetically among those that border at least one Great Lake?

9. NFL Records: What man holds the record for the most rushing yards in a single NFL season with 2105 yards? Good work Brad..

10. Surgeries: What organ is removed after a nephrectomy? Science!
All regular round questions correct! Visual mystery round stymied us, missed 2/4 (see the Steele Shivers‘ page to view the picture).

Leading teams before the final:
4. (four way tie) Miskatonic, Four Score and Seven Beers Ago, Corn Fritters, Full Monty 59
3. Your Resume Sucks 60
2. Don’t Forget to Strip Your Bartender 61
1. Titanic Swim Club 62

Final Category: NBA Teams
We were feeling like renegades and bet 20 on this, since Brad knows pro sports teams fairly well. Plus we wanted to try to break the tie…

Final Question: Name three of the four NBA teams that were expansion franchises in the late 1980s. Two of them began in 1988 and the other two began in 1989.

Brad and Alex huddled on this one with success…

After the final question we had to get into a tiebreaker with the Full Monty for second place. Our question was: “How old was Magic Johnson when he died?” We gussed 63, the Full Monty guessed 79, our guess was closest to the answer of 61. Yay! Usually we’re shitty at tiebreakers.

Leading after the final:
3. The Full Monty
2. Miskatonic University Fighting Cephalopods
1. Don’t Forget to Strip Your Bartender

That’s all folks! Go Pods!


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