Trivia Recap Nov. 28, 2013 – Corner Brewery


Some good old-fashioned family fun was had Wednesday playing Sporcle Live – Detroit trivia at the Corner Brewery in Ypsilanti. Yup, we augmented our ranks with family tonight, as most of our team members were absent tonight because of the holiday. So we did what any other trivia-addicted team would do: drafted the family to play with us! It worked well, the brother and sister-in-law both came through on some key sports/movie/TV questions, and their daughter was happily occupied doodling with a turquoise-colored ballpoint pen during the game.

We were leading both games heading into the final, but sadly lacked the mojo/knowledge on both final questions so for the first time in weeks, were shut out of prizes. We’re fairly certain no tears were shed for our team over this, a team we never played against before wound up sweeping first in both games. Go Bold and Stupid!

On to the recap/commentary, some questions may have been edited for laziness/brevity or in the case of bathroom breaks may be omitted entirely (sorry even recap writers get to take a holiday folks):

1. Movie quotes: In a ’97 movie, what character says: “Allow me to introduce myself: ‘My name is Richie Cunningham.'” Mel and bro remembered this for 4 points.

2. Royalty: What was Princess Di’s maiden name? Nailed this for 10. Trivia host Kuma said “Her name sadly isn’t Middleton.” Really? Did someone put that as their answer?

3. NHL: The ’97 Hartford Whalers relocated and became what current NHL team? Bro and Brad huddled on this 2 points (should have wagered higher). Wow, another 1997 question.

4. Volunteers: What program, founded in ’61, had the slogan “The toughest job you’ll ever love?” 9 points.

5. Authors: What author, born in 1916, penned “The Magic Finger?” This was the FB clue, but since we didn’t memorize all of the answers this time, we used our re-rack between Roald Dahl and C.S. Lewis, though we realized after we handed in our answer that Lewis had to have been born earlier to have been a contemporary of J.R.R. Tolkien, who was born in the late 1800s (yes we have a couple of Tolkien nerds on our team). Oh well…

6. European cities (another topic our niece got excited about, she’s been learning about a lot of geography/politics lately): St. Moritz, which hosted Winter Olympics in ’28 and ’48, is in which country? Total brain fart here, our first miss of the night…3 points down the drain.

7. Country music (groan): According to a ’87 George Strait hit, why does he hang his hat in Tennessee? Johnboy was a dark horse here on this one, nailing this for 7. Nobody would profile him to know a damn thing about country music, but he said he grew up in Appalachia…

8. Games: What Japanese game translates to “single number” and became popular in the U.S. in 2005? Mike R. nailed this for 6.

9. Reality TV (second categorical groan of the night): What temporary position is abbreviated HOH on the reality TV series “Big Brother?” Brad makes good guess for 5.

10. Sleeping: What does REM stand for? Yawn, too easy! What a waste of our one-pointer.

Mystery: ID the rock groups listed with missing lead singers

1. ’75 group featuring Joe perry, Joey Kramer, Tom Hamilton, Brad Whitford

2. ’84 group featuring Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford

3. ’11 group featuring Flea, Chad Smith, and some other guy named Josh (didn’t write down last name and too lazy to google it for the re-cap, sorry)

4. ’98 group featuring Kevin (???), Arian Salazar and Brad (???), our only miss from this round, Heather nailed all three of the others.

Game leaders going into the final question out of 10 teams, only top scores listed here:

5. Gentlemen Kangaroos 57, 4. Bold and Stupid 58, 3. Pam Dawber Twerking for Jesus 59, 2. Don’t Forget to Strip Your Bartender 60, 1.Miskatonic U 61.

Final category NASCAR. Yikes. What’s with the redneck categories in this game? Wagered zero, but wound up coming up with a right answer after handing in our guess of “Ricky Bobby.” Oh well, shake it off, move on.

Taking game one:
3. Gentlemen Kangaroos, 62
2. Team Red, 63 (moved up from last, go them!)
1. Bold and Stupid, 78

Game two:

1. Kids’ TV: What child TV show has a character named “Guy Smiley,” dubbed “America’s favorite game show host?” Heb strangely remembered this, 10 points.

2. Cabinet: Jack Lew became the 76th person to hold what cabinet post, taking over for Timothy Geithner? 9 points.

3. Science (yay): Which “ology” is the study of birds? It’s also the name of Charlie Parker album (though that was not a hint given out in the game), 8 easy points.

4. Albums: What is the name of the third studio album by Lady Gaga? Not a good game for Dave and Alex to both be absent, lost our 1 here.

5. Real names: What is Charlie Sheen’s birth name? Good educated guess but with no confidence, 2 points.

6. Running Backs: Sorry, didn’t take good notes on this question, Brad and Bro both got this one right for 3. Our re-cap writer doesn’t pay attention to sports questions, she may have been in the loo!

7. U.S. states: What Midwestern state is home to Shawnee National Forest? Picked the wrong one, lost our 4 here.

8. Audio clip: from “No Country For Old Men” 7 points.

9. Salads: What variation on a salad comes from the Greek “food of the gods?” 6 points.

10. HQs: The ____ 57 Center contains the corporate offices for what company? Total re-write of the question, our re-cap writer was getting drinks for others while it was being asked, we got it right for 5.

Visual mystery round with four celebrities/entertainers, sorry no pic (link would not work this morning), got them all right.

Top teams heading into the final:

5. Gentlemen Kangaroos 52, 4. Don’t Forget to Strip Your Bartender (points?), 3. Consistently Inconsistent 56, 2. Bold and Stupid 57, Miskatonic 58.

Final category: Soundtracks. Wagered 20.

Independent Women Part 1 by Destiny’s Child was #1 for 11 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and was included in the soundtrack for what 2000 film? We picked the wrong film. Meh.

Game two winners:

3. Gentlemen Kangaroos, 72
2. Consistently Inconsistent 76
1. Bold and Stupid 77 (way to get the sweep).

Next week we may be playing at JT’s Pub and Grub in Belleville for a one-night stand (trivially speaking). More details on that later. Our apologies for this sloppy re-cap, we were having lots of fun with the ‘fam. Go Pods!


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