Trivia Recap Oct. 16, 2013


Thanks to the Steele Shivers, here are the questions and our own commentary from Wednesday’s game:
Game One
1. Family Guy: In Family Guy Star Wars spoofs, which Family Guy character appears as Darth Vader? So, so easy…
2. Cereal Mascots: What kind of bird is the mascot for Cocoa Puffs? Ditto…
3. Lights: What type of lamp is named for the type of gas, usually iodine or bromine, in which the filament is suspended? SCIENCE!
4. Sports Movies: What movie starring Russell Crowe was based on the boxing career of James J. Braddock? They’ve asked about this before…
5. Celebrations: Expanded by president Ronald Reagan to cover a 30 day period, during which month does Mexican Heritage Month begin?
MISS…put the wrong month, but not the month with “de Mayo.”
6. Roosevelts: What was the maiden name of First Lady Edith Roosevelt? FB clue.
7. Bridges: What US state is the current home of the historic London Bridge?
8. NFL Quarterbacks: Archie Manning, the father of current NFL quarterbacks Peyton and Eli, played for which NFL team from 1971 until 1982? Had two of our sports guys tonight, easy…
9. Female Singers: What female solo artist who had a #1 hit in 1994 claims a contact lens allergy is the reason she wears her tortoise shell glasses? Helped that a couple of our players were in their ’20s when she hit the scene…
10. Comics: What comic and TV characters were introduced in 1958 by a Belgian cartoonist named Peyo? Yup. Almost put the wrong answer but we didn’t.

Mystery Round: Odd One Out
1. Not an Edgar Allen Poe work: The Oval Letter, The Purloined Letter, The Sign of the Four (challenged the DJ on this one because the first choice was NOT a Poe work. Got 2 points this way, thanks John L, we owe you a beer for this!).
2. Not a cigar: Battenberg, Churchill, Rothschild. Meh…
3. Not a musician: Eddie Cochran, Eddie Rickenbacher, Eddie Vedder
4. Not a synthetic fiber: nylon, orlon, pylon

**Missed #2

Heading into the final:
Don’t Forget to Strip Your Bartender 62, Miskatonic U and More Beer Less Pants tied for first with 62 points.

Final Category: Magazines
Final Question: Not usually a hard news source, what magazine scooped the Washington Post when it revealed the identity of Watergate source Deep Throat in 2005 as W. Mark Felt?

A lot of debate from our team here. Our youngster Alex knew the answer from the get-go. We put whether to wager 20 or zero to a vote and the zero voters won. We stuck to our guns about never wagering 20 on magazines. It paid off. Though it would have paid off equally well to wager 20 and go with the youngster’s answer.

Final Standings: Nubees 49, Corn Fritters 59, Miskatonic University Fighting Cephalopods 63 (we wagered zero).

Game Two
1. Foreign Military: What European nation is home to the Hellenic Navy? You just have to know “Revenge of the Nerds” to know this answer…
2. Authors: Released in September 2013, “W is for Wasted” is the 23rd novel featuring Kinsey Millhone written by which author? BEEP. Got this wrong for one…meh.
3. Sisters: What real life sisters starred as the Marchetta sisters in the 2006 film Material Girls? Re-racked with success here.
QUICKFIRE: Name the eight TV shows or movies that are referenced in a current Samsung Smartwatch TV commercial titled Evolution. Didn’t earn the points here, congrats The Full Monty for getting this one!
4. Stage Names: What musician was born Stuart Leslie Goddard?
Don’t think anyone in the bar knew this one. We put Sid Vicious…
5. Morse Code: In Morse Code, which vowel is represented by two dots?
Our aviator Joel took this one away…
6. Organizations: What nonprofit organization founded in 1920 has the mission statement: to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to every person in this country by the Constitution and laws of the United States? Thanks union man Dave R. for knowing this…
7. United Nations: Who was the first African Secretary General of the United Nations?
8. Audio: Clip featuring Jerry Stiller pronouncing that tomato condiment as “cat-sup.” Damn it, our lack of lame TV mojo curses us again…
9. Dream Team: In 1992, the Olympic Dream Team consisted of 11 NBA players and Christian Laettner. Where did Laettner play his collegiate ball? Thanks Brad and Dave K. for the assist.
10. Soft Drinks: What lemon-lime soda produced by Pepsi replaced Slice at the turn of the 21st century? So, so easy…
Visual mystery round: Got #3 wrong.

Heading into the final:
Miskatonic U and the Full Monty tied for 55 points, Don’t Forget to Strip Your Bartender 59 points.

Final Category: Academy Award Nominees
Final Question: There have been four men nominated posthumously for the Academy Award for Best Actor. One of these men actually won the award. Name two of the four nominees.

Heather immediately knew the guy from the 1976 film (you know, the one who was mad as hell?) and was firm on this. She literally would NOT budge on this (good thing). The second person was up for debate and though we had the right guy bandied about for a bit, we went with Henry Fonda instead. WRONG ANSWER…

Final Standings:The Full Monty 55, Don’t Forget to Strip Your Bartender 58, More Beer Less Pants 59.

Oh well, a good game on a lot of levels for us. Go Pods!


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