Trivia Recap Oct. 24, 2013 – Corner Brewery


Another fun night of Sporcle Live – Detroit trivia at the Corner Brewery with one first-place prize on a sports final question. Yes, you read that right. And we even wagered 20 points! Great team effort by a larger than usual contingency of ‘Pods, thanks to Brad’s brother and sister-in-law (Kevin and Lisa) visiting us from Westland and colder weather keeping our cycling addict off the roads and at the trivia table where he belongs.
As some of you probably already know, some of us on our team have darker senses of humor. That said, one of us jokingly said they wanted to go back in time and kill Jerry Lee Lewis so that we would be right when we guessed that he was dead in that mystery round. Of course we don’t want to kill him. In fact, we salute him! He managed to snag a 13-year-old bride (not bad for being a US citizen and not a Qatar citizen) and use the word “balls” in a song title. Maybe these things are the keys to long life.
Enough digression, on to the questions and snarky commentary:
Game One
1. The Beatles: Which Beatles song contains lyrical phrases such as “juju eyeball,” “toejam football,” “monkey finger,” and “walrus gumboot?” Did anyone get this wrong? Beatles 101…
2. Military Terms: What name for military battle dress is derived from the tiring manual work performed by soldiers? Again…easy..
3. Stage Names: What is the stage name for the entertainer who was born Erik Weisz? Great semi-educated guess by Heather, though Douglas Fairbanks nearly wound up on the answer slip.
4. Slogans: What five word advertising slogan was used by Pizza Hut until 2007?
5. Audio: Clip from Beetlejuice
6. Airports: in which Italian city would you find an airport named for Marco Polo? A bit of debating here, but got it right.
7. Cheese: What is emmental cheese called in the United States?
Having a gourmet cook and and a cheesehead on the team really helps sometimes…
8. College Football: On October 19, 2013, the team from which university forfeited a game against Jackson State when the players refused to travel in protest of a number of issues, including the firing of their coach in September? Kudos to visiting ‘Pod Kevin for knowing this one!
9. Elements: Which element on the periodic table was named for the Norse god of thunder? Damn, we didn’t get bonus points for drawing a neat picture of the Norse god…(sad face).
10. Saturday Night Live: According to a famous catchphrase, what is the only prescription for Christopher Walken’s fever? An easy SNL question, what a treat!

**A perfect regular round

Mystery Round: Dead or Alive Musicians
1. Loretta Lynn
2. Ravi Shankar
3. Little Richard
4. Jerry Lee Lewis
Missed #4. But you already knew that, right?

Heading into the final:
3. Full Monty 62
2. Your Resume Sucks
1. Miskatonic University Fighting Cephalopods
Final Category: Hockey Milestones
Final Question: The “Triple Gold Club” is an exclusive group among hockey players. To be a member, a player has to have won an Olympic gold medal, a Stanley Cup and a World Championship. Players from four nations including the Soviet Union are members of the club. Name two of the other three nations represented.

Our sports guys really came through on this one, even Dave K., who claimed not to know much about hockey. He guessed two correct nations right away. Alex, Brad and Kevin huddled as well and we got it right! They could probably hear our celebratory cheering all the way in Depot Town!

Final Standings: My Wife Thinks I’m At the Gym 70, An Album Cover 72, Miskatonic U 84.

Game Two
1. TV Journalists: What news reporter had to apologize on air for an erroneous 2004 news story about George W Bush’s military record?
2. Same Name: What 1977 novel by Toni Morrison shares its name with a book of the Old Testament known for its love poetry? Ugh. Burned by another literary question. Our lit major actually read this book and had the right answer, it was changed at the last second. Oh well, moving on…
3. Organizations: Of the H words in the 4H pledge, which is the only one that is not a body part?
4. Solo Debuts: What is the name of the front man for Creedence Clearwater Revival who later had a successful solo career including the album “Centerfield” in 1985?
QUICKFIRE: Name the first 8 published novels by Tom Clancy.
Nowhere near enough correct. Kudos to the Money Badgers for nailing this one.
5. Video Games: What character was originally known as Jumpman when he debuted in 1981?
6. Politicians: Who became the first openly gay man to be elected to public office in California when he was elected a member of San Francisco’s board of supervisors?
7. Oddsmakers: What was the commonly used nickname of the controversial sports commentator and Las Vegas bookmaker named Dimetrios Synodinos? Mike predicted the answer long before the question was asked…
8. Movie Quotes: In 2008, the American Film Institute released their list of the 100 Greatest Movie Quotes. Two of these were from the movie Jerry Maguire. One of them was “Show me the money!” What was the other?
Almost went with the wrong one, but didn’t.
9. Trademarks: What company originally owned the trademark to the name “saltine” but lost it due to trademark dilution?
10. Lakes: Oneida, Seneca, and Cayuga Lakes, among others, are collectively known by what name? Having a native New Yorker helps sometimes, thanks Sam!

Visual mystery round: 4/4.

Heading into the final:
Corn Fritters and Don’t Forget to Strip Your Bartender tied for second with 62 points, Your Resume Sucks led the pack with 63. We were in (meh) fifth place with 60 points going into the final. Tight tight game…

Final Category: MTV
Final Question: Put the following MTV Films in order of release from earliest to most recent: Varsity Blues, Joe’s Apartment, Dead Man on Campus, Save the Last Dance

Juxtaposed Varsity Blues and Dead Man on Campus. We wagered 20 again (yes you read that right!). Fail…

Final Standings: 3. My Wife Thinks I’m At the Gym, 2. Gentlemen Kangaroos 1. Don’t Forget To Strip Your Bartender.

On to our next trivia night. Which might be Friday. Film at 11. Go Pods!


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