Trivia Recap Oct. 3, 2013


So the topic of one of these people pictured came up in our Sporcle Live – Detroit trivia game Wednesday. Our team artist Mike sketched these three people during the game. Who can identify all of them?
The events leading up to Wednesday’s trivia game at the Corner Brewery were nearly as nail-biting as some of the moments in the game itself. One player called off sick (on his birthday, no less, the poor sap). Another called off because of recovering from surgery (what is it with our team and surgeries? Is this becoming a trend?). Yet another player said he was a “maybe.” Attempted to call in two different sets of subs, none were available. Proceeded to beg the “maybe” person and even resort to mild bribery. Also called another player who hasn’t been to too many games, thanks Dave R. for hearing the call and joining us! The begging must’ve worked, the “maybe” player decided to upgrade his answer to “yes” and our commercial pilot Joel V. showed up unexpectedly. His schedule rarely allows him to come to games, so what a nice surprise!
Please see our other post for the game questions. Game one was nearly perfect for us, with our literature “expert” brain-farting and remembering only two Hemingway novel names – The Sun Also Rises and For Whom The Bell Tolls, neither of which were correct. Another player put in an answer within seconds of last call and put down “A Call To Arms.” Our only miss during the round for two points. Still wound up tied for first with 62 points with the Full Monty going into the final question about USA for Africa. Remembering the Prince debacle from several months earlier when they asked about an obscure Prince song performed at “Live Aid,” where we were burned by wagering zero, we wisely bet 20 this time, trusting our ’80s pop culture/music mojo. Getting that right put us in a tie with Don’t Forget to Strip Your Bartender (who was using some Tom Clancy themed team name for the night, don’t recall what it was). We had to provide the drop (in feet) for Yosemite Falls. We put 1,280 and Bartender put 700-some-odd something or other. The right answer was more than 1,400 feet, so WE WON THE TIEBREAKER! Yes, we’re putting that in all caps since we usually suck at tiebreakers, but we did it!
Leading the pack after game one:
3. Your Resume Sucks
2. Don’t Forget to Strip Your Bartender (aka whatever Tom Clancy themed name they were using for the night)
1. Miskatonic University Fighting Cephalopods
Game two went just as well for us, other than missing the quickfire (congratulations to the Corn Fritters for knowing their Mel Brooks movies), the final question and the Disney movie question: “Which Mary Poppins song won the Oscar for best original song?” Forgetting that Dick Van Dyke was the Hugh Jackman of the day, we put “Spoonful of Sugar” instead of the correct answer, though, we also bandied about “Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious” (sp?). So a 4-point miss there. Boo.
Going into the final Your Resume Sucks, Don’t Forget to Strip Your Bartender (using yet another alias we can’t recall) and Miskatonic occupied the top spots. We wagered zero on the college football category, but lots of other more knowledgeable teams wagered 20 and got it.
Rouding out the top three spots after the final question:
3. Winning Team Name
2. Corn Fritters (go Archie, this category was right up your alley!)
1. Unicorn Sprinkles
We’re very thankful to have had a pilot playing with us because of the airport mystery round in game one and the Ford vehicle question in game two. Thanks everyone who came out to play – Alex, Brad, Dave R., Heather, Joel, John, Mike and Joel’s friend (sorry can’t recall his name…). Looking forward to another nail-biting full-of-excitement game next week, Go Pods!


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