Trivia Recap Oct. 31, 2013 – Corner Brewery

  • stevenkingmystery

Two first-place finishes and got both final questions correct on our regular trivia night Wednesday at the Corner Brewery! We honestly can’t remember the last time we had a “sweep” at Corner, but are fairly certain that this means we will probably win no money next week. Balance must always be restored to the universe (we’re superstitious that way). And though we finished with a fairly impressive 124 points, we still barely hang onto our venue leader position, this time by even more a thread than we did going into the games tonight. Your Resume Sucks logged 126 total points, which means we have just a one point lead over them. This has been par for the course all season at Corner, where we’ve never had a comfortable lead. But hell, it’s not necessarily a comfortable life in the ocean as a squid, is it?

On to the game re-cap, questions as always provided by the Toledo team Steele Shivers (thanks!).

Game One
1. Rap Music: What rap group released the 1988 song “A Nightmare on My Street,” detailing an encounter with Freddy Krueger?
Our white boy from Cleveland Dave K. came through for 7.
2. Origins: According to many scholars, Halloween is a Christianized feast initially influenced by the harvest festivals celebrated by what European people? Our “wizard” of weird knowledge Mike nailed this for 10. Have we mentioned that we like theme games?
3. Ghostbusters: What are the first names of the four Ghostbusters? Again Mike nails it for 9. Expert in that movie.
4. Artists: Edvard Munch is famous for his work “The Scream.” He is a native of which Scandinavian country? Not so confident here, but got it for 2.
5. Comics: Finish the quote by the Peanuts character Linus: “There are three things I have learned never to discuss with people: religion, politics, and *blank*” So easy for any child of the ’70s. 8 points.
6. Authors: Who wrote the novel Frankenstein, which was published in 1818? Lit major Heather scored here for 6.
7. Halloween on TV: What ABC medical drama had a Halloween themed episode in 2006 titled “Haunt You Every Day?” Thank you, thank you Sam for stepping in here for 3. We would not have known this without you.
8. Ghosts: In a 1995 movie, what famous ghost revealed his last name to be McFadden? Great educated guess by Heather for 5.
9. Nicknames: The Killer Clown was the nickname of what serial killer whose reign of terror lasted from 1972 until 1978? Heather knows serial killers, 4 points. Our Wisconsin boy Alex boasted that the “best” serial killers were from Wisconsin, though…
10. Book to Movie: Dakota Fanning and Teri Hatcher starred in which 2009 horror fantasy film based on Neal Gaiman’s 2002 novel of the same name?
John steps in here for 1 point, thus ending a perfect regular round!

Mystery round: Before and After
1. Radio clean title of the debut single by LMFAO and a phrase often heard on Halloween. Our lack of “current” music knowledge killed us here, lost 2 points.
2. Former SNL writer and current US senator and the title of a 2002 Tim Burton movie about a dog brought back to life.
3. William Shatner’s character on 3rd Rock from the Sun and the ghost from Sleepy Hollow
4. 1966 Truman Capote novel set in Kansas and a fruit seen in the opening credits of the Showtime drama Dexter.
Got the other three correct.

Heading into the final:
Don’t Forget to Strip Your Bartender 60, Your Resume Sucks 63, @Miskatonic Miskatonic University Fighting Cephalopods 64.

Final Category: Tasty Treats
Final Question: Reese’s makes special versions of their peanut butter candies that are available during certain holiday seasons. For Halloween, it’s in the shape of a pumpkin. Name the other three shapes. Wagered 20 and got it right.

Final Standings: Corn Fritters 76, Don’t Forget to Strip Your Bartender 80, Miskatonic 84.

Game Two
1. Cover Bands: Hayseed Dixie is a hillbilly tribute band that plays music from what rock band? Ten points.
2. US Government: Who succeeded Madeline Albright as the US secretary of state in 2001? Less confident here, lots of discussion, but got it for 3.
3. NFL Teams: Len Dawson, Trent Green, and Matt Cassel have all served as the starting quarterback for which NFL team? Sports guys Brad and Dave easily got this, 9.
QUICKFIRE: List the 10 bestselling chocolate varieties sold for the 52 week period ending on September 8 2013 according to some random survey we can’t remember
We are shitty at quickfires. Kudos to Titanic Swim Team and Smarter than The Average Bear… for getting this.
4. Innovations: First available on the 1997 Cadillac DeVille, what safety feature was introduced by General Motors in the fall of 1996? Again lots of discussion quelled our confidence, but got it for 1. Have to remember that innovations are always earlier than they seem, nice work Dave K.!
5. TV Settings: The fictional town of Twin Peaks is located in which US state? FB clue 8. Made joke about Audrey Horne’s “Twin Peaks” to trivia host Kuma…
6. Marriages: What actor was married to Reese Witherspoon from 1999 until 2007? Heather nailed this for 7 and even spelled his name correctly 😉
7. Audio: Opening to a CBS show featuring Jim Caviezel Brad nailed this at 11th hour for 6.
8. Food: Porcini, shiitake, and morel are varieties of what? So easy, 5.
9. Watches: What is the name of the electroluminescent brand of watch introduced by Timex in 1992?
John nailed this for 4.
10. Populations: What is the most populous city in the US named after an American?
We are shitty at quickfires and equally shitty on questions about populations. Dropped our 2, need to take more Sporcle quizzes about populations. Grrr…

Visual mystery round: missed #3, as did every other team (we think). We guessed “The Body” because it was about kids.

Heading into the final:
Full Monty 56, Miskatonic 59, Your Resume Sucks 63.

Final Category: Horror Films
Final Question: Put the four horror films in order of release from the earliest to the most recent: The Shining, Alien, Night of the Living Dead, Halloween, we wagered 20 again on this.

Heather nailed this and even knew every single release year, though was initially questioned about how early “Alien” was released. Score!

Final Standings: Cup o’ Pickles 50 (way to jump up from 5th!), Corn Fritters 71, Miskatonic 79.

Fun night, loved the Halloween themed questions. Go Pods!


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