Trivia Recap Oct. 6, 2013


NOTE: Our re-cap writer had to sit in a courtroom all day in Chelsea today so did not have time to write a lengthy recap for the team. She did, however, have time to slightly re-write the brilliant prose in another team’s recap and plug in her own question commentary.
In the movie “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy,” two news anchors compete against each other to get the coveted lead anchor position. They both get their shots at the spotlight, fueled by their competition (and, in the movie, but NOT in the trivia scene, sexual tension) between each other. Does their desire to be the lead anchor, and their love of the news business drive them? Definitely.

But perhaps, what drives them just as much is their competitiveness between each other. Just the existence of a formidable rival makes them strive to be better.

Is that what we have between us and fellow competitor, Your Resume Sucks? Perhaps. Each of us are usually in the top 10 teams overall and have been constantly trading places as venue leader all season.

We walked into the game just one point ahead of them them. After game one, we were tied again for venue lead. And, at the end of game two we lost our lead by one measly point. That’s right…. After 11 games and 1169 league points going into this game, we are only separated by one point!

We would like to think our friendly competitiveness and the existence of a great rivalry only drives us to become better teams.

Now, off to the races….

Game One:

1. MLB Debuts: With what MLB team did outfielder Ichiro Suzuki make his debut in 2001? Bet 10 for the points, thanks Brad!

2. Saturday Night Live: What Rachel Dratch character with an alliterative name is also a slang term for a person with a generally negative attitude? Educated guess for 2.

3. Chocolate: What company was founded in 1824 by an Englishman who developed an emulsification process to make solid chocolate, thus creating the modern chocolate bar? Sometimes it’s best to not overthink, but in this case it paid off for 4.

4. Singers: What crooner gave his last public concert in Japan on December 20, 1994? Like we said, sometimes it’s best to NOT overthink…

5. Gases: What gas makes up more than 96% of the atmosphere of Venus, but less than 1 % of Earth’s atmosphere? There’s a reason our team likes to shout out “science.” Nuf said…

6. American Plays: What play by Tennessee Williams contains characters named Big Daddy and Big Mama? Sometimes having a lit major (and a little backup) pays off, 9 points.

7. October History: Within two years, in October of what year did Sputnik I become the first artificial satellite? Ahem. SCIENCE!

8. Games: What was the 4x4x4 sequel to the Rubik’s Cube? Good guess for a mere 1.

9. Audio: Clip from a 2004 movie featuring Wallace Shawn and Craig T Nelson.

10. Islands: What island was first documented in 1775 by Spanish explorer Juan Manuel de Ayala which he called the Island of the Pelicans? Ouch. This one hurt probably about as much as Al Capone’s first outing to the Alcatraz showers…six points down the drain.

Mystery Round: 50-50
1. Bamboo: a grass or a wood?
2. Monterey Jack: named after Monterey, California or Monterey, Mexico?
3. “If I Ran the Circus”: a Barenaked Ladies song or a Dr. Seuss book?
4. Colleen Haskell: a contestant on American Idol or Survivor?


Heading into the final:

Corn Fritters with 63, Your Resume Sucks with 61 and right on our tails, Miskatonic with 60.

Final Category: #1 Albums

We have a very strong music person on the team (As long as it was recorded before 1990) so we bet it all.

Final Question: There were only five albums that reached #1 on the Billboard Top 200 during 1984. One of these was Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Name two of the other four.

Congrats Your Resume Sucks for being the only team to get both correct! Committee thinking prevailed for our team and we went with the almost too obvious “1984” instead. We wagered a strategic 4 points to no avail.

Game Two:

1. Slogans: What brand once received accolades from Advertising Age for its slogan “Think Small?” We picked the wrong cute foreign car…Mini Cooper.

2. 90s Movies: What 1995 movie starring Michelle Pfeiffer featured Coolio’s #1 hit single “Gangsta’s Paradise?” Take it away Dave for not only knowing the movie but all of the Gangsta’s Paradise lyrics by heart!

3. Cartoons: What cartoon character had a girlfriend named Sweet Polly Purebred? There’s a reason you have that one old guy on the team who’s an expert in those old cartoons…yea Brad! Eight points.

QUICKFIRE: Seven woman oriented magazines traditionally comprise the Seven Sisters publications. Name them. We still dislike the quickfire round, even when we don’t spill drinks trying to pass the paper to the right person.

4. Mountains: In what mountain range is the tallest mountain in the world outside of the Himalayas?
They’ve asked this one before…

5. Quotes: Who is credited with the quote: “Picasso had his Pink Period and his Blue Period. I’m in my Blonde Period right now?” Like other teams, we incorrectly went with an artist on this one. Kudos to YRS for not taking that route and getting it right!

6. Running Mates: Who was Mitt Romney’s running mate in the 2012 presidential election?

7. Music Videos: Nathan Wind, Vic Colfari, and Sir Stewart Wallace are all characters from what Beastie Boys music video? Yea again to Dave for his BB knowledge…

8. Game: What university won the most college football games during the 1980s? Facebook clue.

9. Set: Set is the god of the storms in which mythology: Aztec, Egyptian, Mayan, or Persian? Our wizard of arcane knowledge Mike came through here…

10. Match: At the turn of the 19th century, what element was added to the phosphorus heads of matches to make them safer? Ahem. SCIENCE!

Visual mystery round: Name the MLB stadium form the overhead picture. Got 2/4. Still hate the paperless visual round. There is always a team without a smart phone or cooperative device, no matter what Sporcle might think…

Heading into the final:
Money Badgers with 59, “We’re not Changing our Name” in 2nd place, YRS with 54 and right behind us, Miskatonic with 53.

Final Category: Funny Films

Final Question: In 2000, the American Film Institute released a list of the 100 Funniest Movies. Four movies on the list were released in 1988. One of these was A Fish Called Wanda; the other three all have titles beginning with the letter B. Name one of them.

Again, committee thinking burned us and we put down one right answer and one wrong one, even though the right answers for both finals were strongly considered. Oh well, we won two first places two weeks in a row, we’ll shake it off…

We ended the night with 113 league points and $5 worth of swag. Go Pods!


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