Trivia Recap Sept. 19, 2013 – Corner Brewery


The stars definitely weren’t right for our team playing Sporcle Live – Detroit trivia at the Corner BreweryWednesday. And apparently, not enough our answers were right, either! Had just three players in game one, and as you seasoned trivia veterans well know…when your particular “expert” is absent, that’s when they ask the stuff only they would know! Oh well, we held our own fairly well enough for a trio in game one, ending up with a respectable (yet far below our team’s average) of just 102 league points. Special shout out to John L. for showing up to help out in game two! We’re not going to shed too many tears over losing our venue lead, since we’re still only down by fewer than 10 points and there are still more games to go. Once we get our full squadron back, I’m sure it will be back to endless tiebreakers, neck-and-neck scores and more shenanigans with new venue leader Your Resume Sucks. Well played…well played!
Now on to the questions, most of which have been edited for brevity (and abject laziness on the part of the writer):
1. The Butcher – In what 2002 movie does Daniel Day-Lewis play a character called “The Butcher?”
2. The Baker – What is the sweet-sounding name for baking implement with 1-inch tall sides, differing from a cookie sheet?
3. The Candlestick Maker – With its HQ in S. Deerfield, MA, what candle company claims to be the #1 seller of scented candles?
4. Riots – In what decade did the “Zoot Suit” riots in LA occur?
5. Audio clue – tv theme for “What’s Happening.”
6. Medical terms – What medical condition occurs because of a buildup of uric acid in the joints?
7. Children’s books – In the end of “James and the Giant Peach,” what does the peach get impaled upon at the end?
8. Hit songs – What ’01 song by Kylie Minogue topped the charts in every country except Finland? Those Finns have excellent taste…
9. Actresses – what actress earned a Golden Globe for her role in “Transamerica?” Totally off our radar….
10. World geography – In what country would you find the world’s longest fence?
Name the rap group/artist given the song titles.
1. “It was a Good Day. It was a Good Day.”
2. “Gin and Juice.”
3. “OPP.”
4. “My Name Is” (seriously anyone from Michigan who gets this wrong should not be playing trivia in this state).
We knew 2/4 mystery rounds and missed the riot question, Kylie Minogue question and the tranny actress question.
We were tied for sixth with Don’t Forget to Strip Your Bartender going into the final with 50 points, with the Money Badgers (55), Corn Fritters (56), Your Resume Sucks! (56), and the Gentlemen Kangaroos(58) rounding out the other leading spots.
Final question: Among the top selling DVDs of 2012, two of them were animated and sold more than 5 million units. Name both. We wagered zero (risky category with only three players), wound up tying for third after the final and losing the tiebreaker question, which was:
In what year was Spam introduced to stores? Don’t Forget to Strip Your Bartender wound up nearly nailing the year dead-on.
Other leaders after the final were the Corn Fritters and Your Resume Sucks, who also both bet zero. No teams got both parts of the answer correct.
Game two:
1. Remakes – Dennis Quaid plays the Rev. Shaw Moore in what remake of a 1984 film?
2. National Parks – In what state is Crater Lake National Park?
3. U.N. What is the usual color of helmets and berets worn by the UN’s peacekeeping forces? We jokingly called it the “Un.”
4. Hosts – What comedian and TV host hosted the Oscars in ’06 and ’08? We have a player who’s no slouch with the Oscar winners, but she really, really hates watching them. Unless Steve Martin or Seth MacFarlane were the hosts and it’s recorded on DVR so she can skip through the damn acceptance speeches and musical numbers…got it wrong.
5. Video games – (Facebook clue)What is the top-selling PC video game of all time?
6. Logos – What type of fruit is used in the Olive Garden logo? Someone at the next table said it loud enough for us to hear, but we would have known it anyway…
7. Tours – What rock band presented its “In The Flesh” tour to promote its ’77 album “Animals?” Not sure if this question is worded exactly right, so bear with us….
8. NFL Draft – What is the name for the poor schmuck picked last in the draft? We picked the wrong adjective….we felt so…insignificant. 🙂
9. Civil War – On the last day of the Battle of Gettysburg, who led a charge for the rebel forces on Cemetery Hill?
10. Crustaceans – (Mike was so excited to have this as a category!) What type of crab has one puny claw and one giant claw?
MYSTERY (visual, see picture)
We were in fifth with 52 points heading into the final question, of which the category was “presidential elections.” Notes are fuzzy, did not record other teams’ scores before the final.
“Which two presidents had the highest number of electoral votes?” Question was more convoluted than this, didn’t write down the whole thing (if anyone else has better notes please chime in!).
Game winners of round two:
3. Your Resume Sucks
2. Newbies
1. Gentlemen Kangaroos (go you guys!).
Hopefully more of our ‘Pods will be able to join us next week, we’ll make like guys in the men’s room and shake it off. Go Pods!

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