Trivia Recap Sept. 26, 2013 – Corner Brewery


We snagged our highest-scoring game of the season Wednesday playing Sporcle Live – Detroit trivia at the Corner Brewery with 129 points and one first place/ $20 gift card. Just what we needed after turning in our poorest showing at Corner last week with only 102 points. Managed to narrow the gap between us and our friendly rival Your Resume Sucks, with just three points now dividing our teams (six going into this game). We believe this is one of the closest venues out there in the metro Detroit region in terms of the top two teams playing at a single venue. Since we never like anything to be too easy and we have the qualifier “fighting” in our team name, it’s par for the course!
Special thanks to Alex, Brad, Dru (a special guest), Heather, John, Mike and Sam (listed alphabetically), the ‘Pods who played last night. Everyone contributed fabulously, and though there wasn’t 100 percent agreement on all of our answers, we somehow managed to turn in the right answers – even if some of them were turned in at the last possible second.

Game 1:

1. Which Eastern Conference NBA team did Charles Barkley begin his career with in 1984?

2. Ranking 17th overall, what is the most populous U.S. city named for a woman?

3. What are the titles of both Creedence Clearwater Revival hits that ask about the rain?

4. The toroid (TORE-ROID) shape most closely resembles which of the following?

A doughnut, A pretzel, An egg, or A candy cane

5. What actress with an alliterative name was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role in the 2005 film Junebug? Facebook clue.

6. What company owns blimps named Snoopy One and Snoopy Two?

7. Edmond Dantes is the name of the title character and protagonist of what Alexandre Dumas adventure novel?
We jokingly told Kuma that Dumas was pronounced “Dumb-ass.” We are so mature…🙂

8. Macau (Ma-cow), Mozambique and Angola were all, at one time or another, colonies of what country? The camp was torn between France and Portugal on this one. Mike and Heather’s Sporcle quiz habit helped steer the herd toward the right nation.

9. Audio. They played the theme song to Entertainment Tonight.

10. Name one of the two U.S. Supreme Court Justices appointed by George W Bush.

Mystery round:

This round has four questions written in the tradition of Johnny Carson’s Carnac the Magnificent. (For example… What beverage could be the answer to ‘what does an alligator on welfare receive? Gatorade…Ironically our player with a name similar to “Carnak” was not in attendance, but perhaps he was there in spirit!

Leaders in game one:
3. Corn Fritters
2. Cruise Control
1. Miskatonic University Fighting Cephalopods

1. What synonym of rube and idiot could be the answer to ‘What is the first thing listed in a set of directions titled Brain Surgery for Dummies?’ Thanks Sam for being a “Three Stooges” fan

2. What Belgian-style beer introduced by Coors in 1995 could be the answer to ‘What do you see if Papa Smurf drops his pants?’

3. What 1987 #1 hit song could be the answer to ‘What’s the first thing you should do when trying to blend in with locals in Cairo?’

4. What 1996 book by Frances Mayes was made into a 2003 movie starring Diane Lane and could be the answer to ‘Where do northern Italians like to tan?’ Heather remembered this movie, even though she never saw it.

FQ: Name two of the four Official Jelly Belly flavors (There are 50) that begin with the letter “P”. No teams got this question right, after much discussion decided to wager zero and hope the question would be a ball-buster. It was…

Game 2:

1. Who released the 2010 hip hop album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy? Thankfully our youngster Alex was at this game and Sam and Dru were there for the “assist.”

2. What reality show began its 27th season last week, this time with the theme of “blood vs. water”? When we get a reality TV question right, it MUST be too easy, lol…

3. The Bass Strait separates which Australian state from the mainland?

Extra credit: What was the former name of this Australian state?

The following commentary is from Your Resume Sucks’ post, but we wanted to include it in our post as well since we pretty much agree with it:
“OK. So Sporcle claims that they want to “go green”, introducing the electronic visual round (which is just an annoying way to drive traffic to their web site). However, while “trying” to cut down on paper for the mystery round, they simultaneously introduce the controversial “quickfire” round that introduces…. You guessed it…. Another piece of paper.” Well said, you guys! We second your emotions.

Quickfire round: Name the 12 U.S. state flags which have NO letters, words, numbers, or writing of any kind. I think we got 5-6? Didn’t win it, so didn’t pay too much attention.

4. What actor’s early work included five films in 1988 – She’s Having a Baby, Beetlejuice, Married to the Mob, Working Girl and Talk Radio? Turned in answer at 11th hour, wound up re-racking between two different actors. A third (Jeffrey Jones) was bantered about, but movie person Heather argued that he was in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off in 1986, which came out earlier than these movies.

5. In what 1980s arcade video game did a player encounter things such as Battle Tanks, Grid Bugs, and Light Cycles? The nerd level on our team just high enough for this to be super easy.

6. What type of fish is used in making Worcestershire Sauce? And if you watch “South Park,” it turns people into zombies, too.

7. Who was the voice for the Aflac Duck before he was fired for making distasteful jokes about the 2011 Japanese tsunami?

8. What president was the first to use a campaign slogan in 1840, with “Tippecanoe and Tyler, too!”? Take it away, Heather…

9. What is the nickname of athletic teams at Oregon State University? The answer made Brad say “Giggity.” Such a perv, that one…

10. What is the avian name of the lookout platform situated near the top of a ship’s mast? Really? D’erp…

Don’t have image for visual mystery round, see Steele Shivers’ page for that one. It was images from commercials.

We got all 4 questions on the mystery round going into the final question with a perfect score (not counting the quickfire question).

Final question category was game shows. Groan, again wagered zero, but not very confidently, if that makes sense.

FQ: There have been six hosts of the television game show Family Feud. Name four of them. We only missed one of the dudes.

Leaders in game two:
1. The Full Monty
2. Cruise Control
3. Corn Fritters

Until next time, Go Pods!


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