Trivia Recap April 3, 2014 – Corner Brewery

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Highlights of the Wednesday, April 2 trivia game:

This was a special trivia night at the Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery. Three family members from nearly 700 miles away in the U.P. (they traveled here via the leisurely Wisconsin route) joined us and contributed fabulously on some key questions. Including 13-year-old Anabel, whom we believe was among the youngest of all Sporcle players actively playing on that particular night (she even wrote down all the category names and kept track of the score).

On to the questions, courtesy of Toledo team Steele Shivers.

Game One
1. Computers: What computer term is attributed to Grace Hopper when she described how she removed a moth from a relay switch in a Mark II Computer in 1945?
2. Companies: What present day company was founded in the early 20th century as the Anglo Persian Oil Company?
3. World Tours: What singer will embark on the Prismatic World Tour in May 2014 to promote her latest album?
John had the right answer written down, but we started debating. Then big brother suggested we go with his answer. Good call, because it was correct.
4. Olympic Sports: Which winter Olympic sport uses the terms hog to hog speed, hacks, the skip, and the hammer? Who’d have thought we’d have an actual curler on our team this particular night? Thanks Mel!
5. Reality TV: What was the name of the Fox reality TV show that starred Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie and aired for five years? We jokingly put the word “minds” in exchange for the second word in this title, crossing it off and putting the right word.
6. Tombstones: What male entertainer and singer has an epitaph that reads “And the beat goes on?” Heather knew this instantly…
7. Audio: Clip from the trailer of a 2013 movie featuring Russell Crowe and Kevin Costner. Anabel’s big contribution of the night. She is officially addicted to trivia now!
8. Wine: The pleasant smells from wine, especially young wines, are called its aroma. What is the term used by professionals to describe the smells (both good and bad) that arise from older wines due to their fermentation?
9. Historical Terms: What two word phrase was coined in 1845 by journalist John Sullivan which referred to the belief that US expansion across the continent was inevitable?
10. Airports: The international airport of which California city is also known as Lindbergh Field, named after famed aviator Charles Lindbergh in 1928?
Go f— yourself, San Diego. You’re the right answer!
Bonus: What does San Diego mean in German? Hehe…

Mystery Round: Nicknames
1. Stand-up comic: Mr. Warmth
2. Singer: Queen of Disco
3. Inventor: Wizard of Menlo Park
4. Pro athlete: Melo (brother Mike was icing on the cake for knowing this one!)

**Got them all.

13. A solo-player team playing solely for cumulative points that threatened to slash Kuma’s tires if their abysmal score was read aloud (lower than 39); 11. (two-way tie) My Wife Thinks I’m At The Gym and Other Team Whose Name I Did Not Catch, 39; 10. Kumalupalicious, 41; 9. It’s Been Two Weeks Since I Quizzed, 52; 7. (two way tie) Gentlemen Kangaroos and Dreams Come To the Something Or Other (didn’t catch whole name Kuma reads pretty fast); 4. (two way tie) The Full Monty and Cool People and Jeff, 61; 3. Miskatonic U., 64; 2. (two way tie) Corn Fritters, and Don’t Forget to Strip Your Bartender, 65; and 1. Your Resume Sucks 66.

Final Category: Academy Awards
Final Question: Since 2001, two women have won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. Name one.

Brother Mike stepped up to the plate again, though his little sis knew one of them, too. We wound up holding onto our third place with $5, Your Resume Sucks (who also had a teenage player among their ranks) wound up in first. Behold the power of youth!

Leading after the final: Miskatonic U., 84; Don’t Forget To Strip Your Bartender, 85 (or was it the Fritters? Someone speak up…) and Your Resume Sucks, 86.

Game Two
1. Extinction: What extinct bird species was last documented on the island of Mauritius in the late 1600s?
2. Artists: American painter Winslow Homer served as an artist correspondent on the front lines during which war?
3. MLB Pitchers: Which Hall of Fame pitcher started the most career games for the Chicago Cubs, at a total of 347?
4. Clothing: What article of clothing did Mary Phelps Jacob create and receive a patent for in 1914, using two silk handkerchiefs and some ribbon? We picked the wrong article of clothing, missing 5 points.
5. Billy Joel Lyrics: Name the title of the 1977 Billy Joel song that opens with the lyrics: “Come out, Virginia/Don’t let me wait/You Catholic girls/Start much too late?”
6. World Capitals: Belmopan is the capital of which Central American country?
7. Actor Resumes: Which actor has appeared in all of the following films: Ed, Lost in Space, Charlie’s Angels, and All the Queen’s Men?
And brother’s wicked imdb mojo kicked in again…great work!
8. Presidential Nicknames: What US president was given the nickname “The Kansas Cyclone” when he played football at West Point? Heather and Brad teamed up on this one…
9. Children’s TV: On Barney & Friends, what kind of dinosaur is Baby Bop?
And our millennials Alex and Brenan took this one away…Anabel was disappointed the question was not about something from “her” generation…
10. Candy Bars: What candy bar has used the slogan “Two for me, none for you?”

Visual round: Missed #3, but apparently other teams did, too.

12. Booby Traps, 38; 11. Imperial, 48; 9. (two way tie) My Wife Thinks I’m At the Gym and Dreams Something Or Other, 50; 8. Your Resume Sucks, 52; 7. Corn Fritters, 53; 6. Full Monty, 54; 5. Miskatonic U., 55; 4. More Beer Less Pants (using their real name this time), 57; 3. Gentlemen Kangaroos, 59; 1. (two way tie) Cool People and Jeff and Don’t Forget to Strip Your Bartender, 61.

Final Category: Medical Acronyms
Final Question: In medicine, the acronym RICE is used to help recall how to treat soft tissue injuries, such as muscle strains. What do the letters RICE stand for?

3. Miskatonic U., 2. Whomever Lost the Tiebreaker for first after game one, 1. Whomever won the tiebreaker after game one. Our re-cap writer was enjoying the family bonding too much to pay enough attention to scores. Anyone knowing them is welcome to chime in!

This one proved to be way too easy for this venue, but it came down to wagering. We moved up to third (again) and another $5 gift card. Go Pods!


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