Trivia Recap Dec. 23, 2014 – Maiz Mexican Cantina


It was like some kind of horrible Alanis Morrissette song. Some might say, “is there any other kind of Alanis Morrissette song?” We had our highest-scoring game of the “season” Monday playing Sporcle Trivia Nights With Rachel Sue at MAIZ Mexican Cantina. But the points don’t count because it happened during a holiday week. We did, however, accomplish our goal or using our $15 gift card from last week on $2 bottles of Michigan beer and made a valiant yet fruitless attempt to win more beer money. Special shout out to More Beer Less Pants for having a “sweep” and taking both first place prizes. Some very good teams were in contention, including Little Lebowski Urban Achievers, Handjobs Across America and Dicks from Sticks. We love a challenging trivia spot like this, but may not be able to play there again until 2015.
On to the questions…
Game one
1. Reality TV – What TV personality won the seventh season of “Dancing With the Stars” and went on to become co-host of the show in 2010? Hooray Dave for knowing this…
2. City names – What name is shared by the most populous city in Costa Rica and the third most populous city in California?
3. Wealthy people – Who was ranked second behind Bill Gates on Forbes Magazine’s most wealthy people from 2001 to 2007?
4. Studies – Myology is the study of which system of the human body? SCIENCE! Dave and Brad team up here.
5. Musicals – Audio clue from 1961 musical. Heb all over this one.
6. boxing – What does UD stand for in reference to the result of a boxing match? Dave again.
7. Landmarks – The Arch of Constantine is located in which European city? A re-rack option would have been so nice here…
8. ’80s film roles – What comedian and talk show host appeared as “Semmi” in a 1988 comedy film? Heb again.
9. Video games – Name one of the five games available for the Nintendo Game Boy upon its North American launch in 1989. For ner bonus, name one other game. Missed nerd point.
10. Classic TV – “Farm living is the life for me” are from the theme song of what ’60s/’70s television show?
Mystery – name the Christmas song based on the following lyrics
1. “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…”
2. “In the lane…are you listening…” A couple of us like to jokingly replace the next line with “Screams of pain…blood is glistening…”
3. “You better watch out…”
4. “The moon is right…the spirit’s up…”
Missed #4. Must be payback for saying that person who wrote this horrible song should have his knighthood taken from him. And if we possessed a time machine, we would go back in time and kindly ask George Michael to not write “Last Christmas.” Karma is a bitch…we’re going to be completely childish and say that Sir Paul is getting his revenge on us for bad-mouthing his song.
Heading into the final:
Twelve teams with scores ranging from 44 to 65, with Handjobs Across America leading the pack. We were in third place with 62 points using the pseudonym “I saw Mommy kissing Cthulhu.”
Then the final question happened. A tournament-caliber question spelling doom for most of the teams playing. Some teams even booed the question. A couple of teams left after game one, presumably because it was such a heartbreaking question. Without further ado…
Category: Elements and Games
The scientists on our team couldn’t resist betting 20 on this. We had a sinking feeling “games” would be “bored” games of which we are not experts. Which, of course, proved to be the case.
“Among the first 10 elements on the periodic table, six of those have a one-letter symbol. Which element name, if used in Scrabble, would have the highest word score (not counting double or triple letter scores). And within 1, how many points would it be worth?
Trivia host Rachel said she actually had an option to make this question HARDER but she chose not to use it. We were solid on coming up with the correct element (special shout out to Sam N. for listing all 10 with their symbols!), but not so great on the whole “Scrabble” part. But our team was not alone here. Well played, Sporcle. Well played.
Game winners: Second place, Handjobs Across America, 45, first place, More Beer Less Pants. And congrats to them for probably being the only team getting this tough question correct.
Game two
1. Candy bars – Which of the following candy bars do not contain peanuts (multiple choice)? A. Baby Ruth, B. Take 5, C. 100 Grand or D. O Henry?
2. Sci-fi – The bar owner on the television series “Deep Space Nine” shares his name with what subatomic particle? SCIENCE!
3. Naming rights – In 1996, what company purchased naming rights to the Florida Suncoast Dome, previously known as Thunderdome?
4. ’00s movies – In what 2006 film does actress Natalie Portman have her head shaved on screen? FB clue.
5. Commercials – Within three years, in what year did Coca-Cola’s polar bear mascots makek their TV debut? Not even close, our first miss of game two for 3 points.
6. U.S. states – Which U.S. state’s postal abbreviation comes first alphabetically?
7. Album titles – What was the name of Britney Spears’ 1999 debut album? For nerd point, name her 2013 album. Missed the nerd bonus.
8. Anatomy – From the Latin word for “neck,” what is the name for the long narrow passage in the lower part of a woman’s uterus? SCIENCE!
9. Documentaries – The 2009 documentary film “Exit Through the Gift Shop” was directed by what elusive street artist? Kudos to John L. for knowing this obscure question.
10. Jeans – (we actually asked the host to spell this category name to make sure it wasn’t “genes.”) What jeans brand used the slogan, “The jeans that built America?” Again, a re-rack would have been nice here. Miss for 4.
Visual mystery round Got them all.
Heading into the final: Eight teams with scores ranging from 41 to 64, with More Beer Less Pants taking the lead. We were tied for third with 59 points using the alias “If you love Scrabble, then you must hate sex.”
Final category: Political Quotes
“In the 1990s, what politician said ‘George Bush taking credit for the Berlin Wall coming down is like the rooster taking credit for the sunrise?'” We actually had this as a final question several weeks ago at Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery, and fortunately remembered the correct answer. Unfortunately, so did the teams ahead of us. No gift cards for us.
Game winners – Dicks from Sticks, 80; and More Beer Less Pants, 84.
This will probably be our last game re-cap of the year, so happy holidays to everyone! Go Pods!

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