Trivia Recap Feb. 13, 2014

Perhaps our plea for our Dark Watery Overlord Cthulhu to end his vacation in the South Pacific was heard. Perhaps it was the infusion of three ‘Pods who haven’t played with us for a long time. Or maybe we just got lucky. Whatever the reasons for our highest-scoring night of Sporcle Live – Detroit trivia at Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery in Ypsilanti with 127 league points, we are not complaining! We realize that it is “too little, too late” to put us in the top 20 league-wide teams for cash rewards at the end, but as we said a couple of weeks ago, we have no intention of going down without a fight!
Special shout out to Lisa, Kevin and Dave R., who have not played with us since the last calendar year and showed up to get their shirts.
And on to the questions, copied/pasted from the Toledo-area trivia team Steele Shivers.
Game One
1. Cheese: What hard cheese gets its name from the capital of Italy? It helps to know your cheeses AND European capitals, apparently.
2. Flags: Within one year, in what year was the 50th star added to the US flag?
Go Brad the flag man!
3. Actresses: What actress starred alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in both Titanic and Revolutionary Road?
Heb and Lisa huddled on this for the correct guess. Oh what a treat to have a second female playing for a change!
4. World Series: Which American League team did the “Miracle Mets” defeat in five games to win the 1969 World Series? Not much confidence, used our 1-pointer here but got it. Having three “sports guys” was a big help – thanks Kevin, Brad and Dave K.!
5. Europe: Catalonia, Andalucia, and Galicia are all regions of which European country?
6. 70s Bands: What soul funk band experienced mainstream success during the 1970s with their albums “Up for the Down Stroke,” “Chocolate City,” and “Mothership Connection?” The last clue sealed the deal and allowed us to turn the mutha out for points.
7. Sayings: What three words completes the adage: “The squeaky wheel…?”
Such a waste of a FB clue.
8. Card Games: What Victorian card game that originated in England and Scotland is played by discarding cards in pairs until a player is left with a single unpaired card and is declared the loser? Gamers Brad and Dave R. nailed this one.
9. Entrepreneurs: What pop rock singer/songwriter, TV personality, and entrepreneur released a new fragrance in 2013 and has an apparel collection sold exclusively at Kmart? Dave K. hit this one out of the park. Thanks for knowing this useless pop-culturey stuff, bro!
10. TV Weddings: What title TV character married Mindy O’Connell in an episode titled “The Wedding” in 1981? And another hit for Dave K. One of us used to have a T-shirt with one of these characters on it, and wore it to a sleepover at a friend’s house. Stupid friend didn’t give it back!

Mystery Round: Pick the older Academy Award winning actor.
**Yup…50-50 rounds are often a challenge.
1. Jeff Bridges or Sean Penn
2. Forest Whitaker or Colin Firth
3. Christian Bale or Javier Bardem
4. Joe Pesci or Tommy Lee Jones

Thank Cthulhu we aced all the regular round questions. This was a ball-buster, only got #1 right.

Out of a whopping 16 teams playing, the top teams heading into the final were:
5. Your Resume Sucks, 58; 4. Corn Fritters 59, 3. Miskatonic U 60, 1. (two way tie) Money Badgers/Cool People and Jeff 61.

Final Category: 2014 Winter Olympics
Final Question: There are seven nations competing at the 2014 Winter Olympics for the first time. Five of these nations are represented by a single competitor. Name two of these five countries. Two of the countries are landlocked; the other three are island nations.

Nope. Not our night to get the final question right. Boo!

Final Standings: 3. PB (can’t recall their whole name but they jumped up from 10th place) 42, 2. Corn Fritters 59 (a zero bet worked for them), and 1. Money Badgers, 81. They were having an awesome night, happy to see them kicking butt! One of their players Matt is also a beer brewer and is a neighbor of a couple of our players. He always wears “that hat.”

QUICKFIRE: Name the six women who have served as regular season long judges on American Idol.
Dave K. and Lisa took control of the slip here for full points. So happy to have other people who know about that show!

Game Two
1. Stock Symbols: What company trades under the stock symbol BBY on the New York Stock Exchange? Having a day trader was helpful. 10 points.
2. US Capitals: Which US capital city is the seat of Maricopa County? Heb remembered the name of that county from a newspaper article she wrote many moons ago. 9 points.
3. Clubs: What famous nightclub was, as its name implies, the building where TV shows like The $64,000 Question and The Jack Benny Show were filmed? Another Heb contribution. But really, how many other nightclubs would fit this bill for the answer?
4. Audio: A clip from a 1995 film with a character talking about RSVPs. Heb recognized the bimbette’s voice.
5. Moons: What is the largest moon of Saturn?
And our astronomy wiz Mike punched this one into orbit.
6. Golfers: What Fiji born professional golfer won the Masters in 2000 and the PGA Championship in both 1998 and 2004? Holy crap we got it right. Thanks Dave K.!
7. TV: What TV series was based on the 1975 movie Moonrunners?
Our first regular round miss of the night. But only a couple of teams in the bar got it right.
8. Prince: What 1984 song by Prince and the Revolution begins with the line: “Dearly beloved, we have gathered here today to get through this thing called life?”
Really? Easy for any gal who was a “tween” in the mid ’80s.
9. Classic Novels: What classic 1937 novel by Zora Neale Hurston tells the story of Janie Crawford’s life characterized by her dealings in three different marriages?
OMG. Blank stares all around the table. Then 50-something, mild-mannered, quiet Dave R. approached Mike, who is our team’s “scribe” and writes out our answer slips. “I know this,” he said. Having no other guesses we went for it. Our lowest point slip was 5, so this was risky.
10. Speeches: Which future US president gave his famous “House Divided” speech in 1858? Level 101 presidential trivia.

Visual mystery round was coaches. See the Steele Shivers’ page for the photo. We got all four.

Heading into the final (this time 13 teams were playing):
3. We’re Getting the Band Back Together/Corn Fritters 61, 2. Cool People and Jeff/Money Badgers 65, 1. Miskatonic U 67.

Final Category: McDonald’s

Final Question: In 2013, McDonald’s announced that their Chicken McNuggets are processed into four specific shapes, each of which have been given a four letter name beginning with the letter B. Name three of the four.

And we didn’t get this final right, either. But we sure had a blast coming up with four-letter words starting with “b.” May have come up with a couple of correct ones, not sure. We were laughing too hard to care about not winning beer money.

Game winners:
3. Gentlemen Kangaroos, 70 (they moved up from 9th)
2. Two Trivias To Paradise 79 (moved up from 6th)
1. We’re Getting the Band Back Together, 81 (moved up from 5th).

That’s one of the things we love about playing at this place. Anyone can win beer money on any given night. Every team has a shot.

Again, great playing everyone, it was one of the most fun nights of trivia we’ve had in a long time. Go Pods!


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