Trivia Recap Feb. 20, 2014

Questions from the Wedesday, Feb. 19 game of Sporcle Live – Detroit at the Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery:
1. Ice Age – What actor played “Sid the Sloth” in the ice age movie series?
2. World tours – What female artist’s debut tour in ’98 was called “Come on Over?”
3. Castles – Neuschwanstein Castle, the inspiration for one of the castles at “Walt Disney World” is located in what European nation?
4. Rock climbing – crimps, nibs and pinches are slang words for what in rock climbing lingo?
5. Games – Similar in objective to “Apples to Apples,” what card game for adults has the tagline “A party game for horrible people?” Fantastic game…
6. Geometry – What type of triangle has three differing lengths?
7. Audio clue –
8. Marshall Fields – What department store chain was purchased by Marshall Fields in 2005?
9. Battlefields – The Battle of Manassas was fought in which U.S. state?
10. Kim Fields – What was Fields’ nickname on “Facts of Life?”

Mystery: 50/50
1. True or false – the “Enterprise” was the name for the prototype for the first U.S. space shuttle?
2. Dromedary camels – one hump or two?
3. Taylor Swift or Eminem – “Fearless” album?
4. Rizzoli and Isles – which one was the medical examiner?

Final category – magazines
Time magazine’s first person of the year in 1927 was just 25 years old when selected. Who was this person? They were the youngest “person of the year” Time has picked to date.

1. Flowers – What type of flower is a lady slipper – daisy, orchid, tulip or rose?
2. Awards – The Palme d’or is part of which film festival?
3. Houses – At 179,000 square feet and with 250 rooms, the largest house in the U.S. belongs to which family?
4. Nicknames – A South African Olympic sprinter has a nickname that is the same as a Ridley Scott movie. What is it?
5. Animated TV – Abe Lincoln, Joan of Arc and Cleopatra were among the characters on an animated show that aired for one season, directed by the same people who directed “The Lego Movie?”
6. Playwrights – What American playwright wrote “Broadway Bound,” which was semi-autobiographical, and “The Odd Couple?”
7. Rap music – FB clue about Kanye West
8. State Flags – What U.S. state’s flag has a “zia” sun symbol?
9. Airlines – what airline has a slogan, “We have more experience than our name suggests?”
10. Politicians – Robert F. Kennedy was an elected official in which capacity representing what state when he was assassinated in 1968?

Quickfire: Things Rick Astley will never do…had to name six.

Mystery: Visual of blacked-out heads of bands’ lead singers

Final: What actor played a real-life astronaut, rock star, MLB player and a governor on film?


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