Trivia Recap Feb. 27, 2014

A whopping 14 teams in game one and 12 teams in game two fought it out for prizes Wednesday in the Sporcle Live – Detroit trivia game presented bySporcle Live Trivia with Kuma at the Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery. But only one tiebreaker this time! We ended the “season” with a respectable 120 points and were blessed with a near perfect mix of players.
1. Apparel – Lululemon Athletica, founded in 1998, was inspired by what activity?
2. Cartoons – What cartoon pair debuted in a 1948 short titled “Fast and Furrious?” Miss – we went with Tom and Jerry.
3. Bored(sic) games – Despite its name, what game originally titled “Sternhalma” was invented in Germany in the 1890s? Hint: “Stern” means “star.”
4. Comedies – What 2010 teen comedy featured Emma Stone and Amanda Bynes and was loosely based on the “Scarlet Letter?” Alex, our “millennial,” was very, very useful on this one! Also the photo with this post is “Family Guy’s” take on this author, who is “ruining 9th grade” for future generations.
5. Brothers – What last name was shared by Jesus, Felipe and Matty, who all played outfield for the San Francisco Giants in the early 1960s? No clue, made wrong guess.
6. Forests – What state is home to Sam Houston National Forest? We were tempted to overthink this one but resisted the urge.
7. Fun with numbers – When written as a word, what is the smallest number to contain the letter “a?”
8. World leaders – Carlos Salinas was the president of which country in 1990? FB clue.
9. Album covers – What type of animal was pictured on the Beach Boys’ album “Pet Sounds?” Only a couple of teams got this one right. We incorrectly guessed “fish.”
10. Candy bars – What Hershey candy bar has a yellow wrapper and red letters?

Mystery: Higher or lower? All right, show of hands. Who enjoys this type of mystery round with these horrible 50/50 answers? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
1. Number of NBA teams in the 1992-92 season – higher or lower than 29?
2. “Leave it to Beaver” seasons on air – higher or lower than four?
3. Novels completed by Mark Twain – greater or fewer than 20?
4. Height of Jefferson statue at his memorial – higher or lower than 10 feet?

Top five teams heading into the final (out of 14 total teams):
5. (three way tie) The Full Monty, We Quiz Prematurely and Voiceless Bilabial Fricatives (56), 4. Two Trivias to Paradise (58), 3. Your Resume Sucks (60), 2. Corn Fritters (62) and 1. Cool People and Jeff, 64.

Final category: Grammy awards – Two men share the record of having the most Grammy nominations without a single win. One is an R&B singer, the other is a rapper. Name one.

And leading the pack after the final:
3. Corn Fritters 62 (zero bet)
2. More Beer Less Pants (moved up from 10th), 72 points
1. Cool People and Jeff, 84.

Round two
Quickfire: By area, name the five largest islands in the Mediterranean Sea.
1. NASCAR – What driver won the second Daytona 500 on February 22? Wow can’t believe we knew this one. Way to go Alex and Brad!
2. Rivers – The 3,000 mile-long Congo River empties into what ocean?
3. Reality TV – What reality TV cooking competition uses the song “Fire” by the Ohio Players? Again, can’t believe we knew this one, either. Not usually a strong category, but Brad knew it.
4. Audio – featuring two actors with very distinctive voices.
5. Lead singers – Chrissy Hynde is the lead singer of what band?
6. Zodiac – What zodiacal sign follows Libra in the calendar year?
7. ’90s movies – What 1998 film directed by, written by and starring Billy Crystal was loosely based on his experiences working with wrestler “Andre the Giant?”
8. Mobsters – What mobster, born in 1897, was considered the father of organized crime? Multiple choice – Frank Costello, Al Capone, Lucky Luciano, or Vito Corleone? Just kidding on that last choice. Honestly don’t remember what all of the multiple choices were. We re-racked between two with similar birth years with success.
9. In Shakespeare quotes – What line follows “Cry Havoc and Let Slip the (three words)?”
10. SCIENCE! In what taxonomic order is a human being?
Visual mystery round – pictures of foreign films nominated for best picture Oscars.

Twelve teams played game two, leading the pack heading into the final were:
5. Cool People and Jeff, (57), 4. (two way tie) Voiceless Bilabial Fricatives and Don’t Forget to Strip Your Bartender (58), 2. Your Resume Sucks 62, 1. Miskatonic, 66.

Final category: U.S. Geography: Name two U.S. states in which you would find extinct volcanoes.

Top teams after the final:

3. Don’t Forget to Strip Your Bartender (won the tiebreaker against Voiceless Bilabial Fricatives), 38
2. Your Resume Sucks, 42
1. Miskatonic, 49 (we strategically bet 17 points)


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