Trivia Recap Jan. 16, 2014 – Corner Brewery

Not the most stellar start to the Sporcle Live – “don’t call it a league, don’t call it a season either.” Uh, not the best start to the trivia night thingie with potential cash rewards, which after eight weeks we probably won’t have a shot at seeing if we continue logging scores as shitty as Wednesday’s. To all of the teams who compete against us, you’re welcome! We’ve been through slumps before and will, as in past seasons, ride it out because we’re stubborn f—s, if nothing else.

On to the questions and commentary (let’s see who guesses why we’re using the photo we’re using with this re-cap).

Game One
1. TV Debuts: Within 1 year, in which year did ALF, Head of the Class, L.A. Law, and the Oprah Winfrey Show all debut?
Used our re-rack to cover the time span, though one player knew the year dead-on (other players disagreed), 4 points.
2. Alcohol: What brand of bourbon whiskey is available is multiple varieties including Russell’s Reserve, Kentucky Spirit, and Rare Breed? Missed 3 here and will steal the next sentence from the Toledo Steele Shivers team: “We hereby put the call out for an alcoholic to join the team to fill this important hole in our team knowledge base.” Uh, different kind of alcoholic. Someone who drinks other things besides beer.
3. Same Name: What is the name for the triangular support assist bar that dangles above a hospital bed as well as an aerial circus apparatus? 6 points.
4. Movie Resumes: What actor and comedian played a time traveler in 1989, a Catholic cardinal in 1999, and a Pixar car in 2006? Newbie Brenan nailed this one with backup by our other movie person, 10 points.
5. Latin: What well known three word Latin phrase means “something for something” in English? Latin 101 here, 9 points.
6. Retired Numbers: What Boston Celtic star had his #32 retired by the team in 1994? Thanks Sporcle for making this question the FB clue we would have been screwed otherwise, (uh, more so…) 8 points.
7. Gifts: According to US tradition, what gift is given on a couple’s fifth anniversary: cotton, leather, tin, or wood? Anyone remember reading our post from a short while back where we mentioned it was our two-year “trivia” anniversary and mentioned what those gifts were? You’re welcome if you remembered, and were able to eliminate at least one of the multiple choice answers. Unfortunately this didn’t help us, should have saved our re-rack for this one, lost our 1.
8. US Geography: What is the only state that borders both North Carolina and South Carolina? And so the pain officially began here. Brad insisted he knew it, Mike and Heb also insisted they knew something completely different. Brad was right. D’oh, blew our 7 here.
9. Singers: What popular singer with four #1 hits was born in 1985 as Peter Gene Hernandez? This is what we call a “Dave” or “Alex” question, yet sadly neither were in attendance. Lost our 2 here. With our team, “popular singer” usually means someone we know nothing about unless they had hits in the ’70s, ’80s or ’90s.
10. Corporate Logos: What international banking and financial institution uses an orange lion as its corporate logo? 5 points.

Mystery Round: Identify the team that the Baseball Hall of Famer was inducted under.
1. Frank Robinson
2. Tom Seaver
3. Rickey Henderson
4. Roberto Alomar

Brad was our only “sports guy” in attendance and made a noble effort, but we only managed to get one right. Thanks anyway, buddy! It’s tough when the players have played for different teams throughout their careers.

The top five teams (out of 12) in game one heading into the final:
Miskatonic 48, Don’t Forget to Strip Your Bartender 52, Your Resume Sucks 54, Corn Fritters 62 and Cool People and Jeff 63.
Final Category: Board Games
Final Question: Among all spaces on which a token can land on a standard Monopoly board, there are five words that appear exactly three times. Name four of them.

We only managed to get three of them.

Leaders after the final:
3. Your Resume Sucks, 34 points
2. Corn Fritters, 60
1. Cool People and Jeff, 83 (the only team to have gotten the question right).

QUICKFIRE: Name the seven European colonial powers that controlled most of Africa at the beginning of World War I.

Damn it, Belgium. If it weren’t for us forgetting “Belgian Congo,” we would have gotten all 5 points. But we were happy to at least get the three points.

Game Two
1. Candy: What candy bar produced by Nestlé uses the simple slogan “That’s rich?” Another shining moment for newbie Brenan, 4.
2. Presidents: Which future US president was a committee member on the Warren Commission that was assembled to investigate the assassination of John F. Kennedy? Thanks Brad, 10 points. Our “presidents” person didn’t have a clue on this one.
3. 90s Movies: What 1998 erotic thriller starred Kevin Bacon, Denise Richards, Neve Campbell, and Matt Dillon? But our “presidents” person knew this one, thanks Heb, 9 points.
4. Africa: The name of which western African country comes from the Portuguese for “Lioness Mountains?” 8 points.
5. Common Names: What is the common term for the medical condition epistaxis: nose bleed, rash, bruise, or sore throat?
Blew our 1-pointer here.
6. TV Sitcoms: What was the first TV show with a number in its title to win a Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series?
Picked the wrong “numbered” series and instead went with one with an ordinal number, lost our 2.
7. Female Athletes: Surya Bonaly is a nine time French and five time European champion in what Olympic sport? What? It’s not biathlon? Damn. 3 points gone.
8. Audio: Piano solo from “The Way it Is” by Bruce Hornsby and the range. For bonus points, who can ID the Bobcat Goldthwaite-directed film in which this singer had a cameo?
9. Coins: Prior to its current design, which US coin has been issued in the following types: draped bust, seated Liberty, barber, and winged liberty head? Thanks Brad, 6 points.
10. Authors: What author published The Hunchback of Notre Dame in 1831 and Les Miserables in 1862? 5 points.

Visual mystery round: we missed #4.

Top five teams heading into the final (out of 11 playing):
Cool People and Jeff and Miskatonic 58, Full Monty 59, Your Resume Sucks and Corn Fritters tied with 61 and Don’t Forget to Strip Your Bartender 61.

Final Category: Reality TV
Final Question: Name two of the four countries in North America and South American that have served as a filming location for the CBS reality show Survivor. Another “Dave” question for which he was absent (sadface!). We wagered 20 anyway since we were in fifth. We did make one correct guess, though. No teams got this one right.

Leading after the final:

3. Don’t Forget to Strip Your Bartender (can’t recall the points)
2. Corn Fritters, 61
1. Your Resume Sucks, 61

Tiebreaker: In what year was the dime first minted?

We’ll keep our eyes on the “long game” and see if we can plod through seven more with our dignity intact (dramatic sigh). Go Pods!


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