Trivia Recap Jan. 23, 2014

If there’s one thing you can say about the regular teams playing Sporcle Live – Detroit trivia at theArbor Brewing Company Microbrewery (formerly Corner Brewery) in Ypsilanti…they are very, very dedicated – and patient. Snowy conditions Wednesday proved dicey for our host Kuma, who had to slog through a wretched commute from Ann Arbor. Nonetheless the seven teams in attendance all waited patiently, enjoying their beers and cheered when he finally made it in. Yay Kuma! Yay trivia!

It was a rare night for the ‘Pods with nearly our entire roster, including two reservists, come out to play. First time we’ve ever had to get a second table, but much fun was had on table two playing Jenga and “Simpsons” chess. At least it kept the kid occupied in between going to the bar to fetch beers for the team (just kidding!).

Game One
1. Comedians: Chris Rock and George Carlin appeared together in what 1999 comedy film?
2. Stocks: What company is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol T?
Thanks day-trader Dave.
3. Wine: What South American country is home to the Mendoza wine region? Sam & Dave helped come up with the right guess.
Mendoza! Anyone remember that “Simpsons” episode where McBain yells “Mendoza?”
4. Speeches: What seven letter word was used 20 times by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr during his famous “I Have a Dream” speech?
5. Websites: The website is devoted to what activity whose varieties include capture the flag, elimination, and ammunition limit?
6. Audio: Identify the year (within 1) in which Landon Donovan scored a goal that sent the US to the round of 16 of a FIFA World Cup. Heb scored a goal with this one…soccer is the only sport she somewhat follows, mainly for the cute boys in shorts.
7. Ailments: Medically speaking, a renal calculus is more commonly known by what name? Science!
8. Song Lyrics: The lyrics “I need a photo opportunity/I want a shot at redemption/Don’t want to end up a cartoon/In a cartoon graveyard” are from what Paul Simon song? What a stupid song and stupider video.
9. Magazines: What American music magazine that billed itself as “the ultimate guide to music and more” began in 1994 as the first digital CD-ROM magazine? It went out of print in 2009. Our first miss of the night. Drew a blank.
10. Cartoons: Best known for playing Uncle Phil on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, actor James Avery was the voice of the villain Shredder for the first seven seasons of which cartoon series that ran from 1987 until 1996?
**RIP, Uncle Phil.

Mystery Round
1. Which is closer to New York City: Baltimore or Philadelphia?
2. Which is closer to Chicago: Indianapolis or St. Louis?
3. Which is closer to Houston: New Orleans or Dallas?
4. Which is closer to Las Vegas: Los Angeles or Salt Lake City?

Missed #3.

Final Category: What Year Am I?
Final Question: Within 2, identify the year that the following things all occurred: American Bandstand debuts locally in Philadelphia, Cecil B. Demille’s The Greatest Show on Earth topped the US box office, the first hydrogen bomb is detonated in the Marshall Islands, and actor Liam Neeson is born.

Wagered 20, missed the correct year by one. Damned committee thinking. One player’s guess would have been correct within the range, but was overruled. Yes, there are some negatives to larger trivia teams.

QUICKFIRE: Name the seven actors and actresses that appeared in the most episodes of the show Saved by the Bell.

Thanks Dave for being the only one on our team with any clue on this one.

Game Two
1. 90s TV: In what series, first airing in 1997, did characters often hang out in a nightclub called the Bronze? Best. Series. Ever.
2. Presidents: Which president appointed Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen Breyer to the US Supreme Court?
3. The Beatles: Which common female name is the title of a song off the album Rubber Soul which earned the Beatles the 1967 Grammy Award for Song of the Year?
4. Awards: The Hobey Baker Award is given annually to the top player in which collegiate sport? Thanks Brad!
5. Time: What is the term for the large division of geological time lasting half a billion years or more and consisting of multiple eras?
Quite a bit of debate over two guesses starting with same letter, but came up with right one.
6. US Geography: What is the name of the urbanized valley in southern California that contains part of Los Angeles as well as the suburbs of Glendale and Burbank? Almost went with Silicon, but remembered it’s farther north because of that one James Bond movie where Christopher Walken wanted to flood the area.
7. Actors: At the 2012 Razzie Awards, what actor received 11 nominations, a record for the most nominations in one year?
8. Birthdays: Within 2 years, how old is singer David Bowie?
Miss, but we almost had it right.
9. Cocktails: What liqueur adds the green color to a grasshopper cocktail? A team full of drunks won’t miss one like this.
10. Ads: What brand of deodorant body spray is features in a popular viral ad titled “Mom Song?” Miss.

Mystery round was visual with pictures of Cher. We were 2/4 on it.

Second final was a Super Bowl question that we missed. Had to name two teams playing in the 1995 Super Bowl.

Ended with 118 points, no prizes. No list of winners this time, in keeping with our more relaxed attitude toward trivia nights. Go Pods!


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