Trivia Recap Jan. 9, 2014 – Corner Brewery

 January 9, 2014 ·



We’re going to chalk up tonight’s game to being a “practice game.” Just 110 points (which fortunately, don’t count yet) but one first place finish in game two after a decent comeback from fourth to first place after the final question.
Speaking of questions (which may be paraphrased for brevity to accommodate the re-cap writer’s shaky shorthand):
1. Candy bars – What candy bar, released in 1978, had a name which was synonymous with “thingmajig” or “doohickey?” 10 points, a couple of our gen-xers fondly remembered eating them.
2. TV dramas – “Major crimes” is a spin-off of what TNT series that aired from 2005 to 2012? Blew our one-pointer.
3. Acting resumes – What actress appeared in “Steel Magnolias,” “Look Who’s Talking,” and “Mr. Holland’s Opus?” Drew a blank, blew our 4.
4. Slogans – What company used the slogan “Aren’t you glad you used (blank) from 1953 to the mid 1990s? 9 points.
5. State history – which state was the smallest in size to have been a part of the Confederacy? FB clue, 8.
6. Stage names – what female singer of “White Flag” and “Thank You” had Florian Cloud de Bounevialle Armstrong as a birth name? Thanks Dave K., 7.
7. Stadiums – Crosley Field (and a couple of other names we can’t recall) was the home field of what MLB team? Thanks Dave and Brad, 2 points.
8. Audio clue – a softball involving a “Big Band” from the ’40s. Good thing too, it’s probably the only big band we could name…
9. Infections – By what colorful name is conjunctivitis better known? 5.
10. U.S. landmarks – Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his “I have a dream” speech in front of what landmark? 3 points.
Mystery – which was founded first? Wow what a crapshoot…
1. Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS
2. JC Penney, Macy’s, Hudsons (one of our players works for one of these companies but we still got it wrong)
3. (did not catch all of the choices) Blizzard Entertainment, EA Entertainment and one other company. Got it right anyway.
4. United, American, or Delta Airlines.
50/50 on mystery, missed 2 and 4.

Game leaders going into the final (out of 11 teams)
5. Corn Fritters, 54
4. Miskatonic, 57
3. Full Monty, 60
1 (two way tie) Cool People and Jeff, Your Resume Sucks

Final: #1 albums. Ugh. Wagered zero.
Fleetwood Mac had three #1 albums on the U.S. Hot 100 charts. Name two of them. We came up with one correct one.

After the final:

3. Gentlemen Kangaroos, 71 (moving up from eighth)
2. Money Badgers 73 (moving up from seventh)
1. Cool People and Jeff, 82.

Game two

1. Patriotic songs – what pasta is mentioned in the first verse of “Yankee Doodle Dandy?” 10 points.
2. Golf (ugh) – What female golfer was the first to win five Mizuno Classic golf tournaments? Really? Who knows these things… 1 point down the drain.
3. Islands – what island is divided into provinces named Ulster, Munster, Connaught and Leinster? Our “leprechaun” Brad took this one away for 9.
4. Literature – In what decade was C.S. Lewis’ fantasy series “The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe” first published? No confidence, but got it for 2. Thanks literature major Heb, who remembered that a whole lot of teams guessed this for the final answer in the most recent tournament, which asked for a movie franchise that had characters originating in the ’50s. But she also remembered that he was a contemporary of J.R.R. Tolkien. But not enough other players believed in her, so only 2 points.
5. Anatomy – What is the name for the bone and cartilage wall dividing both nostrils? 8.
6. Presidents – What state boasts the most presidents’ births? A nail-biter, but got it for 7.
7. MTV – From 1998 to 2002, which boxing referee and judge voiced himself on “Celebrity Death Match?” Judging from the lack of cheering, not many teams knew this one. We blew 3 points.
8. Card games – What card game is named for the Spanish word for “basket?” 6 points.
9. Railroads – What does B & O stand for? 5 points.
10. ’00s films – What 2007 film featuring Don Cheadle (hey isn’t his name a Sniglet?) and Adam Sandler and focused on Sandler’s traumatization from losing his family in 9-11? A lot of thought went into this answer, but to no avail, lost our 4.

Visual mystery round, old sports logos, knew 3/4 (thanks Brad!)

Leaders going into the final out of 10 teams:

5. Cool People and Jeff, 52
4. Miskatonic, 53
3. Full Monty, 55
2. Corn Fritters, 56
1. Don’t Forget to Strip Your Bartender (using the alias Less Pants, More Frostbite)

Final category: Academy Awards.

We went for it and wagered 20.

What actor was nominated for acting Oscars eight times, and won a supporting Oscar for the ’55 film “Mr. Roberts” and a best actor win for 1973’s “Save the Tiger?” He also played an uncredited role in a ’00 film with Will Smith, which was his last film appearance. Nailed it! Special thanks to Heb who has been taking lots, and lots of movies quizzes on Sporcle for the past couple of weeks in her attempt to get the “movie critic” badge (which she earned today).

Leading after the final:
3. Your Resume Sucks, 69
2. Cool People and Jeff, 72
1. Miskatonic, 73.

Not a bad “warm-up” game. Go Pods!



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