Trivia Recap Feb. 10, 2015 – Maiz Mexican Cantina


A quartet of ‘Pods decided to visit MAIZ Mexican Cantina Monday for Sporcle Trivia Nights With Rachel Sue. In case inquiring minds want to know, we are not planning to play at our usual spot Wednesday at Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery. Except possibly for game two (if we are able to snag a small table or join in with a needy team). One of our players is celebrating a birthday that day and the 7 o’clock start time just wasn’t going to work. But Cthulhu doesn’t allow us to take vacations, so we switched trivia days. Result? Two second place gift cards/$20 total. Points? You can add, can’t you? Poor listening skills ruined a couple of questions for us. Perhaps we need to get one of those oversized novelty ears like Pee Wee Herman wore in that one scene in “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.” Maybe that will help. Or perhaps we could try paying attention better (cough)?
Game One
1. Family Members: Elizabeth Taylor and Joan Collins have both played live action versions of which animated character’s mother-in-law?
2. Lakes: Which US lake was created more than 7000 years ago by the eruption of Mount Mazama?
3. Slogans: What word completes the tagline used by the American restaurant chain Buffalo Wild Wings: “Wings, Beer, *blank*?”
Dropped our 1. Question – was this question subbed out if the trivia games were being hosted at a Buffalo Wild Wings?
4. Literature – What literary character’s wedding was interrupted when it was revealed the groom was already married to Bertha Mason?
5. Musicals: What is the title of the song from an award winning musical that contains the lyrics: “Start the car/I know a whoopee spot/Where the gin is cold/And the piano’s hot?” We put the title of the movie, not the song. Which sucks, because we would’ve known the song, too (facepalm).
6. 60s TV: Which 1960s TV series made liberal use of a camera angling technique called the Dutch tilt during its drawn out fight scenes?
7. College Nicknames: What is the nickname for the athletic teams at the University of Georgia?’ Brad was the hero here for 7.
8. Architecture: What is the word for the round chamber found directly beneath the dome of the US Capitol? Bonus: Within 5 years, in what year was the building completed?
No team got the bonus. Even our best guess (which was not turned in) was off by 20 years.
9. 90s Movies: Audio clip of 1996 film including a list of things offered from a Frosty Cream
10. Ice Cream: In Ben & Jerry’s flavor Vermonty Python, what animal is used for the shape of the chocolate pieces?
We batted around the possibilities of “rabbit” and “frog” after digging into our Monty Python skit lore a bit. Turns out neither of those were right.
Mystery Round: This Day in History
1. In 1971, this pitcher became the first Negro League veteran to be nominated for the Baseball Hall of Fame
2. In 1960, this international team tennis trophy was contested for the first time between a team from England and a team from Harvard University
3. In 1964, comedian Fred Kaps had the misfortune of following this act on the Ed Sullivan Show.
4. In 1825, the US House of Representatives voted to elect this man as president of the US
Missed #2 and #4 (we were one president off). We are not strong with that time frame of presidents, even if we can name them all. Before Lincoln, it’s all pretty much a blur.
Heading into the final:
Nine teams with scores ranging from 20 to 58. Little Lebowski Urban Achievers led the pack with 58 points, with us trailing them with 53 (that Chicago question kind of hurt us).
Final Category: 2000s Movies
Final Question: Trailers for fictional films titled Scorcher VI: Global Meltdown, Satan’s Alley, and The Fatties: Fart 2 were featured in which 2008 film that resulted in an Academy Award nomination for one of its cast members?
Final standings: Miskatonic U., 73, LLUA 75 (way to bet strategically).
Game Two
1. Movie Posters: One promotional poster for which 1996 film features Woody Harrelson with an American flag covering his mouth?
2. Bingo: On a standard Bingo card, which letter is associated with the number 45?
3. MTV: On the MTV series Jersey Shore, what is the nickname for Sammi Giancola?
Nope. We put “The Situation.”
4. Mountains: K2, the second highest mountain in the world, is located along the border of China and which other country? FB clue.
5. NBA: Which Hall of Fame player is the NBA’s career leader in assists with 15,806? Dropped our 1.
6. Art: Which famous work of art by French sculptor Auguste Rodin features a man sitting on a rock with his head resting in one hand? Art 101.
7. Singers: What male soul singer had hit singles with “I’ll Be Doggone,” “Got to Give It Up,” and “Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)?”
For the second week in a row Heather aces a soul music question. And to think some members of her trivia team think she’s the “whitest” one on the team 🙂 This time we wagered more confidently for 6.
8. Cards: Name the value and suit for one of the three face cards in a standard deck of playing cards that features a one-eyed face. Bonus: Name all three.
Got it, but no nerd point for us.
9. Historical Women: Born Carrie Amelia Moore, what is the better known name of the hatchet-wielding American woman who was a prominent member of the temperance movement that preceded Prohibition? Heather and Brad talked before this question was asked about possible women the question would be about. And the correct woman was one of the ones we mentioned.
10. Rivers: The longest river in which European country shares its name with the red Teletubby? Our second facepalm of the night, as we put the Teletubby’s name, not the country (which we would have known). D’oh!
Visual: Got them all. And album #4 is a good one…
Heading into the final: Nine teams with scores ranging from 34 to 59, with Four Score and Seven Beers leading. We were just two points behind with 57.
Final Category: NFL Players
Final Question: As of the end of the 2014 NFL season, who is the only active NFL player to have recorded at least 120 receptions in a single season twice? We took a chance and wagered zero. It paid off. Only a couple of teams got it right, and one of the teams was ahead of us.
Final Standings: Miskatonic U., 57; Four Score and Seven Beers, 79.
Beer money! Go Pods!

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