Trivia Recap Feb. 13, 2015 – Corner Brewery


It was the trivia night that was not meant to be – yet still happened. An e-mail was sent out to the team letting them know that the plan was NOT to play Wednesday at Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery because we played Monday at MAIZ Mexican Cantina. But a couple of out-of-towners felt the itch for trivia (we hear there’s a powder for it) and so, as Freddie Mercury would say, “The Show Must Go On.” We had a nearly perfect game number one, missing only a three-pointer. But as if to restore balance to the universe, we blew 10 points on QUESTION ONE in game two. The responsible parties have been punished appropriately (cough Brad). On to the questions, thanks to Spaceballs: The Trivia Team for providing the write-up. Our re-cap writer was only present after question three in game two and did not write down any of the questions. If there are any differences between these questions and the ones that were actually asked at our bar, perhaps Your Resume Sucks can comment on it. On to the questions…
Game One
1. Restaurant Chains: Which themed restaurant chain was launched in 1991 with the backing of stars Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Demi Moore, and Arnold Schwarzenegger?
2. European Geography: Name one of the two countries bordering Liechtenstein. Nerd bonus: Name both. Got both thanks to Europe geography maven Brad.
3. Elements: Which element on the periodic table was named after the seventh planet from the sun?
4. Flags: What two colors make up the flag of Israel?
5. NBA Players: Which New York Knicks player ended Kevin Durant’s streak of three consecutive NBA scoring titles when he finished the 2012-13 season with a scoring average of 28.7 points per game?
6. Rock Bands: “Seven Nation Army” and “Icky Thump” were hit singles for which rock group?
7. Musicians: Geddy Lee is most well known for serving as the bassist for which Canadian rock band?
8. The Navy: Which US state is home to the world’s largest navy base?
9. Literary Characters: Which 1819 short story protagonist was based on a Tarrytown, NY schoolteacher named Jesse Merwin, according to the author? Our only miss in this round for 3.
10. Dance: The Rockettes’ signature high leg kicks are based on which dance that originated in France?
Mystery Round: Given a battle involving US forces, name the war
1. Battle of Monmouth
2. First Battle of Fallujah
3. Battle of Franklin
4. Battle of Lake Erie
Sorry, no standings. No re-cap writer. We were in third (or thereabouts) with 64 points.
Final Category: The US Flag
Final Question: In 1795, two stars were added to the original 13 star flag to represent the addition of two new states to the Union. Name one.
We wound up in third. Do not know who took the top two spots. Nice work Brad, Lisa, Kevin and those two guys who decided to help us in game one (strange things were afoot at the Circle K).
Game Two
1. Celebrity Families: Which actor is the oldest son of actor Martin Sheen?
And here’s where we blew our 10 pointer. Which is why Mike, aka “Death Grip On Points Slips” to the Sioux is usually in charge of deciding our wagers. He would not have allowed such a large wager on that question.
2. Olympics: US athlete Tommy Moe won both a gold and a silver medal during the 1994 Olympics in which sport?
3. Plants: What tropical plant was the most common natural source of blue pigment before the era of synthetic chemicals?
4. Additives: What food product and chemical is abbreviated HFCS and is associated with soda pop and packaged foods?
5. NFL Coaches: Which NFL team was coached by Tom Coughlin for the first eight years of its existence? Nerd bonus: Which other NFL team has Coughlin served as head coach? Miss.
6. Song Lyrics: What hit song released in 1989 contains the lyrics: “Glitter on the mattress/Glitter on the highway/Glitter on the front porch?”
7. Nintendo: Which of the following countries was NOT a team option in the US version of the original 1988 Nintendo video game Ice Hockey: Canada, Sweden, Poland, or France? Miss.
8. Sunglasses: What maker of sunglasses did Tom Cruise help promote by wearing Wayfarers in Risky Business and Aviators in Top Gun?
9. Cameos: Which actor made a cameo in the 2004 film Anchorman as Arturo Mendez, the Spanish language news anchor?
10. Science!: Which is the most abundant gas in the atmosphere of Earth?
Visual round: See Spaceballs’ post for the visual round. We missed the one with the guy who we thought looked like Thurgood Marshall. But wasn’t.
Unsure where the rest of the teams ranked because we didn’t write it down. But we were at the bottom (see, we told you this was a trivia game that was not meant to be).
Final Category: High Grossing Films
Final Question: Actor Robin Williams is credited in three films that have grossed at least $200 million at the US box office. Name two of them.
And we got them. And had we not blown that 10-pointer, we would’ve jumped to third (the team that was one spot ahead of us sailed to third). But alas, it was not meant to be. Though one of our players actually studied a list of high-grossing Robin Williams movies after his death last summer (you gotta love it when those little efforts wind up paying off later). Though in this case, it didn’t technically “pay off.” A technicality.
Unsure of the final standings. We will be back to our normal trivia shenanigans next Wednesday. But then we might play Monday too at Maiz because that’s how we roll. And we have beer money to spend there. Go Pods!

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