Trivia Recap Feb. 24, 2015 – Maiz Mexican Cantina


February 24, 2015

It was amateur night as four of us ventured into Maiz Mexican Cantina for Sporcle Trivia Nights With Rachel Monday. I mean, get out – not turning in our newsletter answer slip until after she had already read out the answer? Yup. You read that right. Boy were our faces red… It was an interesting mix of questions, and a visual round that we almost completely flunked (dang SNL anyway). We just didn’t have the “right” player that would have helped us with it. Oh well. Still managed a second place after wagering zero on a final question that only one team managed to get right (go Little Lebowski Urban Achievers for your knowledge of interstate highways!). On to the questions…
Game one
1. Music news – In January, 2015, Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne were both awarded songwriting credits for Sam Smith’s song “Stay With Me” because of its similarity to what 1989 Tom Petty song (audio)?
2. ’90s movies – What was the first film released by Adam Sandler’s “Happy Madison” film company in 1999, starring Rob Schneider? FB clue. Hint – it was NOT the movie pictured with this post, which is fictional, but still something we would probably watch.
3. Tennis – What Las Vegas-born tennis star married fellow tennis star Steffi Graf in 2001?
4. Commercials – Within one, in what year did Jared Fogel begin appearing in ads for Subway? We were too early, a miss for 1.
5. Audio – opening from a early ’80s sitcom featuring Tom Hanks.
6. U.S. History – In 1775, General Thomas Gage offered a pardon to citizens loyal to the British crown with the exception of John Hancock and what other man, most well known for being associated with a popular brand name? Torn between two guys fitting that description, but picked the right one.
7. Country names – The Asian country Myanmar was formerly known by what 5-letter name?
8. Birds – The emu is native to which nation?
9. Poetry – What word describes a long narrative poem about heroic deeds?
10. Emmy awards – Name one of the three series to win primetime emmy awards between 2008 and 2014. For nerd bonus, name both. Amazingly enough considering our team’s lack of TV mojo (see visual mystery round for more about that…), we came up with one – but not both.
Mystery – who is youngest?
1. Youngest child in Brady family?
2. Youngest quarterback to start and win the Super Bowl as of 2015
3. Youngest of the Baldwin brothers
4. Youngest member of the Beatles.
Missed #2. Judging from the groans in the room, we weren’t the only ones missing that one.
We were one of nine teams heading into the final with scores ranging from 38 to 62, with two teams tied for first (one of them was Little Lebowski Urban Achievers, did not catch the other team’s name). We were in the bridesmaid spot with 60 (should’ve been 63, damn that newsletter f— up anyway!).
Final category: Interstate highways
“Interstate 70 runs through central Utah to Baltimore, MD and services four U.S. state capitals. Name three of them.” We took a risk and wagered zero, since Rand McNally happened to be absent that particular night. Paid off, since only one of the teams ahead of us, Little Lebowski Urban Achievers, happened to get it right. Turns out we got it right too, which would have put us in second even if we had wagered 20. Nice when you can get away with the zero bet once in a while, though it burns us more often than it helps us.
Game two
1. State capitals – What is the only two-word state capital that also belongs to a two-word state?
2. Classic actresses – Within one year, how old was Judy Garland when the “Wizard of Oz” was released? For nerd bonus, how old was she exactly? Nailed it.
3. ESPN – What ESPN 2 morning show began airing in 2007 and is hosted by Skip Bayless and Steven Smith? No clue, lost our 1.
4. Alcohol – What country’s flag is featured on bottles of Grey Goose vodka?
5. Nicknames – What is the nickname of boxer Eric Scott Esch, who weighs more than 400 pounds? Brad to the rescue here…
6. Anatomy – The masseter muscle is the strongest muscle in the (multiple choice): a. leg, b. jaw, c. hand, d. why is this easy question multiple choice anyway?
7. ’70s albums – What is the single word title of John Lennon’s 1971 album? Seriously, if you miss this, you should quit trivia. Seriously.
8. Movie quotes – When asked whether he is an owner of a large corporation, who answers by saying, “Yes, we got more money than Davy Crockett?” Took us a little bit, but came up with it.
9. Theaters – What is the name of the London theater used for many of Shakespeare’s plays, which was built in 1599? Nope.
10. Web sites – Launched in 2008, what web site founded by Andrew Mason offers discount cards that can be used locally and nationally? John the computer whiz steps up here.
Missed 1, 3, and 4. Though the right answer for #1 was thrown out for discussion.
Heading into the final: Eight teams with scores ranging form 30-something to 60, with Four Score and Seven Beers taking the top spot.
Final question: Presidents
“Which 19th century U.S. president was the last to have been born in the 18th century, the only president to be born in Pennsylvania, and was a lifelong bachelor?” Wish that last clue was not offered…drat, drat, drat. Four Score and Seven Beers held onto their top spot, and another team (the one we didn’t catch the name of) took second. Until next time (specifically Wednesday), Go Pods!


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