Trivia Recap June 11, 2015


Usually when we post recaps of our trivia games, we use a picture that had some kind of connection to the game. In this case, we are making an exception and posting a photo of the late Christopher Lee, who died June 7. We have nothing but respect for a man who hunted Nazis in World War 2, spoke multiple languages fluently, and recorded multiple heavy metal albums – in his 90s! Oh yes, and he was an actor, too with a lovely deep baritone voice. We would’ve loved hearing him do audio books. RIP Christopher Lee!
As for the game, we posted a perfect game two and won a tiebreaker for first place in that game. Being gun-shy on the wagering in game one kept us from finishing in first for the night. Oh well, no chance for redemption now, is there? Wait, yes there is. The “venue tournament” next week. We have two chances. Will we blow them both? Only Cthulhu knows for sure, and he ain’t telling.
And the questions, thanks to Brian Williams Reporting Live from the Toledo area.
Game One
1. Song Titles: What song originally released in 1979 by The Cure is also the title of a 1999 film starring Hilary Swank?
Hint, it’s not “Killing an Arab” or “Lovecats.”
2. Cereal: Who was the first woman to appear on the front of a Wheaties box?
Boy was she perky…
3. State Songs: Which midwest US state has an official state song titled “Home on the Range?” FB clue.
4. Presidents: In 1947, which US president was the first to have a State of the Union address televised?
5. Aging: How old, in years, is someone who is 10,000 days old?
Math nerds reigned supreme here.
6. NFL Draft: Who did the Pittsburgh Steelers draft first overall in the 1970 NFL Draft? Nerd bonus – what college did he attend? Missed nerd bonus.
7. Actresses: In the 1992 film A League of Their Own, what actress and TV personality played third baseman Doris Murphy?
8. Packaging: What dairy company first introduced its well known butter packaging featuring a native American maiden holding a butter box in 1928?
9. TV Sitcoms: What sitcom that aired from 2003 until 2006 starred Kelly Ripa as one of the title characters? Brad could picture the show, we just couldn’t come up with the name. Sounds terrible, though.
10. Poker: Originally called 3rd Street, 4th Street, and 5th Street, what are the more commonly used terms for the three rounds of betting in Texas Hold ‘Em?
Mystery Round: Dead or Alive (groan)
1. Willie Mays, MLB Hall of Fame center fielder
2. Sydney Pollock, Academy Award winning director
3. Henry Heimlich, inventor of the Heimlich maneuver
4. John Sebastian, founding member of the Lovin’ Spoonful
Missed #1 and #4. Number two was the only one we knew for sure. Should’ve flipped a coin on the other ones!
Heading into the final:
Eight teams with scores ranging from 35 to 63, with the Full Monty leading the group. We were tied for third with Ennui with 61 points.
Final Category: Broadcasting Firsts
Final Question: In 2005, New Mexico State University became the first college in the US to broadcast a football game in which language?
Our ranks were split whether to wager full points on this or wager zero. Two of us wanted to wager full points, the other six wanted the goose egg. We decided to wager five points, which would’ve put us in the lead if we got it right and the teams ahead of us missed it. Turned out a few teams got it right. Fail!
Final Standings: Full Monty, Ennui, Money Badgers. Did not record the points.
Game Two
1. Chess: What American defeated Boris Spassky in the 1972 World Chess Championship? Heather jokingly said when this category was announced, “Wouldn’t it be funny if it’s about the musical?” Someday…someday.
2. Vegetables: What highly nutritious leafy vegetable includes varieties named curly, Lacinato, and red Russian?
Nice work Matt K.!
3. Inventions: The idea for what invention first occurred to Swiss electrical engineer George de Mestral in 1941 when he was pulling burrs off his clothing?
4. 60s Music: “Over and Over,” “Bits and Pieces,” “Glad All Over,” and “Catch Us If You Can” were all top ten Billboard hits in the 1960s for which British rock group: Herman’s Hermits, the Dave Clark Five, the Association, or the Left Bank? We were one of only two teams to get this right, and it wasn’t because of a lucky guess. Nice work at the 11th hour, Archie C.!
5. Newspapers: What is the name of the most circulated daily newspaper in Philadelphia?
And Heather’s newspaper knowledge kicked in here.
6. Movie Trailers: Audio clip from a movie starring Tom Hanks
7. Hats: What type of hat is worn as part of the uniform of the US Army Special Forces?
8. TV Characters: Within one, in what year did Jack Bauer make his debut on the show 24?
Hit it dead on. And the person who knew it never even watched the show 🙂
9. World Leaders: Who succeeded Paul Martin to become Prime Minister of Canada in 2006? Nice work Canada expert Brad N.
10. Animals: How many arms do most species of starfish have?
Visual: them all, thanks mostly to Africa aficionado Heather.
Heading into the final:
Seven teams with scores ranging from 44 to 63, with Cool People and Jeff and Miskatonic U. (playing under the pseudonym Pees, Pods, and Corn) tied for first.
Final Category: Winter Olympics
Final Question: Since 1924, only three cities have served as the host of the Winter Olympics more than once, each of them doing so twice. Name one of them.
During our brainstorming Heather, who didn’t think she could help out with the question, started chatting with Archie about Olympic host cities that had names she thought sounded cool, citing Lillehammer, and Innsbruck. When she said “Innsbruck,” Archie’s eyes got really wide, and he said, “That’s one of them.” Brad agreed, and we went with it. Moral of the story? Even if you don’t think you know an answer, speak up anyway!
Final Standings: Money Badgers, 75; Cool People and Jeff, 83, Miskatonic, 83. We won the tiebreaker on the question below:
Tiebreaker: In what year did the Winter Olympics last begin in January?
Until next time, Go Pods!

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