Trivia Recap June 15, 2015 – ABC Brewpub (Ann Arbor)



We decided to shake up our trivia routine by checking out Sporcle Live Trivia with Martini at Arbor Brewing Company on Sunday. We won two first-place gift cards and had a perfect game one including a “nerd” bonus point. Will we visit the place again? Very likely. The allure of free parking an an early start time (6 p.m.) are definite draws! Plus, a couple of our players who can never make it to Ypsilanti trivia shows or on weeknights are able to come out.
Game One
1. Department Stores – Which department store has used the advertising slogan “Expect Great Things?” Got it, but with no confidence for 1.
2. TV Jobs – what is Phil Dunphy’s occupation on “Modern Family?” Thank you Brad for actually watching that show (because of his slight crush on Sofia Vergara).
3. Weather – In which month do most tornadoes occur in the United States? FB clue.
4. Web sites – Within two, in what year was wikipedia launched? Nailed it and got a nerd point for getting it exactly.
5. Olympic Events – What is the only Olympic martial art in which kicking is allowed? Thanks Kyungjin for chiming in on this one.
6. Movie Villains – What is the name of the character played by Alan Rickman in the movie “Die Hard?”
7. Politicians – Who succeeded Gordon Brown as prime minister of the UK in 2010?
8. Albums – In the ’90s, what American rock band released the albums “Monster,” “Out of Time,” and “Automatic for the People?”
9. Cookies -What color is the “Samoas” Girl Scout cookie box?
10. Planets – What planet in the solar system has teh greatest number of known moons? Nice work, spaceman Mike.
Mystery: Before and After
1. Well known “ring” name of wrestler “Macho Man” and Australian music duo Darren Hayes and Daniel Jones.
2. A 1952 Ernest Hemingway novel and largest lake in Israel
3. A 1963 Lesley Gore #1 hit and drama series airing from 1994 to 2000.
4. A 1996 film featuring the band “The Wonders” and what DNR means in hospital lingo.
Got them all.
Heading into the final: Five teams with scores ranging from ?? (did not write it down but it was below 50) to 67, with us taking the lead with a rare perfect game.
Final category: Hit Songs
What 1969 hit song was revealed by its songwriter in a 2007 interview to be about a president’s daughter? One of the most abused songs in karaoke joints, lol…
Game winners: Stats Camp, 70; Pods, 80 (strategic wager).
Game Two
1. NFL Draft – Before Jameis Winston in 2015, who as the most recent Heisman Trophy winner selected first overall in the NFL draft? For nerd bonus, in what year was he drafted? Great work, Brad, who usually groans when he hears this category…
2. Video Games – What video game franchise has released expansions called “Hot Date,” “Unleashed,” and “Making Magic?” Lucky guess for 2.
3. World Geography – By land area, what is the largest landlocked country in the world?
4. Classic Films – In the 1951 film “The African Queen,” who or what is the African Queen?
5. Elements – what is the only noble gas with a name that does not end in the letter “n?”
6. Nickelodeon TV Shows – What is the name of Clarissa’s annoying little brother on “Clarissa Explains It All?” Not a freaking clue, miss for 3.
7. Singers – What Jamaican-American reggae singer has had hits with “Boombastic” and “It Wasn’t Me?” Apparently it wasn’t Ziggy Marley, miss for 4. Needed a millennial here…
8. ’70s Movies – Audio clue of 1974 comedy film featuring Gene Wilder.
9. Tools – What line of tools and lawn equipment was first registered as a trademark of Sears in 1927?
10. Advertising Mascots – What is the name of the mascot for Starkist tuna?
Visual mystery: Missed #2.
Heading into the final: Six team with scores ranging from 27 to 55, with us taking the lead along with Blue Moon Detective Agency.
Final category: U.S. Geography
After Alaska, Michigan and Florida, name one of the three states with the most total water area.
Game winners: Stats Camp, 58, Pods, 75.

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