Trivia Recap March 5, 2015 – Corner Brewery



Oh what a trivia night Wednesday at Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery. Nineteen teams in game one – some real powerhouse teams in the mix, to boot. We had an utterly awful game one, and a pretty darn good game two – which resulted in us taking third venue place for the second time this week, this time with a $10/second prize for our efforts. Considering our game one and its gut-wrenching badness, we will take it! How bad was it, do you ask? Bad enough for us to change our team name mid-game to “The Suckiest Team That Ever Did Suck.” See the video clip here in case you wondered about the reference only thing that would have saved us (besides knowing the answers to the questions we missed, duh) would have been zero point answer slips. We were also nearly a man down when one of our players, suffering from a pinched nerve in his back, sat out most of the two games on the comfy sofa in the other room. He did, however, help us out on a tough TV question in game two.
Congrats to team Ennui, who previously played at Wolverine, for taking first venue place, and Cool People and Jeff for taking second place. To view the standings, click here
Game One
1. TV Personalities: What TV personality and comedian who passed away in 2014 was born in Brooklyn with the last name Malinsky in 1933?
Picked the wrong comedian who died recently. Would have helped to know the gender of the person…
2. Cereal: The cereal pieces in a standard box of Kellogg’s Apple Jacks are what two colors?
Judging from the groans and the “wtfs” we heard, we were not the only team missing this one.
3. 80s Movies: The 1988 film Heathers centered on the lives of four popular high school girls, three of whom were named Heather. What was the first name of the fourth girl? Nerd bonus: Who played that character?
Helps having a player named Heather on the team who loves that movie…
4. Populations: What city’s metropolitan area is by far the most populous in the world?
Had the right continent, wrong city.
5. Superheroes: What is the super power of the heroine whose alter ego is Susan Richards? Nerds Mike and Brad stepped up here.
6. Singers: For what song did Australian singer Sia receive four Grammy nominations in 2015 including Record of the Year?
Great job, Dave! You were our savior.
7. Athletes: Audio clip of Allen Iverson talkin’ ‘bout “practice.” Had to identify the year within one.
Way off here…
8. Drugs: What drug created by Albert Hofmann in 1938 and introduced commercially during the 1940s is best known for its recreational use during the 1960s? Drugs are bad, mkay?
9. Hollywood Couples: From 1976 until 1982, actress Jessica Lange was in a long-term relationship with what man known for his dancing?
Apparently it wasn’t John Travolta.
10. Folk Heroes: According to legend, what Swiss folk hero and marksman was best known for shooting an apple off his son’s head?
“That’s easy,” as Brad would say.
Mystery Round: This Day in History
1. In 2005, what mogul and TV personality was released from federal prison after serving five months for lying about the sale of a stock?
2. In 1994, what actor died of a heart attack at age 43 while filming the comedy “Wagons East!” in Mexico?
3. In 1952, Who married his second wife, actress Nancy Davis, in Los Angeles?
4. In 1789, the first session of the US Congress convened in which city?
Missed #4, though the right city was discussed.
Heading into the final: Nineteen teams wit scores ranging from 25 to 63, with Cool People and Jeff leading the pack in game one.
Final Category: Documentaries
Final Question: Documentarian Michael Moore has been nominated twice for the Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature, winning in 2002 for Bowling for Columbine. For what other film was he nominated? We bet it all and lost – only one team out of the 19 teams playing got it correct. Shout out to Titanic Swim Team for moving up from sixth to take first place in game one – Your Resume Sucks took second, and Ennui took third.
Game Two
1. Happy Birthday: In what year did Marilyn Monroe famously sing Happy Birthday at John F. Kennedy’s birthday celebration? Nerd bonus: At what famous venue was the celebration held?
Had it narrowed down to two possible years and picked the wrong one. Got the nerd point, though, strangely enough.
2. New TV: What series that premiered on Fox in 2015 stars Rainn Wilson as a Portland police detective with self-destructive tendencies? Yay Mike for deciding to re-join the trivia team at this time and getting it right.
3. Romantic Comedies: What actor and actress star opposite each other as Jamie and Dylan in the 2000 film Friends with Benefits?
Dave was our rom-com expert here…
4. Short Stories: In the short story Rip Van Winkle, Rip awakens and finds whose portrait in place of that of King George in the inn? Nerd bonus: Who wrote Rip Van Winkle? Husband-and-wife duo Mike and Heather teamed up with success for both here.
5. Geology: On average, how thick is the continental crust of the earth: 2 miles, 5 miles, 10 miles, or 25 miles?
6. Rich People: According to Business Insider, who is the wealthiest person in US history with a net worth of $336 billion when adjusted for inflation?
7. Touchdowns: Who holds the records for most passing touchdowns in a Super Bowl with six, setting the record in Super Bowl XXIX?
8. Islands: What is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea that is not owned by Italy?
9. Hip Hop: What hip hop group released the 1989 album Three Feet High and Rising which included the hit single “Me, Myself, and I?”
Heather and Dave all over this one…
10. Stocks: What company trades on the Nasdaq under the ticker symbol PYPL?
Visual: Got them all to wrap up a much better round, see Spaceballs: The Trivia Team‘s post to view the visual round, we could not get the link to work when we typed up this re-cap.
Heading into the final:
Nineteen teams with scores ranging from 20 to 61 points, this time Ennui leading the pack. We finished in second with 60, playing under the pseudonym “Everyone Gets R’lyeh’d.” John M. from Your Resume Sucks wins the obscure pop culture reference award for knowing the non-Lovecraftian reference here 🙂
Final Category: Female Politicians
Final Question: Name one of the five US states that have had two female senators serve on behalf of their state simultaneously.
Final Standings: Cool People and Jeff, 77, Everyone Gets R’lyeh’d (aka Miskatonic U), 80, and Ennui, 81.

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