Trivia Recap May 21, 2015 – Corner Brewery


May 21, 2015 ·



Oh the dreaded “perfect game” curse bewitched us Wednesday playing Sporcle Live Trivia with Kuma at Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery. So what’s this “curse,” you ask? Perfect regular round score topped off by unceremoniously blowing the final question. This is something our team is exceptionally talented at doing! We could give seminars on it. Our mistake did not go unpunished, with us finishing in a pathetic fifth place for the night. A second place win in game one helped take the sting out of that just a bit. And on to the questions…
Game One
1. Theme Songs – what are the first seven words to the “Brady Bunch” theme song? This was one of several questions geared toward an older class of trivia player. We were evenly split along gender lines as to whether the song began describing a “lovely lady” or a “Man Named Brady,” but we hedged our bets with a 1-point slip with success.
2. Legends – According to legend, What island is King Arthur’s final resting place and also the place where his sword Excalibur was forged? Ours was one of only two teams getting this right, according to trivia host Kuma. Mike and John were all over this…
3. Soft Drinks – After its introduction in 1982, Diet Coke quickly replaced what soft drink as the Coca-Cola Company’s most popular diet cola?
4. Fitness – What fitness practice’s name is derived from the Sanskrit meaning “to join?”
5. Michael Jackson – Name one of the two songs off his 1979 “Off The Wall” album to have hit number one. For nerd bonus, name both. Remembered one, but not both. See what we mean about the “older crowd” questions? Not that we are complaining…
6. Novel settings – The title character in “Don Quixote” lives in what region of Central Spain? John the hero here.
7. Directors – Who was the director of the first three movies featuring both Owen and Luke Wilson? Ah, him again? Someone at Sporcle really loves this guy! 🙂
8. MLB Positions – In 2015, after playing his whole career as a sortstop or third base, Alex Rodriguez played what defensive position for the first time? Brad and Archie rocked this one.
9. TV Geography – Which TV series with geographic names aired first? Las Vegas, Nashville, Chicago Fire, or Memphis Beats? Good guess, Archie…
10. Famous women – What American teacher was Helen Keller’s teacher and lifelong mentor?
No misses in questions one through 10 for us. Oh well, there’s always the mystery round to take care of that [spoiler alert]!
Mystery – Add ’em up. Yikes, this theme round can be terrifying…
The sum total of all the numbers in the questions must add up to the number of children on “The Waltons” (see? old person knowledge again…) times the number of theatrically released films in the “American Pie” series. We did not know either of these for sure, so much for our perfect regular round one!
1. Number of times the Orlando Magic appeared the NBA finals as of 2015?
2. Highest number linked to the letter “B” on a standard bingo card?
3. Number of times Susan Sarandon was nominated for a best actress Academy Award in the 1990s?
4. Number in the title of a 1997 film featuring Brad Pitt based on a Heinrich Harrer book?
Missed #1 and #3.
Heading into the final: Twelve teams with scores ranging from 20 to 65, with Cool People and Jeff leading with 65 points. We were right behind them playing under the pseudonym “Doof Warrior Fan Club.” We were one of two teams playing with a “Mad Max” themed name, the other was Ennui, playing under “Mad Facts: Fury Road.”
Final category: Languages
French is an official language in four European countries other than France. Name two of those four countries.
This one was easy for most of the teams playing. Final standings: Biker Gangs are Cool, 81; Miskatonic U., 82, Cool People and Jeff, 83.
Game two
1. Early Roles – What young actor played Forrest Gump Jr. in “Forrest Gump?”
2. Dinosaurs – Of the three geologic periods in which dinosaurs existed on earth, which came first?
3. Logos – What is the occupation of the mascot standing next to Cracker’s Jack’s dog on a Cracker Jack box?
4. Viral videos – Audio clue of popular online video game blurb.
5. Self-titled albums – Which of the following artists or bands did not record a self-titled album? Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, Ariana Grande, or Taylor Swift? Nice guess from John Boy. See? A “Waltons” reference.
6. Head coaches – Who served as head coach of Notre Dame from 1986 to 1996? Archie and Brad teamed up here.
7. Airlines – Northwest Airlines operated for more than 80 years until it forged a merger with what other airline? Nice time for pilot Joel to show up, right?
8. ’80s movies – What is the name of Jennifer Connelly’s character in “Labyrinth?” For nerd point, what is the name of the character played by David Bowie? John slam-dunked both of these.
9. Sitcom characters – From 1964 to 1972, Samantha Stevens appeared as a character on what sitcom? Beginning to see a pattern yet?
10. City nicknames – What Canadian city has the nickname “Cowtown” and “Stampede City?” Brad the man here.
Mystery: them all, topping off a rare perfect regular round for us.
Heading into the final: Eleven teams with scores ranging from 36 to 64, with Doof Warrior Fan Club (aka Miskatonic) and the Money Badgers sharing the top spot.
Final category: Popular Names
According to the Social Security Administration, the top five baby names for females were the same from 2008-2014. Name three of those five names.
We wagered 20 and only came up with two of those…
Final standings: Tyler, 80; Ennui, 81; Cool People and Jeff, 83.

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