Trivia Recap May 7, 2015 – Corner Brewery

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Another packed house on trivia night Wednesday at Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery. Conservative points wagering on both final questions benefited us for one of the questions, but hurt us on the other. Oh well, no reason to shed tears in our beers! Not yet, anyway…
The questions:
Game One
1. Original Names: Which pop rock band originally formed in 1994 as Kara’s Flowers before changing their name and winning the Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 2005?
No freaking clue. But the team next to us got it. When we found out the correct answer, we were like “meh.”
2. Zodiac Signs: What is the western zodiac sign of a person born on Flag Day? Two of Heather’s signature categories – holidays and zodiac signs.
3. Movie Quotes: What character in a 1994 film says “Einhorn is Finkel! Finkel is Einhorn! Einhorn is a man?” Great scene from a great movie…
4. Canada: Eight of the 20 most populous cities in Canada are located in which province? and Canada is one of Brad’s favorite categories.
5. Golfers: Within one, in what year did Tiger Woods record his first PGA victory? Bonus for the exact year.
We missed the window…miss for 2.
6. TV Buddies: On which series did Willie Aames play Buddy Lembeck, the best friend of the title character? Nice work Dave.
7. McDonald’s: What is the name of the coffeehouse style chain owned by McDonald’s that first opened in Chicago in 2001?
A bit of debate, but got it.
8. Novels: According to the title of a 1943 novel by Betty Smith, a tree grows in which New York borough?
9. Fabrics: What synthetic fabric first produced by Dupont was first released to the public in the 1930s? Again, a bit of debate, but got it.
10. Film Industry: Which country is the largest producer of feature length films?
Our newest player Sri is from this nation…
Mystery Round: “Happy” Songs
1. Sheryl Crow, 1996
2. Blood Sweat & Tears 1968
3. REM, 1991
4. Avril Lavigne, 2004
Missed #2 and #4. Mental note – read up on Avril Lavigne. She has been asked about more than once, and we get burned every time. We will keep the commentary from Brian Williams Reporting Liverecap about this: “The most aggravating part of questions like these is the loud music being played while you’re trying to remember a different song.” Amen. This is also one of our pet peeves. Couldn’t the hosts at least play some ambient “elevator” type music during these kind of rounds?
Heading into the final:
Twelve teams with scores ranging from 33 to 62, with the Full Monty taking the lead. We were in a four-way tie for fourth with 59 points. Yes, a four-way tie.
Final Category: US State Flags
Final Question: What is the only US state whose flag contains exactly three stars? The stars represent the three grand divisions of the state: east, middle, and west. We wagered zero on this category, but quickly regretted our decision. D’oh!
Final Standings: Cool People and Harbaugh, 79; Age of Ultron, 79 and Money Badgers, 81. Tiebreaker question: In what year was Tennessee admitted to the union?
Game Two
1. Documentaries: The documentary TV series Hard Knocks produced by NFL Films airs on which TV network? Hate, hate premium cable TV questions. Elitist…
2. Islands: What African country occupies the fourth largest island in the world?
3. What nine-letter word describes a dramatic monologue spoken to one’s self? We initially wrote “yammering” but crossed it off. We are smart asses… A Toledo bar had this question instead:
Drummers: Since 1990, Tré Cool has been the drummer of what band?
And we are glad this wasn’t our question.
4. Fight Songs: Audio clip of the most recognizable college fight song in the world. Includes the lyrics “Wake up the echoes cheering her name.” Some rabid U of M fans booed upon hearing this song by a rival college football team. To calm the masses, trivia host Kuma played “Hail to the Victors” after playing the other fight song twice. Yup.
5. Festivals: South by Southwest, a series of music and film festivals, occurs annually in what Texas city? Nerd bonus for naming the decade in which the first festival occurred, which we missed.
6. Royalty: Which son of Queen Elizabeth II did Sarah Ferguson marry in 1986 and divorce in 1996? Heather’s ’80s pop culture mojo kicked in here.
7. Academy Awards: How many different people received Academy Award nominations for their acting roles in the 1997 film Good Will Hunting?
What? He got an acting nomination? No way. Yup, we didn’t even think about him getting nominated. Really? Hm…
8. Albums: Name one of the three albums released by the Beastie Boys before the year 2000 that reached #1 on the Billboard 200 chart.
This is usually a “Dave” category, but he left after game one. Heather stepped up for the win here.
9. Short Lived TV: What short lived airline themed drama starring Christina Ricci aired on ABC from 2011 until 2012?
10. Animals: What animal has both the longest tail and highest blood pressure of any land mammal?
Nice animal instincts, Brad.
Visual: Missed #4.
Heading into the final:
11 teams with scores ranging from 34 to 64, with Cool People and Jeff taking the top spot. We were in fifth with 58 points.
Final Category: Same Name
Final Question: Give the first name shared by each of the people described: a co-founder of the sixth most visited website in the world, the head coach of the 1987 NCAA Division I football national champions, and the musician whose Rock and Roll Hall of Fame biography says that he is “arguably the greatest instrumentalist in rock music?”
The word “instrumentalist” kind of confounded us a bit. It made us think of someone who composes instrumental music, like Phillip Glass or Henry Mancini. I know we can’t quibble about quoted material, but had they said “guitarist” instead, it would have sounded some bells in our brains. Oh well.
Final Standings: Your Resume Sucks won a tiebreaker for third place, and Cool People and Jeff took first prize. Unsure who came in second place. There was a tiebreaker for third place. Anyone else remembering the top three, please indicate so in the comments and we will edit this post. Thanks!
Tiebreaker: In what year was the Boeing Company founded in Seattle, Washington?
Until next time, Go Pods!

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