Trivia Recap Aug. 24, 2015 – ABC Brewpub (Ann Arbor)


We continued our “mediocre” streak on trivia night Sunday at Arbor Brewing Company in downtown Ann Arbor for Sporcle Trivia Nights With Charlie. We have gotten into the habit lately of winning quite a few second-place gift cards at Arbor’s “sister” operation in Ypsilanti, Corner Brewery, but broke that streak by taking a (get your debrillator ready) first place $25 gift card for game two. Maybe we just got lucky with questions geared toward old fogeys, but maybe our “leprechaun” Brad helped just a bit, too! We still finished in second overall for the night, trailing What The Shibboleth by just three points. Well played, well played… But since we’ve been on some fantastically horrible losing streaks in this chaotic game, we can’t complain! One our newer players, Sri, talked to a player from another team recently. When she told them who we were, they said, “Oh, they’re that team who wins all the time, aren’t they?” Aw, shucks…that depends on what you mean by “win,” but we appreciate it if we inspire a slight feeling of trepidation among our competitors. Perhaps even heartburn, or slight unease. But we won’t go as far as to say (ahem…) FEAR. That word has been all but copyrighted by one of our favorite wily competitors More Beer Less Pants, and one day, we may have to pay them a nickel or whatever every time we use their catchphrase. Kind of like Paris Hilton and saying “That’s Hot.” Damn, we have to pay HER now.
On to the questions…
1. Sports Movies – What MLB team featured characters Jake Taylor, Ricky Vaughn and Roger Dorn?
2. Drinks – What brand of beverage has varieties including Elevate, Traction, and Lightning? Thank you Sporcle for providing that as a clue, otherwise we would’ve had none.
3. Vice Presidents – Who served as vice president under President Gerald Ford?
4. Mythology – According to Egyptian mythology, Ra is the God of what? Nice work, Mike. And you got your wish – an Egyptian mythology question on trivia night! 🙂
5. Comedians – audio clue of famous comedian who once burned himself very badly by trying to freebase drugs.
6. U.S. cities – The 64-story U.S. Steel Tower is the tallest building in what U.S. city?
7. Hit Songs – Name 1/2 singles from the Eminem album “Recovery” to hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts? Nope, “I had a Shitty Mom” and “I used to Get Beaten Up in School” were not correct. Miss for 1.
8. Math – What number comes after 13 in the Fibonacci sequence? One of our other players John probably would have been very helpful on this one. Alas, a miss for 3.
9. Advertising Icons – The body of Fruit Loops icon Toucan Sam is primarily what color?
10. NASCAR – *Yes, we LOVE having categories such as these for the last categories of the game, after most teams have probably burned off the low point slips.* What driver won five consecutive Sprint Cups from 2006 to 2010? Yup, a miss for 5.
Mystery: Anagrams – each anagram given will spell out the stage name of a professional wrestler. Ugh…
Missed 1, 2, and 4.
Heading into the final: 13 teams with scores ranging from 28 to 60, with Ann Arbor is a Nice, Respectable Lady taking the top spot. We suspect it was a league team playing under a pseudonym, but we are unsure which one. We were tied with two other teams in fifth with 51.
Final category: Star Trek Films – A lot of teams rushed up their wager slips very quickly for this one.
Place the following Star Trek films in order, based on when they were first released:
The Undiscovered Country
The Wrath of Khan
The Voyage Home
The Search for Spock
Yup, we were able to keep our “nerd cards.” We wound up tied for second with Apollo 13, yada, yada, yada, and we lost a tiebreaker about NASCAR, mainly because we misunderstood the question. Had the question been read aloud so that all of our team members could hear it, rather than simply be relayed to the team by another player, we may have had a better shot at getting it. If teams are allowed to confer on the answers anyway, then why not read it over the speaker so that all team members can hear it? Rant over… Oh well..congrats to Ann Arbor is a Nice Respectable Lady and Apollo 13 for taking first and second prizes in game one.
Game Two
1. Nursery Rhymes – In the nursery rhyme “Rub a Dub Dub,” who were the three men in the tub? What happens in the tub, stays in the tub…Mike and Brad – nice work!
2. In the News – What woman and former vice president for Hewlett Packard announced her candidacy as a Republican for president?
3. Classic Rock – what Pink Floyd song shares its named with a 1975 album of the same name? Heather nails this one.
4. Commercials – Pink, Sofia Vergara, and Katy Perry have all been spokeswomen for what cosmetics brand? We only had one female, and she hasn’t been a regular makeup wearer since high school. Still got it for low points.
5. NHL Mascots – “Mick E. Moose” is the mascot for what Western conference NHL team? Damn, we thought we had such a good guess. And what the f— does a moose have to do with a jet, anyway? Someone in the back of the room yelled “Who Cares” after the answer was read. Miss for 4.
6. Academy Awards – Name one of the two films for which Sally Field won the Oscar for best actress. For nerd bonus, name both. Got ’em.
7. Treaties – Which of the following countries was not one fo the eight nations involved in the Warsaw Pact? Poland, Soviet Union, Yugoslavia, or Romania?
8. Snakes – the highly venomous Black Mamba snake is native to which continent?
9. Daytime TV – Clumsy Thumbsy, In your FACEbook and Tony Karaoke are all segments of what daytime TV program? Nope, definitely not on our radar…miss for 1.
10. Islands – The Channel Islands are off the coast of which U.S. state? Considered right answer but did not write it down. Miss for 2.
Mystery: them all. Dang it is great being old on trivia night sometimes…
Heading into the final: 13 teams with scores ranging form ??? to 57, with us taking the lead.
Final category: Large Countries
Name one of the two largest countries by total area in Africa that have exactly five letters in their common English names.
Heather started writing down names of large countries when the category was read. Turns out Africa is one of her “pet” categories, so an easy question for us.
Final standings; Corn Fritters, 76, Miskatonic U., 77. Way to keep it in the Ypsilanti “family!” Go Fritters! Go Pods!

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