Trivia Recap Aug. 6, 2015

A quintet of ‘Pods took on the Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery trivia scene Wednesday. At this early point in the season, it could still be anyone’s game! Even with us having missed the first two games, we could still potentially snag the second or third place spot. It’s not quite as competitive as it has been in the past, but still a nice rousing trivia spot to try to snag those ever-coveted gift cards. Speaking of, we wound up taking one second place gift card in game one after losing out on first on a tiebreaker question about balls. Yes, balls. We said balls. And we will elaborate on that later.
Game One
1. Nursery Rhyme Characters: What arachnophobic character sat on a small footstool or a low seat?
2. Classic Commercials: In a classic commercial for what company is a boy holding a fishing rod and singing “My bologna has a first name?”
3. ER: Which of the following actors was not part of the main cast of ER during the last season: Mekhi Phifer, John Stamos, Maura Tierney, or Shane West?
Miss for 1.
4. Song Lyrics: According to the lyrics, what Beatles title character came equipped with a gun to shoot off the legs of his rival?
And Heather commenced singing this song…
5. Balls: What company supplies the official balls for the NBA? There, we said balls again! And guessed the wrong brand. Oh how we wish the re-racks would come back!
6. Mythology: Name one of the two parents of Pegasus according to Greek mythology. Bonus for both.
Normally mythology is a fairly strong category for us. Not tonight, a loss for 2.
7. Comic Book to Movie: What comic book series by James O’Barr first published in 1989 was adopted into a 1994 film of the same name?
Nice work, John! We were one of only two teams getting this one right.
8. Zip Codes: Which US building famously has its own zip code (10118)? We blew our 6 pointer here by guessing a five-sided government building instead.
9. Steel: What element is added to steel to make it stainless steel?
10. Tours: Which former American Idol contestant has toured with the surviving members of Queen in 2012 and again in 2014 and 2015?
Mystery Round: Crosswords
1. 5 letters – Days, Feet, or a Sandler character
2. 4 letters – 2014 Billboard Hot 100 #1 hit
3. 9 letters – Entertainment, recreation, or a type of park
4. 6 letters – A Toronto NBA player
Missed #2. We put down a guess of “Stay.”
Heading into the final:
Nine teams with scores ranging from (???) to 52, with us sharing the lead with the Money Badgers. Yes, it was a rough round! We played under the pseudonym “Arby’s: We have the Squids.”
Final Category: Presidents
Final Question: During the 20th century, nine consecutive US presidents had military experience of varying degrees. Name the first and last presidents in this group of consecutive presidents.
And Heather’s famous hastily-written and heavily abbreviated presidents list comes to the rescue yet again… The top three teams wound up all getting this one right.
Final Standings: Full Monty, 67 (moved up from sixth), Miskatonic U., 72, Money Badgers, 72. A tiebreaker question decided the game winner – we had to identify the year in which the Spalding ball company was founded. Money Badgers were closest to the correct year of 1876 with their guess of 1903, we guessed 1915.
Game Two
1. Expansion Teams: Prior to the Houston Texans in 2002, what was the NFL’s last expansion team? This happens to be Dave’s favorite NFL team and we missed it (hangs head in shame)!
2. Artists: Audio clip of an interview with an artist. Mentioned NYC.
3. Languages: Name two of the three languages used by characters in Mel Gibson’s 2004 film The Passion of the Christ. Bonus for all three.
Ancient languages expert Mike stepped in here.
4. TV Replacements: What TV series replaced main character Mike Flaherty mid-series with Charlie Crawford?
No clue…
5. Business Terms: What 11 letter L word is used to describe the process by which a defunct company’s assets and properties are redistributed?
6. Tourism: What popular site located in County Cork, Ireland is home to the Stone of Eloquence, also known by another name? Our leprechaun Brad was the hero here.
7. Solo Careers: After embarking on a solo career, what singer had #1 hits with “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” and “Touch Me in the Morning” in the early 1970s?
Heather again for her second music question of the night.
8. Rulers: The House Grimaldi has ruled what small country almost continuously since the 13th century? Nice Brad!
9. 70s Movies: What type of court case is at the center of the plot in the 1979 film Kramer Vs. Kramer? We put “child custody” instead of the more common answer, yet still got credit.
10. Pageants: Before becoming an Academy Award winning actress, who came in second in the 1986 Miss USA pageant, representing the state of Ohio? Miss.
Visual: got them all. See Brian Williams Reporting Live to view them.
Heading into the final:
Ten teams with scores ranging from 31 to 62, with Don’t Forget to Strip Your Bartender taking the top spot. We were in fourth with 57 playing under the pseudonym “Popeye’s Soul Nibblers: Louisiana Fast.” Or something like that…
Final Category: Soundtracks (ugh). A bit of debate as to how to wager. The majority wanted to wager zero. We decided to wager six points instead. Why? Strategy. Strategy that wound up failing…
Final Question: The soundtrack for the 1998 film City of Angels includes two songs that reached the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Name one of the bands or artists who recorded these songs.
Dave wound up making a correct guess based on naming a “douchey band from the late ’90s.” Face palm…
Money Badgers, 79; Ennui, 80, Don’t Forget to Strip Your Bartender, 82.

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