Trivia Recap Nov. 11, 2015 – Heidelberg


Four ‘Pods visited The Heidelberg for the first time Tuesday. It was hands down the absolute strangest place we have ever played. Besides that time we played in a Moose Lodge…but we digress. Trivia was in the basement, or “Rathskeller,” which had a very European vibe, but was very, very dark. And since it was a basement, one could smell the slight smell of…dank. A non-operating smoke-eating machine was mounted in the middle of the ceiling, harkening back to the days when people could still smoke in bars. We can only imagine how stifling things could get in a room such as this with cigarette smoke added to the atmosphere (those smoke eating things can only do so much). It kind of reminded us of that scene in “Inglourious Basterds” where they were all in a basement tavern playing that game where they stuck playing cards to their heads. As for the perks of playing here? Pitchers of drinkable (not just swill) beer for just $5. Three of us easily shared two pitchers of oatmeal stout. And the German entrees, which can run close to $20 a plate, were all HALF off. If you like German grub, fuhgeddaboutit! John was happy with his schnitzel or braten or whatever it was he ordered and even happier it was half off. And just one more thing making this place strange? The prize money comes in the form of a gift card to Sabor Latino, a taco joint next door. Trivia host Josh suggested visiting them on “Taco Tuesday” for dollar tacos. The $30 we won could buy quite a few tacos. Better bring a wheelbarrow…Now let’s bring this Yelp review to a close and get on to the questions already, right? Spoiler – first round was very, very rough. Second round got a bit better. Representative ‘Pods included Heb, Mike, John and Geoff.
1. Drinks – Which brand-name drink saw sales plummet in 1999 after a European girl turned orange and yellow after drinking too much of it? Doozy. No teams got it. Anyone else think of Violet Beauregard from “Willy Wonka?” Miss for 1.
2. Racetracks – In what state would you find the Darlington Raceway, nicknamed the Lady in Black, which is described as being “too tough to tame?” Came close, picked wrong Carolina. Miss for 2.
3. TV Moms – Doris Roberts is most well known as the mom of what title TV character featured on a sitcom that aired between 1996 and 2005? Good guess for 3. Missed nerd bonus for not knowing her character’s name.
4. International Food – In Indian cuisine, which two essential vegetables comprise aloo gobi? Correct for 10.
5. James Bond – Cheryl Crowe performed the theme song on what James Bond film? Heb and John worked together here, but ultimately were just one film off. Miss for 6. Ouch…
6. Organizations – What organization’s roots can be traced back to its founding in the 1960s when it protested nuclear testing?
7. Playing cards – How many eyes are visible on the Jacks in a standard set of playing cards? Nice work, Mike…
8. City names – What northern European capital city originally took its name from the Dutch for “Merchant’s Harbor?” We put Stockholm. Miss for 5.
9. Computers – In the 1968 film “2001: A Space Odyssey” what is the three-letter name and four-number designation of the film’s villain? Mike protesting: “Hal is NOT a villain. He is a slave.” Seriously, don’t get him started on this… šŸ™‚ Earned a much needed 8 points.
10. Doctors – Republican president Rand Paul is a doctor who specializes in what part of the body? Good job, Mike…7 points.
Mystery: Thirds
1. Who is the third president of the United States? Duh….
2. What is the subtitle of the third installment of “Night at the Museum?
3. What is the third novel in the “Song of Fire and Ice” trilogy by George R.R. Martin, which begins with Game of Thrones?
4. After the Green Bay Packers won the first two Super Bowls back to back, what AFL team won the third Super Bowl?
Missed 2, 3, 4. Suck…
Heading into the final:
We thought this was speed dating, 39; Ten Points, 42; Miskatonic U., 46, What the Shibboleth, 47; Then, Now… 51 and Think Trauma, 53. Rough, rough round. Across the board.
Final category: Musical Solo Artists
What female solo artist was the first woman inducted into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame, having accomplished this feat in 1987? Considered a few women here. But who came to the rescue? Geoff “aka I grew up without television and don’t know anything about pop culture.” Yup. Too bad the category scared us and we wagered nada. Worked out OK…
Final standings: Miskatonic U., 46; What the Shibboleth (???) did not write down score. But we were second with $10 taco/margarita money.
Game Two
1. Measurements – In U.S. units of measurements, how many pounds are in a ton? An easy 10.
2. Universities – Which MAC athletic team is nicknamed the Red Hawks? Interestingly enough. a MAC football game happened to be on at the same time (Go Chippewas!). Unfortunately it didn’t help us come up with the right answer. Miss for 1.
3. Comic Strips – First published in 1999, what comic strip features a human named Rob and two pets named Satchel and Bucky? Mike again for 9 points.
4. Athletes in movies – Former NFL player Bubba Smith appeared in what six-movie series as Moses Hightower? We laughed after hearing this question. Players at the table next to us gave us blank stares. Bet they didn’t know the answer. More for us, 8 points.
5. Canada – In terms of total area, what Canadian province is largest? For nerd point, what province is smallest? Got the nerd point, not the points. Miss for 4. Damn, Brad, we needed you in this game! šŸ™‚
6. Audio clue: 1964 movie musical. I could have triviad….all night…
7. Chess – In chess, what is the minimum number of moves a pawn can make in order to be promoted to queen? Nice teamwork, Mike, Geoff, John.
8. TV Stars – In 2010, True Blood’s Stephen Moyer married which of his co-stars? Thanks, FB for providing this clue, otherwise we would’ve had none.
9. Brand names – Created in 1879, the brand name Ludens is most well known for what?
10. Latin – What Latin phrase that most people carry in their wallets translates to “One out of many?”
Mystery: Missed two of them, unsure which two.
Heading into the final: Thinktron 5000, 45; Speed Dating, 48; Ten Points Griffindor, 49; Then Now (??) and What the Shibboleth, 53; Miskatonic U., 60.
Final category: U.S. Government
Of the 15 U.S. federal executive departments still in existence today, only one began operations in the 1970s. Name it.
Bet 20 this time around and got it (this one was all Heb, now if only they would have listened right away instead of trying to talk her out of it, tsk tsk…scolding over).
Final standings; What the Shibboleth, Miskatonic U. We finished in second for the night behind WTS, which was represented by just one player. We call this being a “solo artist.” Nice work! Playing with yourself can be very lonely. That’s the power of words, kids! Of course we meant “playing BY yourself.” So immature… Until next time, which will be MAIZ Mexican Cantina for Sporcle Live with Rachel Sue (see, we said we’d be back!) next Monday. Go Pods!

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