Trivia Recap Nov. 19, 2015 – Corner Brewery


We brought a lean ‘n mean trio of ‘Pods to a packed Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery Wednesday for Sporcle Live Trivia with Kuma. Sixteen teams ranging in size from 2 to 13 players each battled it out for gift cards and street cred. OK, maybe not street cred, but gift cards, for sure. We walked away with one second place/$10 prize in game one – the final question managed to stump a good number of the teams. We really, really love it when that happens and we get the answer right! It doesn’t happen very often for us, so we shall savor that like Cthulhu savors his Kraken dark rum. Wait? We’re not getting paid to plug Kraken rum? Oh well. Drink Kraken rum for Cthulhu anyway! Pods in attendance were Heb, Mike and Brad for game one, and John joined in on the fun in game two. On to the questions…
1. Waterways – Opened in 1869, the Suez Canal reduced ship travel between Europe and Africa by connecting what two seas? And we love it when Brad says “That’s easy,” 10 points to start.
2. Hotels – What hotel chain has advertised using its “Stay Smart” campaign using ordinary people? Heb got this for 3.
3. Real-life couples – What 1996 film based on a Roald Dahl book featured actors Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman as parents of a child prodigy? Nine points.
4. Proverbs – According to Ben Franklin, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man” what? We put down “Boring as hell” but crossed it off and put the right answer for 9.
5. Broadcasting – Audio clue of some guy whose voice we didn’t recognize. Some sportsing figure of some sort named Kurt? Blew our 1.
6. TV debuts – Within two, in what year did Magnum PI, Bosom Buddies and 321 Contact all debut? Heb got this one within 2,(though she tried to nail it dead on). No nerd point, but lots of groans heard throughout the room, maybe it was a stumper. Oh well, more for us, 4 points.
7. Constellations – Which of the modern constellations is represented by a water snake? Carina, sculptor, hydra or lyra? Mike steps in for 7 points.
8. Hip-hop groups – What hip-hop trio featured Lauryn Hill, Wyclef Jean and Pras Michael? Our rap music guy Dave was absent, perhaps he would have known it. Miss for 2.
9. Actresses – What actress appeared in Dazed and Confused, You’ve Got Mail and four films directed by Christopher Guest? Heb could picture this actress – “She was the uptight yuppie woman who owned the weimeraner in Best in Show,” She also remembered her from “O in Ohio” where her character had an affair with Danny DeVito’s character. Damn, she just couldn’t come up her name, we put down Catherine O’Hara, who also appeared in four Guest films even though we knew it was incorrect. Brought back a memory from playing at B-dubs in Ypsilanti with Sporcle Live with Wild Bill in 2012, when we put down “that fat guy from Jurassic Park” as an answer when Wayne Knight’s name escaped us. He told us later that he actually gave us credit for it (thanks, btw). Ugh….so frustrating when this happens. Oh well, moving on…dropped the 6.
10. Famous names – What American businessman set multiple speed records with the H-1 Racer and the Hercules? Correct guess for 5.
Mystery: Five-letter countries
1. African nation home to the Darfur War region.
2. One of two countries making up the island Hispaniola.
3. Asian country whose capital is Kathmandu
4. Primary setting of the 2015 film “The 33.”
Missed #4.
Heading into the final: Sixteen teams with scores ranging from 25 to 67, with Money Badgers taking the top spot. We were in eighth with 56 points.
Final category: Oscar-Winning Films
Since 1969, five films have won the Oscar for best picture that have names of real people in the titles and feature characterizations of those people in them. Name three of those films. Our Oscars expert came up with two right away, and Brad chimed in with a third (thus saving our Oscars expert the trouble of writing out her list).
Final standings: Your Resume Sucks, 68; Miskatonic U., 76, and Money Badgers, 87 (way to hang on to the lead, guys!).
Game Two
1. Duets – Who sang four duets with Tammy Terrell in the 1969s that reached the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 charts? Not a clue, miss for 1.
2. Magazine covers – What actress appeared with her newborn son on the first issue of TV Guide in 1953? Heb and Brad for 10 points.
3. SCIENCE! – What color will neutral litmus paper turn with a PH of above 8.3? Agonized a bit, but got it for 3.
4. Stocks – What company trades under the ticker symbol RDS? Brad with right answer for 9.
5. Pitchers – What MLB pitcher who spent 15 seasons with the San Diego Padres is second on the list for total career saves? Notes were fuzzy here, someone chime in if they think this is wrong. Funny story – one of our players Geoff is a San Diego native. He played at the Arena Tuesday with some faculty/students and said he had a tiebreaker question about the Padres. He’s happy to have any questions about the Golden State and his favorite MLB team! We like having a California guy on the team since so many questions about his state have been coming up lately. Too bad he was absent, we missed this for 4.
6. Scandals – Before resigning following a “sexting” scandal in 2011, Anthony Weiner represented what state in Congress? Heh, we said “weiner…”
7. 2000s Movies – Actor Don Cheadle was nominated for the best actor Oscar for what 2004 film? Heb for 5.
8. Gaming – Which company known for its popular video game systems came first? Atari, Sega, Sony, or Nintendo? Video game guy John for 2.
9. Music Records- What 2015 single by Adele became the first single to sell 1 million digital copies in a single week? Not totally sure of the wording here, but we didn’t have a clue anyway…miss for 7.
10. Daredevils – Evel Knievel attempted a jump over what river using a steam powered rocket?
Mystery: Sorry no visual round…couldn’t pull it up. Technical difficulties…
Heading into the final: Fourteen teams with scores ranging from 23 to 64, with Two Trivias to Paradise taking the top spot. We were tied for sixth with Misjudged Farts at 52 points.
Final category: Congress
Seven U.S. states are represented by only one seat in Congress. Of those states, which is the most populous, at just under 1 million people, as of the 2010 Census? We were very close on this one, but didn’t get it.
Top spots: Johnny Five is Alive, 57, Corn Fritters (moved up from eighth with a strategic bet of 11, we approve of this strategy!); and Misjudged Farts, 72.
We will be back at Corner Brewery next week for trivia with visiting family from out of town. One of our players can’t spend Thanksgiving with the family because they have to work, so trivia with family will have to do. And leftover pie (yum!). Go Pods!

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