Trivia Recap Nov. 24, 2015 – Maiz Mexican Cantina


November 24, 2015

Posted one of our highest-scoring nights of the past year Monday at MAIZ Mexican Cantina playingSporcle Live with Rachel Sue, winning one first place and one second place prize and 164 points. Of course, the points don’t technically count right now during this off season (figures)! Before the game began, trivia host Rachel Sue looked around and said aloud, “I guess the ‘pantsless” team isn’t playing tonight.” Looks like she missed seeing you guys, More Beer Less Pants!
Representative ‘Pods this time were Heb, Mike, Brad and Dave K. We missed just one mystery round question in game one, but for reasons we can’t quite fathom, those two lousy points seemed more meaningful to the responsible person than the seven points the same person blew last week on that Magellan question. But we’ll get more into that later. On to the questions…
Game One
1. ’60s Hits – In a 1964 hit song by Jan & Dean, they sang about a “Little Old Lady From” where? An easy 10 points.
.2. Words – What term is used to describe words imitating the sounds they describe such as “buzz” and “cuckoo?” Nine points.
3. Comedies – What actor played sleazy private detective Pat Healy in “There’s Something About Mary?” Dave and Heb all over this one, 8 points.
4. Tennis – In 2006, the United States Tennis Center was rededicated in honor of what woman player? Heb’s educated guess correct, but with no confidence, 1 point.
5. Actors – Actor Michael Landon appeared in three television series in which he appeared in more than 100 episodes. Name one of those series, name two for nerd point. Got both, but could also name all three.
6. Government – In what decade was the Social Security Act passed by Congress and signed by the President? Dave remembered reading about this recently, 6 points.
7. World capitals – Which Asian city’s capital is closest to the Indus River – China, Pakistan, India, or Iran? Got it for 2.
8. Audio clue of an airline commercial. Got it for 3.
9. Film Settings – Astoria, Oregon is the primary setting of what 1990 film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger? Five points.
10. Outer Space – What short-period comet, which was last visible from earth in 1986, will become visible again in 2061? And Heb stepped into Mike’s space territory here for 4.
Mystery: On this day in history
1. 1959 – Prisoner Robert Stroud was released from solitary confinement at what prison?
2. 1984 – Boston College defeated Miami on a 64-yard touchdown pass as time expired on a pass by what quarterback?
3. 2012 – What actor known for playing an astronaut on “I Dream of Jeannie” died at age 81?
4. 1804 – What future president was born in New Hampshire?
Missed #4, and our president expert was very, very upset. “I’m supposed to know this stuff…” But we all have incorrect answers stories involving players behaving badly, don’t we? Though there is no crying in trivia (at least not on our team), there is occasionally sulking, pouting, whining, walking home mid-game after blowing a 10-point answer, etc. Uh, not that any of our players have ever, ever engaged in such behavior (looks to the side and whistles). Big props to Dave for doing his best boxing coach impression and keeping Heb in the fight, lol! He really does help keep the mood up! We thank you heartily for that 🙂
Heading into the final: Ten teams with scores ranging from 40 to 65, with Miskatonic U. (us) taking the lead. Gobias Industries was right behind us with 63 points.
Final Category: ’90s Films
What was actor Tim Allen’s highest-grossing film released in the ’90s that was not part of the “Santa Clause” or “Toy Story” franchises? Arrived at this one fairly easily. Recap picture is from the correct movie. We were torn between using Sigourney Weaver’s photo or one of Natalee Holloway, who figures into the second final question (in a tenuous way, of course). We chose Sigourney Weaver as a nod to the sci-fi loving followers of our page and because of her legacy as Ripley, among other iconic “strong female” roles.
Game leaders: Gobias Industries, 83; Miskatonic U., 85.
Game Two
1. SNL – Dating back to the very first episode, what is the longest-running recurring sketch on SNL? Wow, an SNL question correct? Six points.
2. Literary Characters – Which AA Milne character was named after the author’s own son? Ten points.
3. Computers – What does the letter “B” stand for in BASIC programming? Incorrect guess, but then no teams got it right, 6 points.
4. Hit Singles – The 2002 single “Complicated” first charted on the Billboard Hot 100 charts by what singer? Dave for 9.
5. SCIENTISTS! – Frenchman Antoine Lavoisier is considered the father of what branch of science? Three points.
6. Quarterbacks – What team did Doug Williams lead to victory in Super Bowl 22 in January, 1988? Eight points.
7. Historic Sites – The Edgar Allan Poe National Historic Site is located in Richmond, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, or New York? Seven points.
8. Animated Films – The Parr family is central the plot of what 2004 animated film? For nerd point, what was the name of the family’s youngest child? Got both for 4.
9. Netflix – The Netflix drama Narcos, which debuted in 2015, is a serialized portrayal of what Colombian drug kingpin? Dave for 2.
10. Household Products – What San Diego-based company shares its name with a water-penetrating water-displacement spray? One point.
Visual Mystery: Got ’em all.
Heading into the final: Seven teams with scores ranging from (???) to 61, with Gobias Industries taking the top spot. We were tied with Tequila Mockingbird for second with 59 points.
Final Category: Song Lyrics
Among the geographic places mentioned in the Beach Boys’ song “Kokomo,” which one is farthest south? We eventually agreed on the one Heb described as “the place where Natalee Holloway met her maker after having Jell-O shots eaten off her navel.” So in exchange for us not using her picture with the re-cap, we give you that mental image instead. Seriously, we have no taste whatsoever….And that guess was right.
Game winners: Miskatonic U., 79; Gobias Industries, 61. We will be playing Wednesday at Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery with some special guests. Until next time, Go Pods!


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