Trivia Recap Nov. 26, 2015


November 26, 2015

Top trivia prize at Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery? A $20 gift card. Average cost of a pint of beer? About $5. Getting your extremely camera-shy big brother to smile in more than one photo (while being completely sober)? Priceless. Yes, it was a warm fuzzy night of Sporcle Live Trivia with Kuma Wednesday, where we blew multiple big-points questions without cares but just all around had a great time. Though we love winning and playing competitively, sometimes it is fun to just shrug off the mistakes and hang out. Regular ‘Pods in attendance were Heb, Mike R., Brad and John; and special guests included Mike, Mel and Anabel N. and John’s guest Anna. A record! Four female players in a ‘Pods game! On to the questions…
1. Fireworks – What 12-letter word is derived from Greek for “fire” and “craft?” An easy 10 points.
2. Company mascots – In addition to a hat, what other accessory is worn by Starkist’s mascot Charlie the Tuna? For nerd bonus, what color is his hat? Missed both for 9.
3. Beatles Lyrics – What seven words follow the opening title lyric of “Yesterday?”
4. Family Guy – Audio clue of Jewish supporting character who owns a pharmacy. Nailed it for 7.
5. Art Galleries – the National Gallery of Art is located in what U.S. city? Heb’s educated guess correct, but only for 1.
6. MLB Pitchers – Roger Clemens pitched for what MLB team in between two stints with the New York Yankees? Wrong guess for 6. We were missing a couple of our “sports guys,” who probably would have gotten this right. Oh well (shrugs). Mike N. and Brad still made what we thought was a good guess, nice try, guys!
7. ’80s Movie Characters (yay!) – What was the full name of the title character’s best friend in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off? Heb knowledge for 5. Sing operatically: “When ——– was in Egypt’s land…Let my ——– go!” And this may or may not have occurred during the game after the answer was revealed.
8. Video Game Consoles – In 1986, what company released a video game console called the “Master System?” John and Mike N. for 4.
9. Records – In what decade did Chuck Yaeger become the first person to break the sound barrier? Torn between two and picked wrong one, miss for 3.
10. Books – In the novel “Where the Red Fern Grows,” a boy trains two dogs to hunt what kind of animal? Miss for 2.
Mystery: Things containing the word “Thank.”
1. 1998 Top 40 Hit by Alanis Morrissette
2. Popular skit on Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon
3. A 2005 film starring Aaron Eckhardt based on a Christopher Buckley novel
4. “Golden Girls” theme song.
Missed #1, but were on right track. No apologies for not knowing about that “singer’s” songs#tonedeafcaterwauling. Unrelated note, we were kind of hoping one of the answers would be the Abba song “Thank You For The Music,” just to torture Brad, who absolutely hates Abba. Request an Abba song next time you’re at a game where Brad is present 🙂 Do not, however, request Steve Miller Band’s “The Joker.” Violence will ensue…
Heading into the final: Eleven teams with scores ranging from 47 to 67, with Ennui taking the top spot. We were AT THE BOTTOM! Yes, this doesn’t happen very often, and we just didn’t care on this particular night. Not to say this same situation wouldn’t make us a little whiny/sulky/pouty on other nights!
Final category: Holidays
Cuba removed Christmas as a national holiday in 1969 but restored it in 1997 in anticipation of what? This one turned out to be too easy for us to have become “comeback kids.” Top spots all remained the same.
Game winners: Money Badgers, 81, Thanksgiving Dinner pseudonym, 83, Ennui, 67.
[Spoiler alert if you’re discouraged reading about our sucky first game and thinking of giving up on reading…game two gets much better].
1. Super Bowls – As of 2015, What NFL franchise is the most recent to have won its second Super Bowl? For nerd bonus, what team did they defeat? Miss for 1.
2. Alcohol – What brand of gin is sold in a green bottle with the letter “T” in a red circle? Mel with answer for 10.
3. Measurements – In ancient measurements, a “cubit” is approximately equal to a length of: leg, hand, forearm or whole arm? Right guess for 9.
4. Concert Venues – What chain of concert venues co-founded by Dan Aykroyd opened its first location in Boston in 1992? Mike N. with answer for 8.
5. Nonprofits – Clara Barton founded what organization in 1881?
6. NASA – What does the first letter “A” stand for in “NASA?”
7. Remakes – What 1963 film featuring Jerry Lewis was remade in 1996 featuring Eddie Murphy? Got it for 5.
8. SNL – What characters came from the planet Remulac? Love the easy SNL questions.
9. International Cities – What is the westernmost capital on Europe’s mainland?
10. Websites – What was the original name of ask dot com?
Visual mystery: Sorry, technical difficulties again (i.e. our re-cap writer didn’t write down the link and didn’t have it pulled up on her phone)..but here is a link to the Sporcle quiz the round was probably pulled from, if you all want to test your knowledge!
Heading into the final: Eight teams with scores ranging from 59 (very high scoring game) to 64, with a whopping four teams tied for first. we were in second with 62 points.
Final category: Hockey Geography
Name two of the four most populous U.S. state capitals that are not home to an NHL franchise. We bet 20 and only managed to get one. We were kind of hoping this would be a “time zone” question, which we probably would have aced! Populations questions can be ball-busting, especially since they don’t tend to stay the same. So hard to keep up with that stuff. There was a tiebreaker, we didn’t really pay attention to how the game shook out, but a non-league team using the name “White Meat Only” wound up in first. The tiebreaker question was “In what year was NASA’s first space shuttle mission?” Well, if you’ve managed to read this far, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you from the ‘Pods! May your visits with family not require the consumption of too much alcohol in order to tolerate them, and may your favorite sportsing teams win (especially if they do it at the last minute, love, love those kinds of nail-biting games). We hear that Saturday will be an epic day of sportsing. Untiil next time, Go Pods!


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