Trivia Recap Nov. 3, 2015 – Maiz Mexican Cantina


We paid a visit Monday to MAIZ Mexican Cantinafor Sporcle Live with Rachel Sue, which was one of our most recent regular trivia spots. Walked away with a $10/second place prize, but also were just a little disappointed that some of the place’s “regular” teams were not in attendance. But hell, it was an unseasonably balmy night, so that may have helped lure away some of the regulars. We heard rumors of a barbecue. Yum… Tough call. Barbecue? Or trivia? Hmm….
On to the questions, we only stayed for game one.
1. Solo Artists – Prior to becoming a solo artist, Lionel Richie was a founding member of what band originally formed in 1968? Brad and Heb all over this one.
2. Airlines – United Airlines uses a log similar to the logo of what other airline that merged with United in 2010? Miss for 2.
3. Monty Python – (yay!) In Monty Python’s “Life of Brian,” the title character is born on the same day as what historical figure who is also his neighbor?
4. Forests – Which Eastern U.S. state has the highest percentage of area covered by forests? A little agonizing, but got it for 1.
5. Fires – In 1614, a fire destroyed what famous Shakespeare theater? Nice, Mike.
6. TV Homes – On the classic ’60s TV series “The Munsters,” the family lives on a street named after what animal? A “Bradegory” to be sure…
7. Nicknames – The athletic teams for East Carolina University and Seton Hall both share what mascot? For nerd bonus, in what state would you find Seton Hall? Missed nerd bonus, we named a city in the same state.
8. Architecture – Art Deco is a style of European architecture originating before World War I in what country? Spain, Germany, Switzerland, or France? Nice teamwork…
9. Actors – For what 2014 film did Robert DuVall receive the Academy Award nomination for best supporting actor? And it is so, so sweet when a wild guess turns out to be right. “It was that movie where he was a judge, right?”
10. Atmosphere – Which part of the earth’s atmosphere is located between the stratosphere and thermosphere? Nice work, Dave, on a “real” science question. SCIENCE!
Mystery: People on Currency
1. Name two people appearing on current U.S. currency with facial hair (not counting sideburns)?
2. Coins – Name the people appearing on current U.S. coins of denominations of 50 cents or less who were born in the 19th century?
3. What is the lowest denomination of current paper currency to not feature a president?
4. Of all the people depicted on paper currency, who was born first?
An easy eight points for our team. And this one comes with a flashback! In late 2012, we had a currency final question while playing at a place in Canton called the Crow’s Nest. Before this game, a rival team, More Beer Less Pants, issued a “challenge” to teams coming out to play there – promising free drinks to any team that could best their score that night. We wound up playing out there and besting their score that night, but we never officially accepted their “challenge.” We’re not saying you guys owe us drinks or anything like that (that would be absurd!), but we will say we got a kick out of beating you guys with only three players on a late-night Friday game. We don’t do too many of those late games anymore. However, we do like to savor our little victories when we get them! End flashback…
Heading into the final: Eight teams with scores ranging from 26 to 59, with us, Miskatonic U. taking the top spot. No worries, you other teams, the final category will be a [spoiler alert] ball-buster for us.
Final category: U.S. Retailers (groan)
Place the following retailers in order according to where their U.S headquarters are located from West to East. Home Depot, Costco, McDonald’s, and Wal-Mart.
We wagered zero. Didn’t have a horse in the race, as John would say.
Game winners: Miskatonic, 59, Ennui, 78.
Until next time! We are tentatively planning to visit the Heidelberg “Club Above” next Tuesday. We hope to see a good mix of regular teams and maybe even some visitors. Besides us, that is. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Ypsilanti!

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