Trivia Recap Sept. 7, 2015 – ABC Brewpub (Ann Arbor)


It was a family affair on trivia night Sunday for the ‘Pods at Arbor Brewing Company . Three generations of family, to be specific – who all worked together on questions about religion, quarterbacks, movies, geography, vegetables, ligaments and Winkies. Yes, Winkies. More about that later. We wound up with 160 points for the night, two $50 gift cards and first place venue finish for the night. Could this be our first foray into the coveted “Club 165?” If not, we will still chalk it up to our best night of the past two seasons. Thanks, Mom, Dad, Mike, Mel, and Anabel for helping to bring the hammer down! We had three players named Mike at the table, for clarification, only the regular “Pod” named Mike will be ID’d as such, the others will be called “brother” or “Dad.”
On to the questions:
Game One
1. ’90s Music – Bang and Blame was the last Billboard Hot 100 single for what band? Nice, Mel.
2. Religion – What denomination of Protestantism is named for a Frenchman with the initials JC? Thanks, Dad!
3. Video Games – In the Donkey Kong video game series, Kremlings, led by King K. Rool, are what type of animal? Wrong guess, miss for 1.
4. Movie Quotes: Audio quote from one of the best movies ever. Of all time.
5. Vitamins – Riboflavin is also known as: B2, B6, A, or D? Second miss for 2.
6. U.S. States – What is the largest landlocked U.S. state by area? For nerd bonus, what is the smallest landlocked U.S. state by area? Got both.
7. Lawsuits – What was the first name of the defendant in the case Clinton v. Jones?
8. Calendars – Prior to its replacement by the Gregorian calendar, what was the calendar used predominantly in Europe? We put “Roman,” which was similar to what the correct answer was. Miss for 3.
9. Directors – What 2014 film is the highest grossing film directed by George Clooney?
10. Sports Terms – What term is used in rugby for players putting their heads down closely in attempt to restart play? Nice brother and Dad.
Mystery: Name the country beginning with the letter “c” bordering the country listed.
1. Bolivia
2. Austria
3. Hungary
4. Libya
Missed #2, though we had discussed the right country. 😦
Eleven teams battled it out in game one. Andrew Dice Clay Aiken led the herd with 63 points. We were tied three ways along with Apollo 15 and One is the Loneliest Number with 59 points.
Final Category: Literary Settings
Gillikin Country, Quadling Country, and Winkie Country are three of the four countries that most closely surround a central capital region in a popular series of fantasy literature. Name the fourth country surrounding that capital. And our fantasy literature aficionado Mike was our hero here.
Leading after the final: Bed Bath and Beyonce, 73, Miskatonic U., 79.
Game Two
1. Commercials – What product has used the slogan “The nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, aching, coughing, stuffy-head, fever, so you can rest medicine?”
2. ’80s Movies – In the 1984 mockumentary “This is Spinal Tap,” what job is the band always trying to fill because of untimely deaths? Another best movie ever. Of all time.
3. Sunlight – Within two, how many minutes does it take for light to travel from the sun to the earth? For nerd bonus, get it exactly, which we did.
4. World Cities – What South American city translates into “Fair Winds” in English?
5. Quarterbacks – Prior to Tom Brady in 2014, who was the most recent MVP of the Super Bowl? Lots, and lots of guys were discussed, just couldn’t come up with the right one. Miss for 1.
6. Singers- Who served as lead singer of the Stray Cats?
7. Vegetables – Nappa, Bok Choy, and Savoy are all varieties of what vegetable? Nice Mel!
8. Actresses – What actress, who made her film debut in 2006, won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress? Mom and Dad were on the right track with this question, we just couldn’t quite get it. Miss for 2.
9. 2014 Sitcoms – Anthony Anderson, Tracee Ellis Ross and Laurence Fishburne are all cast members of what sitcom?
10. Names – What is the most common ending letter of eight out of the 10 most common surnames in Mexico?
Mystery: Got them all, thanks Mike!
We are unsure how many teams played in game one, though it must have been similar to game one. We were in the lead with 61 points, just one point ahead of the Corn Fritters.
Final category: The Human Body
The four primary ligaments in the human knee are commonly known as the ACL, PCL, MCL, and LCL. What word does the first letter of each of those four abbreviations stand for?
Game leaders game two: Corn Fritters, 80, Miskatonic U., 81. Go Pods, and thanks everyone who helped us out!

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