Trivia Recap – Dec. 19, 2013

Not the best showing for our team tonight playing Sporcle Live – Detroit trivia at the Corner Brewery with us getting a mere 109 points, which is our lowest score during the Winter Blitz. We think. Probably… Our team captain sadly had to be absent because of a little trifle called work. Bah humbug! If the commentary gets a little goofy here and there it’s because weariness from work began to set in as she typed up this silly-recap. Fasten your seat belts (insert relevant Bette Davis quote here).

Since our absent player is also our re-cap writer and note taker, no standings or scores of other teams besides ours were recorded. Alas, if you want something done right you have to do it yourself! Though our re-cap writer has been known to have lazy moments or get too happy from getting NHL questions right and of course, beer. Or confuse Magic Johnson with Michael Jordan. Hell it’s not her job to know about pro sports, so lay off, would ya? She came up with Bobby Orr the other night, didn’t she? Or she’ll take a bathroom break while they ask a question she wouldn’t know the answer to anyway. It’s not like she gets paid to do these silly blogs after games, you know. Thanks Steele Shivers for reporting their questions for the night, even though a couple of theirs were different from ours.

Game One
1. Spokespersons: What actress was the primary spokesperson during the 1990s for the Thighmaster? 10 points.
2. National Parks: What state is home to Cuyahoga National Park? Miss, for two points. Our absent player Heb would have gotten it right 😦
3. NBA Teams: Damage from Hurricane Katrina caused the New Orleans Hornets to be temporarily relocated to which city for two seasons? Miss for 3.
4. The Human Body: What organ is infected by Crohn’s Disease? 9 points.
5. Nursery Rhymes: Something about “As I Was Going to St. Ives,” which we got right for 8 (thanks Jeannette)!
6. Celebrity Relationships: American educator and businessman Stedman Graham is best known for his longtime relationship with which media personality? 7 points.
7. Rockers: What rock and heavy metal singer was a part of Elf, Rainbow, and Black Sabbath, among others?
FB clue tonight.
8. Audio: Name the movie that featured the Bryan Adams song “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You” Miss for 1. What? You guys didn’t know this? Bah…Michael Kamen did the soundtrack for this overblown Kevin Costner vehicle, and someone, who shall remain nameless, might even have the freaking CD. And didn’t you know Robin Hood had a Chicago accent?
9. Presidents: Prior to Barack Obama, who was the last president who served in the US Senate immediately before his election as president? 5 points.
10. Board Games: What board game has characters named Jolly, Lolly, Plumpy, and Gloppy? 4 points.

Mystery Round: Before and After (YES!)
1. A 2000 film starring John Travolta and the band that had hit songs in the 1970s titled Shining Star and September
2. Sir Mix-A-Lot’s biggest hit and a 1985 scifi comedy directed by Robert Zemeckis
3. A Texan who ran for the Republican nomination for president in 2008 and 2012 and the actor known for his roles in I Love You Man and This is 40.
4. A film character played five times by Clint Eastwood and the 33rd president of the US

Got ’em all. Logged 60 points in game one.

Final Category: Academy Awards
Final Question: In 1993, two different actresses were nominated for the Academy Awards for both Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress. One of them won the Oscar for Best Actress. Name one of them.

Wagered zero and got it wrong. Again, absent player Heb may have been a help here (for the record she came up with one of the answers when she read the question).

Sorry, no standings this time, but our team wound up in third after the final question with a $5 gift card

Game Two
1. This: What is the title of the 2013 comedy written and directed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg that takes place after a global apocalypse? 10 points
2. That: What is the title of the song that was a hit in 1995 for both R&B quartet All 4 One and country singer John Michael Montgomery?
Boo, country music. Lost our 1.
3. The Other: In an attempt to compete with the poultry industry, what five word advertising slogan was developed for the National Pork Board in 1987? 9 points.
QUICKFIRE: Name the eight teams in the NFL and NHL (four in each) that have exactly five letters in their nicknames. six of these, but someone else got more and got the points
4. Documents: What document was signed in 1215 on a field outside of London called Runnymede? 8 points.
5. Toys: Introduced by Hasbro in 1967, what toy allows kids to create images using translucent pegs punched through black paper? 7 points. At least two of us had Lite Brites as kids. “Oh God I loved my Lite Brite,” quoth Mike.
6. Elements: What element is added to steel in order to make stainless steel? A miss, lost our 4. These questions are killing us. Someone has to step up and be our periodic table nerd. Bollocks…
**Not certain here, but earned 3.
7. TV Hosts: Within 1, in what year did Jimmy Fallon take over as host of Late Night from Conan O’Brien? Wow, they got this right! Impressive! 3 points. Thanks Alex! He even got us an extra point thanks to Kuma’s new house rule about “within…” year questions.
8. Sushi: Nori is the Japanese word for what type of plant usually associated with sushi? 6 points.
9. Head Coaches: Who is the current head coach of the men’s basketball team at the University of Kentucky who had previously served as the head coach for the New Jersey Nets? Boo, a ballbuster. Lost our 3.
10. The Elba River that starts in the Czech Republic flows through what other country before it flows to the sea? Again the team needed Heb’s help on this one. Lost the 5-pointer.

Visual round Christmas plants: missed #4

A pretty dismal 49 points in game two. Meh.

Final Category: Language
Final Question: English, Arabic, Spanish, and French are each official languages of at least 20 countries. Name two of the three languages that would be next on the list. All of them are official languages for at least four different nations.

Got it right. Wound up in third place, so (probably) a nice comeback. No standings. Go Pods!


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