Trivia Recap Dec. 4, 2014 – Corner Brewery

Better late than never. Or is it better never than late? Our re-cap writer was unable to get to the writing of Wednesday’s game recap from Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery earlier for this simple reason: she does not get paid to write the re-caps, and the people who pay her for the luxury of being able to pay bills, groceries, beer, etc. were in need of her services for an unusual (in terms of time) shift today at work. Brings to mind lyrics from the great bard Sting – “Only the rush hour hell to face….packed like lemmings into shiny metal boxes…contestants in a suicidal race.” Traffic near Briarwood Mall at 5 is not for the faint hearted. Best wait out traffic with a margarita at Los Amigos. Perhaps next time?
And on to the questions (which were in some way, shape, or form the actual questions that were asked):
1. Biographical films – What athlete portrayed himself in the ’77 film ‘The Greatest?” Brad steps up here.
2. Greeting cards – According to the Greeting Card Association, Christmas is the most popular greeting card holiday. Which holiday comes in second? A lot of debate between two, but picked the right one.
3. 2000s hits – What artist had hits with “Love in This Club” and “My Boo?” Yea Dave K. for knowing this.
4. Assassination attempts – What Democratic presidential candidate was the victim of an assassination attempt by Arthur Bremer? Wow, we didn’t know he was a Democrat. Miss for 6. Ouch.
5. Animal terms – What is the seven-letter term for a castrated horse? Another team incorrectly but amusingly guessed “Sad Pony.”
6. MLB teams – What is the only MLB franchise that currently plays in a a stadium older than the team itself? For nerd bonus, in what year did that team begin playing? Missed both.
7. ’80s movies – audio clip from a movie that everyone had seen but NO ONE remembered that particular clip. Probably because it is so obnoxious that everyone’s brain randomly deleted that piece of knowledge from permanent knowledge.
8. SNL – What former SNL cast member appeared on the short-lived series “Kath and Kim” in 2008?
9. Rivers – What major European river forms a majority of the border between Switzerland and Germany and France and Germany?
10. Innovations – What company produced the first successful plain paper copy machine with its 914 model in 1959?
Mystery: Twisted Sister (just kidding – it was “Twisted Titles”). One letter of a movie, TV show, or song gets changed along with the meaning of the title.
1. Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson take their golf skills of the hole with them to Wall Street.
2. Lady Gaga reaches #1 in 2011 with a song about her birthday.
3. The Heck family including Axel, Sue, and Brick – are all violin prodigies.
4. Billy Bob Thornton becomes a mall santa and robs the store that employs him but changes his ways when he becomes a new father.
Heading into the final
Ten teams with scores ranging from 32 to 56. We were tied with Cosby Home for Wayward Girls for third (we used the alias “You Do the Hokey Pokey and You Throw the Fucker Out) with 54 points. Gentlemen Kangaroos took the lead with 56 points.
Final category: British music
“Who was the first British group to have a debut single and a debut album both reach #1 on U.S. Billboard charts AFTER 1990? Guesses were primarily for Coldplay, Oasis and the correct one which a couple of teams got right. The “Genty Roos” held onto their lead taking first in game two.
Game two
1. Slogans – What fast-food restaurant has used the slogan “You deserve a break today?”
2. toys – What 1996 digital pet housed itself inside an egg-shaped computer with various functions?
3. Rock albums – The 1977 concept album “Animals,” featuring a 17-minute track called “Dogs” was released by what progressive rock band? Teams getting this wrong? Charade you are, lol!
4. Universities – Which U.S. state is home to George Mason University, Hampton University and James Madison University?
5. Olympic events – The “Fosbury Flop” is used in which olympic event? Yay Brad again!
6. Roman numerals – What is the highest number that can be written using each roman numeral only once?
7. Actresses – Who wont he academy award for best supporting actress when she was 11 for her role in the 1993 film “The Piano?” Hint: It wasn’t Harvey Keitel.
8. TV debuts – Within one, in what year did all of these TV series debut? Malcolm in the Middle, Jackass and Dark Angel? Missed by one. Sticklebats…
9. War – In the Battle of Mobile during which war, Admiral David Farragut famously uttered the phrase “Damn the Torpedoes?”
10. Novels -Which 1996 Stephen King novel released in six volumes had a first installment entitled “Two Dead Girls?”
Mystery: Got them all. Dave K. was the man of the hour here.
Heading into the final:
Nine teams with scores ranging from 27 to 60. We were tied for first with 60 points with Cosby’s Home For Wayward Girls. We used the alias “Kuma’s music in my ears is like Bill Cosby date night.”
Final category: Before they were president
“For each of the following presidents, name the states in which they previously served as governor – Theodore Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, Thomas Jefferson and Calvin Coolidge.
Every team bet 20. Every single team got it wrong. Which meant what? Tiebreaker time with Your Resume Sucks aka Bill Cosby’s Home for Wayward Girls.
Tiebreaker – How many Olympic gold medals has Usain Bolt won in his career to date? We guessed 5. YRS guessed 2. Correct answer was 6. For the second week in a row we succeeded despite idiocy by either betting zero and winning beer money or getting the final wrong but still winning. However the beer money was won is all fair in love and war. Until next week, Go Pods!

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