Trivia Recap Jan. 12, 2016

Well, if your team is going to flunk both final questions on trivia night, it’s a little easier to take when every single other team playing does the same thing, right? πŸ™‚ You read that right, no teams playing got the final questions right (we were so close on the “Elements” final in game two). But as that high school gym teacher so eloquently said, “Close only counts in nuclear war and bad sex.” Yes, a male gym teacher of teenage girls said this…not…pervy…at…all (shudders). Oh, the things teachers got away with in the ’80s. Anyway, Four ‘Pods descended upon MAIZ Mexican CantinaMonday for Sporcle Live with Rachel Sue. We took a second place gift card in game one and finished third overall for the night. ‘Pods in attendance included Heather, Mike, Brad, and John.
Game One
1. Head Coaches – Basketball Hall of Fame coaches Mike Krzyzewski and Bob Knight both got their first college coaching jobs at what military school? Nice work Brad for 4.
2. Musical Families – Singer Norah Jones’ father is known his mastery of what musical instrument? Heather for 10 points. One of two questions of the night with a Beatles connection (though this one is kind of tenuous).
3. European Countries – What is the collective name of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania because of their proximity to a certain body of water? Nine points.
4. ’00s Movies – In what 2002 movie do Kate Bosworth, Sanoe Lake, and Michelle Rodriguez play three best friends who are into surfing? Heather and John for 8 points.
5. Audio clue – TV theme of show set in Philadelphia featuring an actor with an extremely whiny annoying voice. Miss for 1.
6. Online – Within one, in what year was AOL Instant Messenger first released? Nice work John for 2. Would have gotten an extra point for nailing it, but we got it within the parameters.
7. Anatomy – Which part of the inner ear gets its name from the Latin for “snail shell?” Seven points.
8. Fast Food – In 2012, Doritos and Taco Bell teamed up and released a special meal in commemoration of Taco Bell’s anniversary? Which anniversary was it – 35th, 50th, 75th or 20th? Got it after much discussion for 3.
9. Awards Show Moments – John Travolta butchered what singer’s name at the 86th Academy Awards ceremony? John and Heather teamwork here.
10. Authors – what author wrote “Paper Towns” and “The Fault of our Stars?” Miss for 5.
Mystery: James Bond, in Other Words (giggity!)
1. You Exist Just Two Times
2. Ghost
3. The Rays of the sun Are Alive
4. The Agent With Fervor For Me
Got them all. And with only minor bickering Mike let Heather write on the slips πŸ™‚
Heading into the final: Nine teams with scores ranging from 42 to 66, with Little Lebowski Urban Achievers in first. We were in third with 60 points.
Final Category: MLB Award Winners
Since 1980, four pitchers have won the Cy Young Award in both the American League and National League.
Name three of those four pitchers. Heather came up with one of them, and Brad had a couple of good guesses. But we wagered zero. Not all players were in agreement about doing so, but in this case, it got us some money…
Final standings: Miskatonic U., 60; Anthropods, 63.
Game Two
1. Maff Class – What is the circumference of a circle that has a diameter of 1? Mike, Brad and John teamed up here with success for 10.
2. Soundtracks – Appropriately, Cobra Starship contributed to the soundtrack for what 2006 film starring Samuel L. Jackson? One of the best movie quotes ever is in this movie… Got it for 8,.
3. Universities – Baylor University is located in what Central Texas city? Eight points.
4. TV Finales – The two-part episode “The American Girl in Paris” was the finale for what series that ended in 2004? We incorrectly guessed another series that ended that year, miss for 2.
5. Writers – Anne Frank’s diary was originally written in what language? French, Dutch, German or English? Heather knew this without the m/c, 7 points.
6. Games – Name three of the five categories possiblde to score a perfect 30 points on a single turn in “Yahtzee.” Blank stares…miss for 1. Does anyone under the age of 50 still play this game? Our 50-something didn’t have a clue, either. πŸ™‚
7. John Lennon [SPOILER this is when the game started to get ugly…] – Name 1/2 singles on the “Double Fantasy” album to hit the top 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. And Heather picked a Lennon song that was only about 10 years too early. Miss for 6. Nobody tell her mom, who mourned John Lennon’s death in 1980 much like people mourned Bowie’s death Monday. She doesn’t have to know about this! πŸ™‚
8. Animated Characters – What type of animal is “Scrat” in the “Ice Age” series? Nice work, got this for 3.
9. NBA players – What active NBA player holds the record for three-point field goals in a single season? Miss for 4. Needed Dave and Geoff for this…
10. Art – What artist painted “The Last Judgment” on an outer wall of the Sistine Chapel? Got this for 5.
Mystery: Got them all. Nice teamwork…
Heading into the final: Six teams with scores ranging from 46 to 59, with Little Lebowski Urban Achievers in first. We were in fourth with 50 points.
Final Category: Elements
The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry verified the discovery of four new elements in late 2015. They currently do not have official names, but their atomic numbers are known.
Give the atomic number of any of these new elements.
Normally this is a strong category for our team, and we really, really put a lot of effort into this answer (nice work John and Brad). Heather even shared a link about this on Brad’s timeline within the past few days (it’s good to keep players on their toes). One of the right answers was even written down, just not on the answer slip that we turned in. So, so frustrating!
Final standings: JC and the Powerball Losers (moved up from third), and LLUA, 45. Until next time, Go Pods!



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