Trivia Recap Jan. 14, 2016 – Corner Brewery

Thank you, Cthulhu! You really listened to us! Before heading out Wednesday for Sporcle Live Trivia with Kuma at Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery, we asked for no sports final questions unless they were strictly about teams. And just to throw us another bone, we knew two rap music answers and got an MLB question right. You really went to the outer limits, Cthulhu! We’ll figure out some way to pay proper tribute, O Dark Watery Overlord! We will assume blood rituals are not required this time since we didn’t win any gift cards (come on, you know the rules, Cthulhu).
Two ‘Pods – joined by a third in game two – managed to finish in fourth out of 18 teams in game one, 16 in game two (no prizes) with a respectable 146 points. Ninety-nine players were in the trivia area for game one – all battling it out over topics including rap singers, rodeo, math, reality TV, and celebrity marriages (see photo with this re-cap for the tie-in), among other topics. ‘Pods in attendance were Heather, Mike and John.
The questions…
Game One
1. Reality TV – What reality TV series debuting in 2007 featured trucks carrying heavy loads while navigating rough weather conditions in the U.S. and Canada? Ten points.
2. Magazine Covers – In 1925, What English comedic actor was the first actor to appear on the cover of “Time” magazine? Five points.
3. Athletes – J.B. Mauney, Justin McBride and Mike Lee have all won PBR events. What does PBR stand for? It does not stand for Pabst Blue Ribbon. And Mike pulls this from the ass at the last second for 1 point. Beautiful!
4. Math – The formula 4PiR2 (keyboard can’t do pi symbol) is used to calculate the surface area of what geometric object? Nine points.
5. Celebrity Marriages – Actress Melanie Griffith was married twice to what actor – briefly in 1976, and again from 1989 to 1996? Heather all over this one for 8.
6. Songs of the ’00s – Audio clue of song heavily sampled in a 2005 Kanye West hit.
7. Food origins – What brand of condiment made by Kraft Foods was originally made by a chef and given to King George IV? Miss for 3.
8. Best Picture Nominees – The Wolf of Wall Street was one of eight movies nominated for best picture in the year it was nominated. Name the film that won that year. And a case of too many cooks spoiling the dish…this answer did not need to discussed! Someone happened to know the correct answer immediately, but then committee thinking occurred. Miss for 6.
9. Mexican Cities – El Paso lies directly across the Rio Grande from what Mexican city? Four points.
10. Comic Strip Characters – What title character typically wears glasses, a white dress shirt and a black and red striped tie? For nerd bonus, who created the comic? Both both, two points.
Mystery: Big or Little? Each correct answer will include the stage name that includes “big” or “little.”
1. 1997: Mo Money, Mo Problems
2. 2014: Girl Crush (and it was here that we “prayed” for an answer from the ’80s or early ’90s…wait for it….)
3. 1991: To Be With You (yessss!!!!)
4. 2011: How to Love (uh, not so good…)
Missed #2 and #4.
Heading into the final: Eighteen teams with scores ranging from 39 to 65, with Ennui taking the top spot. We were like that Reservoir Dogs song and stuck in the middle – with 54 points in 10th place. “Clowns to the right of me…jokers to the right…here I am…..”
Final Category: War Veterans
When Hiram Cronk died in 1905 – he was the oldest surviving American veteran of which war? Yup, we bet 20 and got it, but then so did the teams ahead of us that mattered. Final standings unchanged.
Game Two
1. Toys – What line of toys was re-introduced in 1982 with the subtitle “Real American Hero?” What? Not Stretch Armstrong? Kidding, we got this for 10.
2. Song Lyric – What singer’s lyrics include “This ain’t no disco…this ain’t no country club, either?” For nerd bonus, what was the name of the album in which this song appeared? Missed the nerd, got 9 points.
3. Bugs Bunny – The 1950 short “The Rabbit of Seville” featured Bugs Bunny and what other literary character? Eight points.
4. Cars – What automotive division produced the HHR station wagon from 2005 to 2011? Teamwork John and Heather here for 4.
5. Anatomy – What is the name of the valve-like cartilaginous tissue that stays open during breathing but closes during swallowing? A bit of discussion, but got it for 5.
6. ’80s movie characters – What is the first name of Jennifer Connelly’s character in the 1986 film “Labyrinth?” Nice work, John, we would not have known this one without ya! 🙂
7. Ancient Civilizations – The ancient civilization of Phoenicia was located entirely on what body of water? Mike mojo here for 7. He is officially forgiven for not remembering that Trojan horse answer last week, lol…
8. TV Hosts – What rapper and actor serves as host of “Lip Synch Battle?”
9. National Parks – The world’s largest national park, encompassing 375,000 square miles, is located on what island? Our first miss of the round for 1.
10. MLB – What Hall of Famer has been in the top 10 every season since 1919 for overall career hits? And Heather steps up to the plate for her second correct baseball answer of the week. What kind of witchcraft is this? 🙂
Mystery: Got them all. Nice teamwork, #4 was a little tricky.
Heading into the final: Sixteen teams with scores ranging from 46 to 63, with two teams tied for the top spot, including Don’t Forget to Strip Your Bartender and a team whose name we did not write down. We were tied for fourth with 61 points.
Final Category: Airports
To honor victims of the 9/11 attacks and a nearby landmark, what word was added to Newark International Airport’s name in 2002?
This is not a strong category for us, and our only expert in the topic, Joel, was not in attendance; and none of our players have done any frequent flying. Alas, wagering 20 would have only put us in a tie for a $5 gift card, so hardly worth the effort when only one person gets to get a beer out of it, right?
Final standings: Ennui, 81; Your Resume Sucks, 82, Don’t Forget to Strip Your Bartender, 83. We’ll be back on the trivia saddle next week..until next time, Go Pods!


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