Trivia Recap Jan. 20, 2016

“You know, fightin’ in a basement offers a lot of difficulties. Number one being, you’re fightin’ in a basement!” Some of you may recognize this as a quote from the 2009 movie “Inglourious Basterds,” uttered by Brad Pitt’s character Aldo Raine. This also describes what happened to our team captain when she ventured out to play solo at The Heidelberg Tuesday. It wasn’t QUITE as bloody as the basement scene in that movie, or the prom scene in Carrie (will get to more about that later). But it was pretty bloody bad! Regular round scores were OK for a team-less player, but the final question “end games” were just downright tragic. Grab a hankie…this is going to be a tearjerker 😉
On to the questions…
Game One
1. Sequels – The 2010 comedy “Get Him to the Greek” was a spinoff from what 2008 movie? For nerd bonus, what actor reprised his role? Luckily got both of these, but for only 2. Got two “nerd” points.
2. SCIENCE! – What is the name for the process of growing plants without soil? There was more to this question, didn’t write down all of the qualifiers, got it for 10.
3. TV Kids – What was the name of the Banks’ son on “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” who was born at the beginning of the third season? Had no clue, put down “Rerun.” Perhaps “jumping the shark” would have been more snarky? Miss for 1.
4. Bowl Games – What current Big 10 team played in bowl games for 35 consecutive years until a dismal 2004 season? And this could not be further from this player’s knowledge base…miss for 3.
5. Video Games – What video game released in 1991 featured zones including Marble Zone and Spring Yard, among others? Huh? Miss for 4.
6. Animals – What type of mollusk’s name translates to “stomach foot?” Finally a chance to use the 9-pointer, woo hoo! 🙂
7. Literary Nicknames – What was the nickname of Ramona’s older sister in a series of Beverly Cleary books? Now this is more like it…8 points.
8. U.S. cities – Known as the “Media Capital of the World,” what California city is home to Marvel, Warner Brothers and Disney Studios? Re-racked with success here (yes some hosts still do this), got it for 7.
9. Famous Couples – Christie Brinkley was previously married to what rock star, and also appeared in some of his music videos? Yep.
10. Beverages – Introduced in 2013, what beverage line released breakfast-themed drinks in small energy drink sized cans in flavors including warm citrus and fruit punch? This category is almost always death for us – even with a full team! Miss…
Mystery [spoiler]: this triggered a “trivia flashback…”
What came first:
1. Publication of Stephen King’s “Carrie” or the birth of Carrie Underwood
2. Jack Ruby shoots Lee Harvey Oswald or “Ruby Tuesday” is released by the Rolling Stones
3. Dallas Mavericks plays first game in NBA or first episode of “Dallas” airs on TV
4. Reese’s Pieces first introduced, or Reese Witherspoon’s birth.
Missed #3. Number one triggered a flashback of a previous trivia game where our team was in a tiebreaker with a couple of members of More Beer Less Pants at the former “Corner Brewery.” We had to ID the year “Carrie” was published. If memory serves, MBLP nailed the year dead-on because, as someone on their team said, it was the same year a couple of their players were born. We were very, very close in our guess, and only off by one or two. But we couldn’t compete with what we call “Nelson Mandela” knowledge – so named for a final question that one of our players knew because it happened on her 18th birthday. The question had to do with a “televised worldwide event on Feb. 11, 1990.” Over ‘n out with the “flashback.”
Heading into the final:
What the Shibboleth, 52; Caturday, 53; Miskatonic U. (playing under the uninspired “just me” pseudonym), 54; and Drinking Team with a Trivia Problem, 56.
Final Category: People in History
In April of 1974, who did Jimmy Carter present with a license plate that read “HLA715”?
Knew that it had to be something gubernatorial…but just couldn’t come up with it. But so obvious when the answer revealed. Grrr, a sports question in disguise (shakes fist!). Would have wagered a lot differently had “sports” been used in the category name. Oh well…soldier on!
Final standings: Didn’t write them down…but think it was What the Shibboleth, and Drinking Team with a Trivia Problem.
Game Two
1. Apollo – what animal was featured on the Apollo 11 flag? Got it for 2, no confidence without “Spaceman Mike.”
2. Retail – Despite having signed a $38 million contract, Sarah Jessica Parker was replaced by model Joss Stone to appear in ads for what clothing retailer? Thank you FB clue, would not have known this otherwise! Ten points.
3. James Bond – What was the first Bond film to star Timothy Dalton? Nine points.
4. Disney Characters – In 1944, Smokey the Bear replaced what Disney character as a symbol of the United States Forest Service? Had character from correct movie…but miss for 3.
5. Band Name Inspirations – The English rock band Uriah Heep’s name comes from what Charles Dickens novel? A Tale of Two Cities, Oliver Twist, David Copperfield, or Great Expectations? It wasn’t looking good. Two cross-offs. Then hit it on the third try with success for 4 (whew!).
6. Body Parts (it’s going to get really ugly here, hang onto your hats) – “Chiro” is Latin for what body part? Here is where the team would have helped out…I missed you guys! You’re so smart with the science stuff! Miss for 7.
7. Radio – audio clue of very, very familiar NPR show theme, just couldn’t come up with it. Stopped keeping track of points at this point (just give up, man!).
8. Athlete Autobiographies – What female athlete released the autobiography “On the Line” in 2009? Incorrectly guessed Flo-Jo.
9. Obscure TV Characters -What sitcom featured characters called Low Talker, High Talker and Two Face? For a four-point nerd bonus, what year did this series end? Got both…and needed those four points!
10. Scotland – Glasgow is the most populous city in Scotland. What city is second most populous? An easy one to end a brutal round (just pour a whole big boot of beer down my throat, would ya?).
Mystery: Flip-flopped #1 and #4.
Heading into the final: ??? with 30 points, Drinking Team with a Trivia Problem, 38; Caturday, 38 (tied), Miskatonic U., 46, and What the Shibboleth, 57.
Final category: Olympic Cities
Occurring sometime within the last 30 years, what is the southernmost city to ever be the host of the Winter Olympic Games?
Thought about the right country…but couldn’t come up with the right city name. Put down Calgary, even though I knew it was incorrect…now how about another boot of beer? 🙂
Final Standings: Drinking Team took first again. Unsure who took second…. Until next time, which will be tonight. Go Pods!


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