Trivia Recap Jan. 21, 2016

“My God, it’s FULL of strip malls!” 🙂 A duo of ‘Pods traveled to Saline Wednesday for the debut Sporcle Live trivia show with host Elyse B. at Stony Lake Brewing Co. It was a sort of “homecoming” for this duo, who lived in Saline in the late ’90s, when there were decidedly far fewer strip malls. And even a (gasp) video store. You know how old-timers like to say, “I remember when this was just a big field?” Yup. This little town has really grown up right before our eyes! This growth also likely helped bring a bustling trivia scene to this brewery, with an impressive 11 teams showing up for game one of the inaugural night!
This microbrewery serves a great cross-section of beers – a variety of IPAs and pale ales, brown ale, Irish red ale (which is a must-try for next time), a black ale, an ESB (English Special Bitter) and a stout (the breakfast stout was particularly delicious, but at 7.8 ABV, we opted to drink only one of those), and a recently added “Working Man” blonde that is “still light enough to not scare away the Bud/Miller/Coors drinkers,” as stated on their web page. They also have a decent selection of hard cider. If you’re planning to eat while you play trivia, you might want to look into food delivery places in the area beforehand, or call Stony Lake to see what delivery menus they have. We didn’t eat while we played, so have no suggestions to offer here, other than they sell small bags of chips if you get really peckish. Over ‘n out with lame attempt at Yelp review…let’s get on to the questions! Representin’ Pods were Heather and Mike, who managed a second place finish in game one and a $10 gift card.
Game One
1. Logos – Nike’s “Jumpman” log is a silhouette of what person? Got it for 4.
2. Books – The cover of what 1974 book by Shel Silverstein includes a drawing of a sign reading “Edge: Keep Off?” Got this for 10.
3. Classic Songs – Audio – fill in the muted word in Sinatra/Minnelli song that rhymes with “news.” Got it for 6.
4. ’90s Thrillers – In what 1991 film does Julia Roberts fake her own death? And this movie will forever remind me of that OCD guy who freaked out over towels hanging crooked…got it for 9.
5. World Leaders – Prior to being overthrown in 1959, Fulgencio Batista was the 20th century leader of what country? Who says watching “Godfather II” can’t teach you historical facts? Got this for 8.
6. Sea Animals – Whales are primarily divided into two types – toothed and what second type? And Mike swoops in with the right really, really obscure answer here, 7 points.
7. Flags – How many total stars are on the flag for China? A bit of debating, but came up with right guess for 2. Having our “vexillologist” Brad here may have encouraged us to bet more confidently.
8. Sitcoms – Name two TV Networks that aired “Cougar Town.” And we’re totally OK with not knowing this one…miss for 1.
9. Grammy Winners – Who was president of the U.S. when Stevie Wonder won his first four Grammys? And for nerd bonus, what was the name of the album for which he won his first Grammy? Nope and nope, miss for 5. Ouch.
10. Coaches – What NFL East Division team was coached by Vince Lombardi for his final season in 1969? Yet another question Brad would have helped us with, miss for 3. We missed you, Brad! 🙂
Mystery: Initials to U.S. states – Provide the state initials that correspond to the people described.
1. Woman in the news who served time in an Italian prison after standing trial for murdering her roommate (question was worded differently from this, but this is the basic gist of it).
2. Actress who portrayed Brenda Walsh and Prue Halliwell (actress is pictured with this re-cap, playing a different role).
3. Singer and actress who starred in a variety show with her brother Donny
4. Youngest of the three brothers who had hits in the 2000s with “Burning Up” and “Tonight.”
And Heather swept this whole mystery round for a precious eight points!
Heading into the final: Eleven teams with scores ranging from 34 to 57, with our team taking the top spot with 57 points. Fellow league team Tanooki Suits were right on our heels with 56 points.
Final Category: Advertising
Actor Iron Eyes Cody is best-known for portraying a Native American shedding a tear at pollution and litter in a popular ad campaign launched in 1971 by what non-profit organization?
Wagered 20 and missed, but then, so did all of the other teams. A team called “Mellows” wisely wagered zero and took first for game one, and we took second. We hear that the Corn Fritters trivia team playing at the same time at Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery in Ypsilanti managed to get this one right. Nice work!
Game Two
1. Action Movies – “Under Siege,” “Marked for Death” and “Out for Justice” all starred what action hero? Got this for 10.
2. TV Pets – On the TV series “Miami Vice” what kind of animal is Detective Crockett’s pet named “Elvis?” FB clue (thank goodness), got this for 9.
3. Zodiac Signs – What sign in the Western zodiac is the first to be fully in the new year? Eight points.
4. Food – What creole dish gets its name from the Provencal dish that means “mish-mash?” Seven points.
5. Soccer – What is the team name for the MLS franchise based in New England? Heather gets this for 6, judging from the number of wrong answers read aloud, perhaps not many teams got it. “Minutemen” was a really good guess, though!
6. Earth Science – The majority of the world’s earthquakes occur in what region of the world, which shares its name with a popular ’60s song? Mike for 5 points.
7. Beverages (no, not again! this category is always death!) – Which of the following Kool-Aid flavors was not part of the original Kool-Aid lineup? Lemon-lime, Tropical Punch, Cherry, or Raspberry? Miss for 1.
8. Morgan Freeman – What is the name of the character played by Morgan Freeman in “Kiss the Girls” and “Along Came a Spider?” Miss for 2.
9. Musicians – John Deacon was the bassist for what rock band from 1971 to 1997? And we took nearly every second required to come up with it. And finally Heather said, “Ooh I know it, it came to me in a dream, go big.” Yes, she really said this (it’s exciting when answers pop into your head at the last minute, so you really can’t be held responsible for the bizarre things that might come out of your mouth when it happens). Got it for 4. Perhaps this exhausted her brain power for coming up with the correct final question answer for game two? Yes, maybe this question temporarily dented the brain, lol.
10. Universities – Other than Harvard or Yale, what other Ivy League university did a president attend – and for nerd bonus, who was that president? Heather and Mike teamed up here with success on both counts.
Mystery: two of these because of a flip-flop.
Heading into the final: Nine teams with scores ranging from 25 to 57, with us taking the top spot again. The nearest competitor was “It’s not stalking, it’s love,” or something to that effect, with 52 points.
Final Category: Johnny Depp Movies
Seven individuals received Academy Award nominations for acting for their roles in films that also starred Johnny Depp BEFORE Johnny Depp himself ever received an Academy Award nomination.
Name two of those individuals (the web site incorrectly says “name one of those individuals).
We wagered 20 on this, and took way too much time figuring out what movie Depp got his first nomination for. Finding Neverland? No. Pirates of the Caribbean Curse of the Black Pearl? Maybe. By the time we had to come up with appropriate co-stars fitting these criteria, we had just run out of time, though one of the right ones was considered (isn’t that always how it goes?). This put us out of the money, kudos to Tanooki Suits for taking second, and Mellows for taking first and managing to come up with two of these!
So what’s our verdict? We will be back, as long as weather cooperates! Host Elyse ran a very smoooth and on-point show, and even offered a three-point bonus for game two for anyone who recognized the TV theme song she played during the intermission (which no one got, and I honestly don’t remember what the theme song was from). She also offers “or maybe…,” aka re-racks once per game. Four thumbs up on the hosting job, Elyse, and wow, I never knew Jack White did such a good job covering that one song we briefly talked about…until next time, Go Pods!


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