Trivia Recap Jan. 6, 2016

Where were all the trivia teams at? Five ‘Pods visited The Heidelberg Tuesday for (could not tag host, the substitute host’s name was Dave) for an almost anticlimactic battle with just two other teams! One other team in game two. We managed one first place and one second place prize and 15 points. Despite the prizes (which we will use on tacos/beer/margaritas), the lack of teams was a little disappointing. We are well used to playing in competitive spots, and have even been known to seek it out at other places when we get bored. So we shall see if this becomes “our” venue. We liked the place, and we liked the host (and the cheap tacos were actually pretty good)- but would love to see a few more teams come out to play! Will someone come play with us? We have toys and will let you play with them! We just got some new finger tentacles, they are lots of fun!
Thanks to Brian Williams Reporting Live for supplying the questions. We will note any differences between their question set and ours. We hope any other teams that also played Tuesday might do the same! 🙂 Players in attendance included Heather, Mike, Dave, Geoff, and Geoff’s guest Katie.
Game One
1. Explorers: According to legend, Ponce de Leon discovered Florida while searching for what?
And Heather gets an “explorers” question right. She is officially forgiven for that Magellan debacle a couple of months ago, lol. Ten points.
2. Hip Hop: In 2006, the hip hop group D4L hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart with which song that shares its name with a brand name candy?
No clue. Dropped our 1.
3. Toys: First introduced in 1996, which laughing toy’s high demand caused the $29 retail price tag to skyrocket in the secondary market? Nine points.
4. Elements: Which element on the periodic table has the symbol Cr and a name that is derived from the Latin word for “color?”
Heather and Dave teamwork here, 8 points.
5. Sports Movies: The 1973 drama “Bang the Drum Slowly” starring Robert DeNiro was primarily about which sport?
DeNiro movies is one of Heather’s “pet” categories (she refers to him as “The Bob,”) got this for 7.
6. Funny Sounding Words: A haboob is which of the following: a Middle Eastern dish made with lamb, an intense dust storm, a formal head covering, or a short curved sword?
We said “boob.” Nice work, Mike, 6 points.
7. Food: Hollandaise sauce is made almost entirely of what two ingredients?
Katie stepped in here, 5 points.
8. Presidential Candidates: Audio clue which we got for 4.
9. Mythology: Name the god of war in either Roman or Greek mythology. Name both for a bonus point.
Mike stepped in for both, 3 points.
10. Same Nickname: Which US state shares the same nickname as Alan Alda’s character from the sitcom M*A*S*H? One of the best TV theme songs ever….two points.
Mystery Round: Translations of Animal Names from Chinese
1. river horse
2. bee bird
3. duck mouth beast
4. sea elephant
Missed #4. Heather wanted to put “manatee” and Mike wanted to put “sea lion.” We were both wrong…
Heading into the final:
Parliament, 52; What the Shibboleth, 61; Miskatonic U., 65.
Final Category: Word Origins
Final Question: What term that currently refers to a self-employed person was first used in the novel Ivanhoe to refer to a medieval warrior who sold his skills?
And we totally overthought this one and bet 20. Not punished too badly for it in a venue like this! Final standings: Miskatonic U., 45; What the Shibboleth, 73.
Game Two
1. Storytelling Devices: What is figuratively said to be broken if the actor acknowledges that they are a fictional character or that the audience is watching? Got it for 10.
2. Postal Service: Within five cents, what is the current United States Postal Service rate to send a standard postcard? Bonus for the exact rate. Got it within the parameters, nice work Dave, 1 point.
3. Musical Styles: What style of Brazilian music translates to “new trend?” Nine points.
4. Running Backs: Before Adrian Peterson accomplished the feat in 2012-2013, which NFL running back was the last to rush for over 2000 yards in a regular season? Nice try Dave and Geoff, miss for 2.
5. Flags: What is the two word name for a flag flown to identify a ship’s crew as pirates, which features a skull and crossbones? Eight points.
6. 2000s Movies: In which 2007 comedy does Jack Black make an uncredited cameo appearance, portraying Paul McCartney?
Blank faces on this one. Miss for 3.
7. Military: The Medal of Honor, the highest military honor in the US, was created and first awarded during which war? Nice work Dave.
8. Fast Food: Which fast food chain offers a sandwich called the Baconzilla? Miss.
9. Spinoffs: Actress Eve Plumb was the only original cast member who chose not to participate in a 1970s variety show spinoff of which sitcom? And we will give a gold star to whomever guesses the movie going along with this re-cap’s photo. Use google images. We don’t care! 🙂
10. Rivers: The Murray River is the longest river on which continent?
Visual: got them all
Heading into the final:
Parliament, 39; Miskatonic U., 53.
Final Category: Made for TV Movies
Final Question: In a 1983 made for TV movie about a kidnapping, Daniel J. Travanti played which man, who went on to host a long running TV series?
And we get another TV-related final question right. What kind of Bizarro madness is this?
Final Standings: Parliament, 34; Miskatonic U., 60.


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