Trivia Recap July 11, 2013 – Corner Brewery

Questions from Wednesday’s Sporcle Live – Detroit trivia game at the Corner Brewery, feel free to chime in if you know them, but as always, no Googling!
1. What antacid used the catchphrase “Mama mia, that’s a spicy meatball?
2. In what year did Melora Forlani (sp?) become the first female and first African-American candidate to have full ballot access in all 50 states? Got this one wrong.
2. What was the last name of the mouse family from the 1986 movie “An American Tail?”
3. Which of the following planets spins on its side in relation to its orbit – Venus, Neptune, Jupiter or Uranus?
4. What R&B singer had hits with “Tonight I Celebrate My Love For You” and “If Ever You’re In My Arms Again?”
5. Name one of the two pieces in “Stratego” that does not move?
6. Who was posthumously awarded rank of general in 1776, 177 years after his death?
7. According to the UN, in what Scandinavian country would you find the highest quality of life?
8. What former Olympian hosted the version of “In it to Win It?”
9. What type of chemistry is based on the study of organic compounds?
10. within two, what year did the NHL first expand to 12 teams?
11. What children’s character had a sister named Minga and dogs named Prickle and Goo? Flunked this one.
12. The “Titanic” stopped at two other countries before sinking in the North Atlantic. Name one of them.
13. John in “American Pie” was played by what actor who also played “Harold” in “Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle?”
14. In what city is the George Bush international airport located?
15. What themed restaurant chain opened its first restaurant in London in 1971?
16. Which was the last non-contiguous state to be admitted to the union?
17. Which author wrote “To Kill a Mockingbird?”
Mystery: ID the artist of songs with these lyrics, which all refer to other people:
1. “She’s a good girl, crazy about Elvis?”
2. “Ain’t That Mr. Mister on the radio?”
3. “When you think of Tim McGraw…”
4. “I want to be Bob Dylan”
Mystery 2: Had to ID Disney movies by their opening lines. Didn’t write them all down, sorry…
FINAL QUESTION 1: What two states share the longest border with each other?
FINAL QUESTION 2: What television show moved its airing day from Sunday to Thursday to avoid having to compete with “The Cosby Show,” moving it back to Sunday in 1994?
As always, Go Pods!


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