Trivia Recap June 17, 2013

A husband and wife duo from MBLP played another impromptu game ofSporcle Live at The Bowery last night. We left with 121 league points, but no gift cards. Game 1 started off with a thud when we were asked:
Which product uses the slogan “To life, love and Loot.”? One point wagered… zero points earned.

After that, things picked up nicely with questions like:
What actor played the President of the US in the film Deep Impact?
Within 1 year, in what year did GW Bush sign No Child Left Behind into law?
What is the French word/phrase for a domestic servant that does housework and child care in exchange for room and board?

That is until a reality TV question stumped us: What is the name of the current (season 9) female contestant on The Bachelorette?

After that, we coasted through the remaining regular and mystery round questions and finished with a 4-point lead going into the final about Box Office Flops. That is where we made a rookie’s mistake and wagered the “Sucker’s Bet”. For those not familiar, that is what we call it when you bet zero on the final question.

What 1994 film, based on an SNL sketch, grossed only $60,822, making it the lowest earning film based on an SNL sketch? It was nominated for 5 Razzies, winning for Worst Film and Worst Actress.

Of course, since it was really a question about SNL movies and not really a box office question, we knew it. And that kids is why you never bet zero…. Third place.

Game 2 was a bit friendlier to us, at least in the regular round.

We had a “natural perfect” game going into the mystery round, with questions like:

What is the trademarked tool name commonly given to a hex-key?
Who was the Titan of astronomy and navigation, who held up the celestial sphere?
What beer-centric 1983 movie starts off with the MGM lion belching?
The Biltmore Estate is the largest private residence in the US and was constructed for what famous family?
Who is taking over as host of “Late Night” when Jimmy Fallon moves to “The Tonight Show”?

Then we got tripped up in the visual mystery round when we couldn’t give the first names to the TV dads from Family Ties and Growing Pains. (Hint: An actor that played Batman is NOT one of the answers)

That left us with another 4-point lead going into Final #2.
In a current, non-holiday or special edition bag of M&Ms candy, there are 8 colors. There have been 2 colors removed from the mix in the 70+ year history of the candy; one in the 1940s and one in the 1990’s. Name them both.

We could only come up with one, which again left us in 3rd place. Thanks to MC Dan for playing some good tunes and enlightening me on the Billboard chart (lack of) success for the band Rush. Take off you Hoser!

Also, for those that haven’t been to the Sunday night Bowery show recently, the beer still isn’t exactly cold, but they do have a competent server working for the first time in a while. She’s no Stephanie V. (Server extraordinaire!), but she’s better than the last few that have come and gone.


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