Trivia Recap June 20, 2013 – Corner Brewery

Thanks Kevin, who plays with team Ennui at Wolverine for supplying the questions from Wednesday’s game. If any of these questions differ from the ones asked at Corner, please feel free to chime in:
First Round
1. Name Clint Eastwood’s WW II movie that he directed that was told in the American perspective.
2. Who was named #1 in women’s tennis singles this year for the 6th time and is the oldest to be #1?
3. Candy bar with “Almost Totally Nuts” ad slogan in the 90s.
4. First Russian President
5. Country music female singer who died in a plane crash in 1963.
6. Fictional planet that is the home of the Transformers
7. Name the thinnest type of pasta
8. Ed McMahon’s TV show from 1983-95.
9. Most populous state capital that ISN’T the most populous city in its state.
10. Name the kid’s book about the mother and daughter switching bodies that had A Billion for Boris as its lesser-known sequel

Mystery Round for 2 pts each: Y or N–have these four countries already hosted a Winter Olympics? Italy, South Korea, Russia, Germany (we unfortunately swapped two of these)

Final question: Which is the only movie to win a Best Picture Academy Award as a Rated X movie? It was downgraded to R two years later.

Second Round
1. Name the body of water to which the River Volga flows. (We missed this for 5 and the Tanooki Suits missed this for 10!)
2. Which hiphop/rap act had albums titled Check Your Head, Ill Communication and one other album
3. What is the political term for delaying a vote through a debate?
4. Facebook Clue of the Day: Which actor played Benson DuBois on Benson and also Rafiki in the Lion King?
5. The rovers Curiosity, Spirit and Opportunity explored which planet?
6. In which city does Firestone Tire, Gibson Guitar and Sun Recordings have its headquarters
7. Which musician directed and starred in Under a Cherry Moon?
8. Who created Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune?
9. In which city does the NHL team play in Rodgers Arena, formerly General Motors Place (we missed this, as did most)?
10. What reflex is know as the simultaneous exhalation of breath and stretching of the ear drums?

Mystery: Famous Doctors
1. Michael J. Fox 1991 comedy movie
2. Psychiatrist on Cheers
3. Futurama staff doctor
4. Founding member of the rap group NWA

Final Question:
There have been only two shows to win Prime Time Emmys for Outstanding Variety, Comic or Music show since 1998. Name both.


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