Trivia Recap June 27, 2013 – Corner Brewery

You’d think having a 4-year-old kid at the trivia table would mean our team would have had an edge with trivia questions about “Sesame Street” and animated movies. Not the case Wednesday playing Sporcle Live – Detroit trivia at the Corner Brewery, where we netted 114 points and two second place finishes (only missed first place in game one by one point). Overall, music questions proved to be our downfall on this particular trivia night.
Game one was very strong for us with 63 points, the only questions we missed were the “Sesame Street” question about which character said he thought his real name was “Sid” in a 2004 recording. Shrugs…??? We guessed Elmo. Also missed a question we shouldn’t have missed about which recording artist released a compilation album called “Crossroads” in 1988. Despite two people knowing the correct answer right away, there was obviously some kind of witchcraft afoot since we went with Greg Allman instead (slaps forehead repeatedly…).
Ivy League mystery round was right up our alley (one of our teammates is an alumni of an Ivy League school even though he was not present) and we aced that. Had to identify schools based on the city and what year they were established:
1. Ithaca, NY 1863
2. New York, NY 1754
3. Hanover, NH 1769
4. Providence, RI (didn’t write the year down for this one).
Final question category was “presidential elections.” We were torn between betting zero, betting strategically, or betting 20. Wound up betting 20 and getting this right:
Which state besides Massachusetts has had more than one Democratic nominee for president? One of our teammates just happened to be wearing a T-shirt with the correct state name on it, but didn’t realize it until later.
Leading the pack after the final:
4. My Wife Thinks I’m At the Gym
3. Tearing it Up at Ypsilanti Middle School (best topical team name ever)
2. Miskatonic University Fighting Cephalopods
1. Splitters
Game two a bit more horrendous, with lower scores across the board for all teams. Some of the stumpers included:
1. What device invented in China in 32 AD is used for measuring winds and movements of the earth?
2. Three of the top movies from 2006 were animated. Which one was the highest grossing? We incorrectly guessed “Cars,” but wisely only wagered 2.
3. Hiram Revels was the first African American to serve in Congress representing which which U.S. state (hint, it is Southern)? Blew six points on this one.
We were in a lousy sixth place leading into the final question of which the category was “Number One Songs.” This time we wagered zero, though we knew second place was the best we could manage – IF other teams got it wrong and wagered high. We correctly guessed that More Beer Less Pants would wager 20 and get this one right since they seem to know about Billboard and top 40 songs (we’re probably about 50/50 or worse). It pays to know the strengths/weaknesses of your fellow teams sometimes!
And the question:
Which Michael Jackson song was his last #1 hit? We incorrectly guessed “Remember the Time.”
Leaders in game two:
4. Splitters
3. Tearing it Up at Ypsilanti Middle School
2. Miskatonic University Fighting Cephalopods
1. More Beer Less Pants
We’re pretty sure we lost our lead in the standings with this game, but when the stars aren’t right, they aren’t right. Moving on, Go Pods!


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