Trivia Recap Sept. 18, 2013 – Red Rock Downtown Barbecue

Criminals always return to the scene of the crime and apparently trivia teams (eventually) return to the places where they win prizes. Even if it takes a couple of months. Such was the case Tuesday when a skeleton crew of ‘Pods visited Red Rock Downtown BBQ to play some Sporcle Live – Detroit trivia. Not our must triumphant outing with just 91 league points and no prizes…all that said, there were still some rare shining moments, including winning three points on the quickfire!

And on to the questions:
Game One
1. Stock Market: If you want to follow your Facebook stock, what ticker symbol would you look for: F, FB, FBK, or FAC?
Blew our 2-pointer, and missed the first of SIX consecutive questions.
2. Classic Comedies: In the comedy Weekend at Bernie’s, what is Bernie’s last name? Really? They couldn’t have asked about Andrew McCarthy? (blows raspberry….).
3. Football Coaches: What was the final NFL team that legendary(?) coach Jimmy Johnson served as head coach before moving on to a television studio gig?
Our sports guy Brad was not in attendance, but our “second best” available (Heather) was actually torn between Miami and Chicago. Guess which one she picked? D’erp… BTW, being the “second best” at sports on our team is kind of like that guy who was “second best” at speaking Italian in “Inglourious Basterds.”
4. Advertising: What candy brand is currently running a series of advertisements where they appear to play their ads twice in a row, calling it déjà vu? Makes sense if you think about it…
5. Gambling: In the casino game blackjack, the goal is to get as close to what number as possible?
This was a question asked in Toledo. Ours was much harder: Which Eastern state has the highest median age at age 42? Our only hint was that “It’s not Florida.” We incorrectly guessed Massachusetts.
6. Duets: The 1999 song “Written in the Stars” was a duet between LeAnn Rimes and what man, making it his 58th top 40 single?
Country music. Argh….
7. Business: Which company famously bought Time Warner in 2000? DING DING DING! Our first correct answer of the night, and we used the re-rack to hedge our bets.
8. Languages: In Morse code, how many dots represent the letter S?
Abba song running through head now…
9. Invasions: The 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion was an unsuccessful attempt by the US to invade what country?
Kennedy REALLY loved his cigars from this country. Coincidence?
10. Food Slang: In diner slang, the phrase “wreck a pair” tells the cook to do what? Heh, they said “pair.”

Mystery Round: Who’s got more?
1. More Oscars won: Daniel Day-Lewis or Katharine Hepburn?
2. More career MLB home runs: Ken Griffey Jr or Mark McGwire?
3. More electoral votes: Ohio or Illinois?
4. More stories: Willis (formerly Sears) Tower or Empire State Building
Missed #2 and #3.

Sorry, no points standings, we had 41 yeading intot he final, the first place team had 54. That was as much note-taking as we felt like doing.

Final Category: Country Flags
Final Question: Of the top ten most populous countries, four have flags that contain stars. Name all four. A Toledo venue only had to name three. Bollocks! 🙂

We named three of the four. Would have placed had we played in Toledo! Perhaps…

Here’s a comment copied/pasted from Steele Shiverspost about their game two: “**At the beginning of game two, Reed (trivia host) said that he had “altered” game two to make it “more fun.” We suspect this means he subbed in all the easy questions. Really wish he’d stop doing that.”

That said, game two proved to be a bit more kind to us, despite not having any of our questions “tamed.” On we go…

Game Two
1. Television: What 1980s & 1990s TV character was from the planet Melmac? THIS WAS TOLEDO’s question, ours was: What is the longest of the three horse races in the Triple Crown? Heather started writing “Belmont Stakes, Preakness and Kentucky Derby. She still has no idea where the knowledge came from, since she’s never watched a horse race or researched the topic. Could it be residual knowledge from a past life? Or old remnants of Trivial Pursuit knowledge helping out at the precise time? No matter, we picked the wrong one…
2. Battles: Custer’s Last Stand is also known as what battle?
3. Roasts: Comedy Central recently revealed the target of their roast of the year for 2013 which was James Franco. What female was the subject in 2012?
Made a wild guess for the correct answer.
QUICKFIRE: Name the eight US states most recently admitted to the union.
Got 6/8, enough to get the three points! Our second quickfire win of the season!
4. Classic Films: In the film The Shawshank Redemption, what is the first and last name of the main character played by Tim Robbins?
This was Toledo’s question, ours was: What site claims to be the leading web site for debunking urban legends? We are nerds…
5. Elements: Of the first ten elements on the periodic table, what is the only one that begins with a vowel? Really? Is this a trick?
6. Sports: What MLB team did Ichiro Suzuki begin his US career with?
This was Toledo’s question, glad it wasn’t ours, which was: Which of the following is NOT a prime #? Choices included 1,699, 2,053, 5,779 and 7,647.
7. 1990s Movies: In the 1996 film Romeo + Juliet, Leonardo DiCaprio played Romeo. Who played Juliet?
8. Political Parties: What was the name of the revolutionary political party founded by Vladimir Lenin in 1903? Oops, we flunked at Russian history here. Shouldn’t have fallen asleep while watching “Reds.”
9. Backing Bands: What was the name of Morris Day’s backing band?
OH HOW WE WISH THAT WAS OUR QUESTION. Ours was: Within one year, what year did iTunes sell its one millionth video? We were way off…
10. TV Personalities: What current CNN personality was once a judge on America’s Got Talent? Our lack of reality TV knowledge bit us here…

Got all four of the visual mystery round (see previous post for those). Easy peasy…

Going into the final:
50 points and sixth place for us.

Final Category: Toys
Final Question: The National Toy Hall of Fame began inducting toys in 2001. Of the 51 inductees, four begin with the letter J. Name three of them.
WOO HOO! Got the final question right! Not enough for us to take prizes, but ooh so close this time, just one point away from second place.

Any votes on which questions you guys like better?

See some of y’all at Corner tonight. Go Pods!


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