Trivia Recap Sept. 3, 2013 – Corner Brewery


Our apologies for our tardiness, but Labor Day is not for real “labor,” people. Unless you have to work and your employer is willing to pay you time-and-a-half, which ours were not. Here are the questions from Sunday’s “Game of Doom,” the ones denoted with asterisks were ones that were asked in other venues that differed from ours, both sets are shown.
Game One
1. Beverages: What product was first marketed using hillbilly themed advertising since its name is a euphemism for moonshine? One of our players has actually drank real moonshine from the trunk of a hillbilly’s car, but this isn’t the reason we got it right…
**2. States: What is the tenth US state when they are listed alphabetically? This was the question Toledo teams got…
**2. Lead singers: Zach de la Rocha was the frontman for what band? This was our question, and we got it right for big points, thanks Asian Mike…
3. Actresses: At age 11, which actress portrayed Jodie Foster’s daughter in the movie Panic Room? After hearing the correct answer, we’ll have to say the word “actress” is a loose, loose term…
4. Definitions: An arctophile is the technical name for a person who has a deep passion for and collects what type of toy?
Who KNOWS this stuff? We put “antique toys.”
**5. Energy: What county in northwest Ohio is known as the Wind Energy Capital of Ohio with over 210 wind turbines located there as of 2011? This was Toledo’s question…
**5. Presidential Homes: Which president lived at La Casa Pacifica? Torn between two presidents with California ties, picked the wrong one. Should have re-racked…
6. The Moon: What is the name of the lunar sea where the Apollo 11 astronauts landed?
7. US History: Danville, Virginia was the third and last city to hold what distinction? One of our history experts had a gut feeling the Confederacy was involved with the answer somehow, but we didn’t go with the exact right answer.
**8. Languages: What is the world’s largest Spanish speaking country in terms of population? This was Toledo’s question, we probably would have fared better on this one than the one we had…
**8. AUDIO CLUE from a movie, we got it wrong, sorry, don’t even remember the correct answer at this point, but we got it wrong.
9. TV Hosts: What cable TV host is the youngest of 11 children , many of whom pronounce their last name differently from the way he does? Fourth wrong answer of the night…
10. Fight Songs: What college football team’s official fight song is actually “Down the Field” and not the more popular “Rocky Top?” Thank you Brad for knowing this…
Mystery Round: US City Nicknames.
1. The Big Pineapple
2. The Big Easy
3. The Alien Capital of the World
4. The Gateway to the West

Aced all of these.

Final Category: Baby Names
We bet 20 out of desperation.

Final Question: What was the most popular boy’s name beginning with the letter S in the following decades: 1880s, 1890s, 1900s, 1990s, and 2000s?

Strange this is one of our players (who was absent) is NAMED this. But we didn’t go with it, and went with “Simon” instead. Thought it sounded biblical enough to have been popular way back when and be considered a “designer” name in the ’90s and ’00s. These categories are tricky…

Game Two
1. Reality TV: On what network does the show Duck Dynasty air?
Strangely got this one right. Pulled it out of the ass.
2. Scandals: What now defunct rejuvenation clinic based in Coral Gables, FL, was involved in a scandal with baseball players including Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun?
A couple of our players huddled for the right guess here, for low points.
3. Musicals: “16 Going on 17” is a song from which classic Rodgers and Hammerstein musical? Yay, a chick question that our chick actually knew!
4. Magazines: What was the last foreign leader to be named Time Magazine’s Person of the Year in 2007? This was the vaguely worded FB clue that was posted in Toledo but not in Detroit. But one of our players knew it anyway. Small favor, but not enough to help us this doomed, doomed night of trivia…
QUICKFIRE: Name the 10 largest US states by area, including both land and water. We got eight correct, but another team knew more. Close, but no cigar. But at least we didn’t spill our beer during the quickfire this time.
5. Movie Taglines: What 1987 film had the tagline “Vietnam can kill me, but it can’t make me care? Picked the wrong ’87 film about Vietnam for BIG points, though the correct one was bantered about.
6. Video Games: What video game series has come with variations that include Second Mix, Extreme, and Supernova?
We incorrectly guessed “Guitar Hero” on this one…
7. Flags: The US flag has the most stars of any nation’s flag with 50. What nation’s flag has the second highest number with 27? Overthought this one and put Micronesia, though again, the correct answer was definitely on the table at one point.
8. Alcohol: “Mule skinner,” “spider juice,” and “coffin varnish,” were old time Western names given to what alcohol?
Went with wrong potent potable here and put “tequila.” Spider juice must’ve sounded Mexican to us or something…
9. Company Logos: What color is the square logo for the tax prep company H & R Block?
10. Famous Animals: What type of animal was Laika, the first animal launched into space by the Soviets in the Sputnik II satellite in 1957?
Mystery Round: Simpson Surnames
1. Reverend Timothy
2. C. Montgomery
3. Ned
4. Kent

Nailed all four, but not enough to help us. Every team probably knew these.

Final Category: What City Am I?
Final Question: What US city fits the following statements?
1) Home to an MLB team and an NFL team, but not NBA or NHL.
2) Not in the state of Oklahoma, but the title of a song in the musical “Oklahoma!”
3) Largest city in the state
4) Sits on the border with another state
5) I-70 and I-35 both go through it.

Bet 20 and got it right, but not enough to varnish us out of the score coffin.

May the stars be more right next game, Go Pods!


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