Trivia Recap Sept. 5, 2013 – Corner Brewery

Good news, everyone! Today is “Talk Like a Hobbit” day! That said, we scored eleventy-one points playing Sporcle Live – Detroit Wednesday at the Corner Brewery, and a (squeal!) first place prize, too! What’s that? OK, you got us… it’s not really “Talk Like a Hobbit Day,” we just wanted an excuse to use the word “eleventy.”


On behalf of our Dark Watery Overlord, we’d like to welcome a new soul into the world, who was born 8:19 a.m. Wednesday. May she live a long and happy life before Cthulhu devours her soul, which is of course inevitable. Read your H.P. Lovecraft texts, people! Cthulhu loves him some fresh, juicy, innocent, milk-fed souls even more than he loves unattended baby strollers. He’s a sick puppy like that.

Now onto the questions, thanks to whomever bothered typing these up!

Game One:

1. Within one year, in what year did Nickelodeon air the pilot episode of Spongebob Squarepants?
Heb nailed this one dead-on. Too bad we didn’t wager higher.

2. Laird Hamilton is a world renowned athlete in what aquatic sport?
What what what? Blew our one-pointer here…

3. Within 10 days, how many days did it take for the Mayflower to cross the Atlantic in 1620?
Mike, Dave R. and Brad put their heads together and came up with the close-enough answer…

4. The name for what type of cookie is a combination of words that mean a disrespectful laugh and an aimless drawing?
Easy peasy, all teams knew this one.

5. Which website where you can book hotel rooms uses the slogan “Finding you the perfect place?”

6. In what Midwestern US state would you find Fort Leavenworth?

7. Ed Harris portrayed what influential American artist in a 2000 film?

8. What band released the album entitled “A Different Kind of Truth” in February 2012, their first since 1998?
Like Your Resume Sucks, we blew our five-pointer here. No teams got it right.

9. During the summer in North America, what time zone is immediately east of the Eastern Daylight Zone?

10. The earliest English umbrellas were nicknamed “Robinsons” after whom?
Educated guess for 7.

Mystery Round: Before and After:

1. Song by Bill Haley & the Comets and a Stanley Kubrick film
2. One of the four “somethings” a bride should have and a variety of chicken from Delaware
3. Twin Cities and a French post impressionist painter born in 1839
4. Song by the Who and a poem about an arachnid that begins “Will you step into my parlor?”

Only knew #s 1 and 2. Like some other teams, we picked the wrong “Paul” for #3. Tricky question…

We were second with 56 points leading into the final question.

Final Category: Mountains

Final Question:
What is the tallest free standing (not part of a range) mountain on earth?

We wagered 20 (for a change) and got it right, moving up to first place.
Winners game one:
3. Corn Fritters
2. Your Resume Sucks
1. Miskatonic University Fighting Cephalopods

Game Two:

1. What brightly colored bird is the state bird of seven different US states?

2. If you were to visit your doctor because of issues with your papilla, what would your doctor examine: your big toe, your earlobe, your nipple, or your kneecap?
As Glenn Quagmire would say, “Giggity.”

3. Who has played one of Charlie’s Angels, was a member of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad, and voiced one of the animated Furious Five?

QUICKFIRE: Name the 10 different men who have been named People’s Sexiest Man Alive since 2002 (awarded 11 times, one man won twice).

4. What type of bet requires you to pick the horses that finish in first, second, and third in the same race?

5. Audio: TV theme song from Jackass.

6. What city is the hometown of the English new wave band Duran Duran?
FB clue.

7. What US politician married the charwoman of a bar distribution company at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel in 1980?

8. Fill in the blank from the phrase frequently uttered by Wimpy, a character from the Popeye comic strip: “I would gladly pay you *blank* for a hamburger today.”

9. What board game introduced in 1963 was equipped with a number of extra parts including a diver, rickety stairs, two tubs, and two balls?

10. Birdie the Early Bird was first introduced in 1980 to promote breakfast food at which fast food restaurant?
Mike and Heb were the right age to remember seeing these commercials as wee shirelings. Hey, we said it was “Talk Like a Hobbit” day, didn’t we?

Got all of round two questions right, except the BLOODY VISUAL MYSTERY ROUND. We have not been fans of the visual rounds from day one (except Alex, who’s from Wisconsin so he’s quirky like that). As much as we appreciate the “going green” gesture being that we’re a Cthulhu themed team, making the “green” move just makes it even harder to see the visual round pictures than it was when they were printed. Please, please, please do away with the visual mystery rounds, Sporcle! The only places they will work are the venues with full visual capability, like Hermann’s Olde Town Grille in Plymouth.

Visual mystery round.

Final Category: Daytime Talk Shows

We were at 55 points and bet zero. Ugh…

Final Question: Name three of Barbara Walters’ four original co-hosts on The View.

Winners of game two:
3. Aaron and Spike
2. Gentlemen Kangaroos
1. Full Monty


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