Trivia Recap – July 29, 2016 (Original Gravity Venue Tournament)

So a night off from trivia was apparently not to be on Thursday, for a variety of reasons. So I trekked to Original Gravity Brewing Co. in Milan with some gift card winnings from last week – figuring why not? Why not play in one of the three Sporcle Live venue tournaments my team actually qualified for? I went into this game in fourth venue place, having played eight of twelve games, most of those with 3 or fewer players (mostly just me at the end of the season). I was having a pint with my husband at Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery beforehand, planning to meet a friend, who texts me that she’s not feeling well and can’t come out. So I finished my beer, got into the car and had a little freak out…shit I didn’t bring any paper to take notes! Slob that I am, sure enough there was a couple of stray sheets sitting on the back seat. But then, I thought, even if I didn’t have paper, Scott from More Beer Less Pants would handle taking notes doing the recap, wouldn’t he? Ha ha! After I arrived at OG, he asked if I’d write down the questions, which I did. It’s habit and I’m a compulsive doodler, so no problem. But did a fantastically horrible job writing down final question number two, but I think I’ve got it ironed out! Enough talking about questions….about those!
Game One
1. Villains – Which DC villain and adversary of Batman has the alter ego of Edward Nygma? 10
2. Great Lakes – Into which Great Lake does the Niagara River flow? Cautious wager of 4, but got it.
3. NFL Coaches – The Rams, Bills, and Seahawks have all been coached at some time by what Coach of the Year? Nope, miss for 1.
4. Medical Conditions – Abbreviated RLS, what neurological disorder is characterized by the urge to move one’s lower limbs? And I hear there’s a pill for it..check out their ad in the National Enquirer…got this for 9.
5. Presidents – Who was the first U.S. president to serve in the 20th century? 8 And he looked SO dapper in his Civil War uniform, lol…
6. Alcoholic Drinks – Anise flavored alcohol, sometimes called the Green Fairy (which you just might see if you drink enough of it), is also called what? Van Gogh was very fond of it…7
7. Last Roles – The unfinished film “Something’s Gotta Give” in 1962 was the last role for what actress, who was fired from the movie two months before she died? 6
8. Words from French – referring to a time when a person is no longer allowed to be in public, what is the french word for “cover the fire?” Nope, second miss of the regular round for 2.
9. TV Returns – What early ’90s TV show co-created by David Lynch was canceled after two seasons but will be returning in 2017 on what network (for extra nerd point)? 5. And why am I suddenly reminded of cherry pie and coffee? And for that matter, why am I not drinking coffee? 🙂
10. Board Games – In Hasbro’s Battleship, how many hits does it take to sink a submarine? Guessed way too high, and had a funny memory about playing it several years ago with my niece, who made it very obvious she was cheating. Which is exactly what my brother and I did when we used to play it together. That’s my girl, lol!
Mystery – On this day in history (yay!)
On this day in…
1. 1984 – The Summer Olympics held its opening ceremony in what city?
2. 1966 – The author of “The Tale of Peter Rabbit” was born
3. 1954 – Film starring Marlon Brando released which would go on to win best picture and best actor for Brando
4. 1821 – Peru declared independence from what country?
Got them all.
Standings – 18 teams, scores 25 to 65, with More Beer Less Pants (in second venue spot at OG) in the top spot. I was in fifth with 61 points, behind venue leaders Josh Pit, who had 63, and ahead of third venue place team Mellows, who had 55 and had five players. I’ll leave the commentary about the difficulty of the questions to MBLP…
Final Category: Academy Award Nominations
Name three of the four films for which Kate Winslet was nominated for best actress (not supporting actress)
Got two of the movies, but ALMOST had three. Immediately after handing in my slip I thought of the correct movie. But I didn’t want to ask the host if I could change my answer even though I was literally right there when I realized my mistake….so sad! But this was not “my” game to win, so meh…
Final standings top teams (qualified teams only) 8 ‘Pods, 41,
4, More Beer Less Pants/Mellows, 55; Josh Pit, 63.
Game Two
1. Quotes – Benjamin Franklin has been quoted as saying “Nothing can be said to be certain except” what three words? 10
2. Indiana Jones – In order to the make the Well of the Souls look more menacing in “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” the production crew used 10,000 of what? Obviously it would have helped to know what the “well of the souls” was, which I apparently did not…miss for 2. (blank)…why’d it have to be (blank)?
3. Commercials – What beverage band name was promoted in the mid 90s using three croaking frogs? 9
4. Literary Lines – “Please sir, may I have another,” is a line from what character in a Dickens novel? And for the SECOND time of the night I put my slip in the cup and instantly realized my mistake. For EIGHT points. Oy….maybe I should just go home? 🙂 Nope, gotta see how this plays out!
5. Scientists – British scientist Jane Goodall was known for studying what species of animal for 55 years? Be specific. 7 Wonder if some teams guessed the animals that were studied by Dian Fossey instead? Sigourney Weaver did a great job in that movie…
6. Days of the Week – Which day of the week gets its name from the Norse god of Thunder? In college, I was taking a mythology class and joked with the two guys I lived with about “What if the Norse gods talked like the Swedish chef?” My husband, who was one of the guys I lived with, was happy to oblige. He said, “I am Thor God of Thunder” in the Swedish chef’s voice…still makes me laugh to this day….6
7. ’90s Albums – (did my little prayer it would be early ’90s) What female group released “Funky Divas” in 1992, which generated three multiplantinum top 10 singles? Yay , a ’90s music question I know! 5
8. Islands – What island, the second largest by area in the Caribbean, is home to both the Dominican Republic and Haiti? 4 And I think another team may have a funny story about this…
9. SNL – The skit “Pumping Up” featured what two body builder characters? An SNL question I know? IKR? 3
10. Hall of Fame – Besides Jackie Robinson, name one of the two other men inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame with the last name Robinson. By that time I’d acquired a trivia partner sitting next to me at the bar, thank you smart guy for giving me this answer and the nerd point! Hey, when you’re playing solo, you’ve gotta take what you can get! But only got this for 1, so…
Mystery: Quickfire – Name four chemical elements on the periodic table that are Noble Gases with an atomic number less than 40
Got three of them. Hey, I’m not the “science” person on my team!
Standings: There were so many scoring discrepancies and I did not take good notes…I think I was in fourth with 52 points. Hopefully MBLP took better notes here…I was enjoying my “free” beers a bit too much by this point! Those little glasses they use for the “small” beers are just TOO cute! They look like the little glasses they use for orange juice at a diner. But I digress…
Final Category 1980s Music
Three times during the decade of the 1980s three English bands or artists had the best selling album of the year in the United States. Name one of those bands or artists. I was confused by the question because of my crappy notes, so I was literally trying to think of an English band or artist who had three top selling albums. But again, not my game to win! The motivation just wasn’t there (and I had no teammates to spot/help me).
Final Standings: MBLP finished first with 120 points. I finished in sixth overall with 92 pointsI had stopped taking notes at this point. Nice job, guys! Way to come up with that correct answer at the last second! See you at finals Aug. 7! And with this, the ‘Pods will be taking a break from Sporcle games for a bit, but may hit up a couple of MTL games next week. We’ll be back in action when the new season begins, but when/where we will play is TBD. It may just involve a solo player vainly attempting to hold down a random venue or two. More about that later, as always, Go Pods, and Fear the Beer!


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