Trivia Recap – April 14, 2016 – Wurst

When you’re the only female on your trivia team, you become accustomed to all varieties of “your mom” jokes (and our team it’s always Brad’s mom who is the subject of them), have to deal with teammates drawing filthy pictures on their scrap paper (we’re looking at you, Dave!), “Beavis and Butthead” snickering when certain words are uttered, and constant talking about cute male actors and male singers from early ’90s alternative-rock bands. Just kidding about that last part, since a majority of our players are heterosexual males! All that changed Wednesday for a My Trivia Live game at the Wurst Bar with our “girls-only” duo of Angie and Heather aka “Generation Double X.” As you can see from the photo we are using with this re-cap, dreamy deceased actor River Phoenix was a brief but lively topic of discussion. Sigh…still believe had he not died he would have snagged pivotal movie roles that instead went to Keanu Reeves. Though River Phoenix himself was not the subject of any questions that were asked, the location that he died was mentioned. But you’ll see more about that in the questions! Our “duo” finished with 61 league points, and were in second out of 10 teams heading into the half and also second heading into the final question. Which we did not get correct (one team at the bar managed to get it right). Off to the races…some questions may be shortened versions of the ones that were asked.
Round One
1. Candy – What Easter treat is shaped like chicks, bunnies and other assorted animals? An easy five points.
2. Bible – What is the other name for the entities pestilence, famine, war and death? Three points.
3. Dolls – What is the name of Barbie’s boyfriend? One point.
Round Two
1. Baseball – What is the only baseball team named for a geologic feature? Five points on a baseball question with this lineup of players? Yes please!
2. Comic strip siblings – Name two of the three Van Pelt siblings. “Peanuts” expert Heather was really hoping this one would be the “bonus” question since she can name all three of these kids. But no, the bonus question is coming up next.
3. Dam – What dam is named for the 33rd president of the United States? For extra bonus point, which dam, located on the Columbia River, went online 75 years ago and helps provide power to 2.3 million homes? Heather remembered a similar question coming up in a recent Sporcle trivia game, so we got this extra point.
Round Three
1. War Novels – About what war is the 1996 novel “Gods and Generals?” Five points.
2. Golfers – What golfer won the ESPY Lifetime Achievement Award in 2001, which celebrated his last Master’s win in 1986 among other accomplishments? Nope, it was not the guy who embodies tea and lemonade, miss for 1.
3. Entertainment – Who is the founder and CEO of Harpo Productions, which includes Dr. Phil and Rachael Ray’s cooking show? Three points.
Halftime: As of 2014, name 4/5 top coal producing countries. Managed to get only three of these, though the right fourth country was discussed 😦
Heading into the second half: Ten teams with scores ranging from 16 to 36 with Larry’s Bald Spot taking the top spot. We were tied for second with team Runts with 35 points. Other team names we recognized: Drinking Team with a Trivia Problem were in sixth with 30 points, and Joey Tribbiani in third with 33.
Second Half
Round Four
1. Science! – What is the name for a hydrometer which is used for determining the alcoholic strength of liquids? Newsletter answer, six points.
2. Michigan Roadside Signs – What six-word phrase appears on the sign at Dixie Baptist Church in Clarkston along I-75 and has been around since 1945? Angie put forth a really, really good guess on this one, but alas, only three teams got it correct. We appreciate MTL’s effort to do “regional” questions, but…miss for 2.
3. Michigan Villages – What small Oakland County village is named for a woman who was active in the temperance movement and was named “Tree City U.S.A.” by the Arbor Day Foundation most recently in 2015? Pulled off right guess at last call for 4.
Round Five
We had a choice between 2000s country music, ’90s rock and ’80s pop for our first category. ’90s rock turned out to be the winner, though it was not our choice (wanted ’80s pop). We will include both questions even though ’90s rock was the one we had to answer.
1. ’90s Rock – Who was the guitarist for “Damn Yankees,” and also served as the guitarist for Styx? Heather could name exactly two Styx Members (besides Mr. Roboto, lol) and picked the wrong one. Miss for 2.
1.A. ’80s Pop – Which artist had a number-one song, number-one movie, and number-one album all on the same week in 1984? Yes, we wish this was our question instead…
2. Night Life – What West Hollywood street was home to the Viper Room, the Roxy, and the Whiskey-a’Go-Go? And that’s when the subject of River Phoenix came up, who died at one of these locations. Anyone know which one? Had he lived, he probably would have at least a couple of Oscars by now, as long as he managed to avoid death by drug overdose. Which obviously he didn’t 😦 For a bonus point, name the director of “My Own Private Idaho.” This was not asked in the game, we’re just seeing if anyone bothers to read these things 😉
3. Fine Dining – What is the three-word term for the fish less commonly known as Patagonian Toothfish? Nope, our “duo” obviously doesn’t eat in enough seafood restaurants, miss for 6.
Round Six
1. Dark Comedies – What is the name of the film written, produced and directed by the Coen Brothers, released in 1996? And this is the second Coen Brothers question we’ve had in the past week, no complaints, got this for 6.
2. Harry Potter – What London train station hides tracks 9 3/4 for the train headed for Hogwarts? Nope, miss for 2.
3. PBS – What show first aired in 1997 and featured appraisals of various valuable items? Four points.
Heading into the final: Twelve teams with scores ranging from 17 to 69, with Ridge Road Riders taking the top spot. We were tied for second with 61 points with Joey Tribbiani.
Final Category: Movie Locations
In what state would you find the city of Kanab, which is also called “Little Hollywood” and provided filming locations for Lone Ranger, Grizzly Adams, Planet of the Apes and Point Break? The “Point Break” clue is what threw us off, wagered 10 and missed it, no money zone for us. One team managed to get it correct, yay to Ridge Road Riders! Oh well, we’ll be back at it next week, Go Generation Double X!



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