Trivia Recap – April 21, 2016 – Wurst Bar

The core “duo” from Generation Double X visitedThe Wurst Bar for a My Trivia Live bout on Wednesday. Rough, rough questions, but great teamwork all around. And since when do we ever let a crappy trivia game ruin our moods, right? Like Alfred in “Batman Begins” said to a young Bruce Wayne? “Why do we fall sir? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up.” Indeed, now let’s pick ourselves up from that disastrous game and get on to those questions! Representin’ X’ers included Heather and Angie.
Round One
1. Games – What children’s game involves chalk squares and stones and getting from one square to the next on one leg? Five points.
2. Birds- What food is the main diet of the American bald eagle? Good guess for 1.
3. Music – What is the name of Bruce Springsteen’s backing band since 1972? Three points.
Round Two
1. Reptiles – At 2,000 pounds and 15-feet-long, what is the world’s largest living reptile? A bit of discussion, got it for 1.
2. States – How many U.S. states begin with a letter that no other U.S. states begin with? A lot of work went into this one, and we were nearly ready to hand in our answer. But Angie chimed in – are you sure you don’t want to make it one more? Good instincts, her call-out got us a correct answer, bam! Three points.
3. Mottos – What is the motto of the Boy Scout movement? Five points. For extra point, what does the motto citius altius fortius mean? Missed this part, got the main points for 5.
Round Three
1. Boxing – Who did Muhammad Ali fight in “Thrilla in Manilla?” Mental note? Put this on a Post-It note and stick somewhere in the brain, it comes up in trivia too often to not warrant memorizing this. Miss for 1.
2. Books – In “Through the Looking Glass,” Alice uses a mirror and recites which poem? Angie the superstar again for 5, woot! Heather’s nerdy husband Mike has this poem memorized, but he was melting into the couch at home for some much needed r&r…
3. World Leaders – Who was exiled to Siberia three times before taking part in the Russian Revolution and subsequently becoming General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union? This question has been partially resurrected via wikipedia, it was not written down in its entirety. Missed it for 3.
Halftime (fasten your seat belts…it’s going to be a bumpy ride!)
Based on the following actors and movie release years, identify the movies with shared titles.
1. 1985/Christopher Reeve and 2004/Leonardo diCaprio
2. 2004/Ben Affleck and 1992/Jamie Gertz
3. 2005/Scarlett Johansson and 1980 Michael Caine
4. 2002/Britney Spears and 1986/Ralph Macchio
Missed all of these, though actually came up with two correct titles, but matched them to the wrong pairs! Bollocks!
We were in a three-way tie for fourth heading into the second half with 24 points out of 13 teams. A team called Thundercats was in the lead with 40, but would later be disqualified by the host because of…you guessed it – phones!
Part Deux
Round Four
1. Medical Terms – What is a keloid? Newsletter answer, 6 points.
2. Sports Disasters – What MLB team hosted “Disco Demolition Night” which got so out of hand that they had to forfeit the game? Anybody else want to go back in time and get in on this action? Heather was disappointed the question wasn’t about the Andes plane crash involving South American rugby players instead, miss for 2.
3. Music – Born John Ritchie, which member of the Sex Pistols died of a drug overdose in New York? And what an opportunity for Heather to share some gritty highlights from the film about this person, got this for 4.
Round Five
1. Education – If someone has a PhD, what are they a doctor of? Angie with the right guess for 2.
2. Inventions – What 1954 product made possible by a 1947 invention beame the most popular electronic communication device, selling billions during the 60s and 70s? The qualifier “1947 invention” tripped us up, would have gotten this right without it. Miss for 4.
3. World War 2 – What company made bombers for the Japanese in World War 2? Heather remembered her dad talking about this once (sometimes it pays to listen when Dad drones on about cars!), got this for a much needed six points.
Round Six
1. Science Fiction – In science fiction, what is the first law of robotics devised by Isaac Asimov in his science fiction stories? Six points. And this is why Hal was a bad, bad AI, though Heather cannot ever, ever utter this sentence around her “Hal got a raw deal” husband Mike! Let’s see if he reads this…
2. Insects – Which insect, which eats other insects, is part of the suborder Anisoptera which in Green means “uneven wings?” Angie for four points.
3. Symbols – What Hindu symbol from the second century, BC was later used by the Nazis? Two points.
Heading into the final: We were in seventh (IKR?) place out of 17 teams with 54 points. Could we maybe get some love with this final question? Not tonight!
Who hosted the Fox Networks first late night talk show starting in 1986? We put down someone who began a late-night hosting gig three years later, wagered 20 points. One team managed to get it correct. Did not record the game winners. And that concludes our trivia shenanigans for the week! Check in with us again next week, as always, Go Generation Double X, and stay classy Ypsilanti!



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